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A podcast network featuring uncensored pop culture criticism and comics creation conversation. Most recently, time travel superheroics leveled up and became the primary focus of the revamped X-Men publishing slate with All-New X-Men… no doubt inspired by FOX’s upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past film, set to drop in 2014. But regardless of the current fad, if you’re a die-hard superhero comics fan then the phrase time travel conjures to mind a specific set of characters who’re notorious for their chronology-defying exploits.
But what I did get back in the 90s was X-Factor by Howard Mackie and Jeff Matsuda, featuring a holographic time-traveling Shard as a team member. I’m a little bit hazy on the details of Deathlok, mostly because I’ve only read random issues here and there. Anyway, Deathlok was pretty much the first gun-toting cyborg anti-hero fighting for humanity in post-apocalyptic America, which is cool. Speaking of being the first, I’m pretty sure Rip Hunter was the first time traveling comic book hero. Anyway, he’s become a bit more of a proper superhero since Dan Jurgens revitalized him over the past decade. Regardless of my ignorance, you gotta check out some of these campy silver age Rip Hunter comic book covers. Own an old school dose of the original Time Master by picking up a copy of Showcase Presents: Rip Hunter, Time Master v1. Soooooooo Rachel first appeared in Days of Future Past, the titular X-Men post-apocalypse story. Lemme try and make some sense out of this for you — Rachel’s the daughter of Scott and Jean from an alternate timeline. In fact, the only consistent thing about Nate Richards is that he’s a master of time travel. Lucas Bishop resides at the intersection of trendy cliche and inspired post-modern storytelling device.
While characters like Marvel Girl and Bishop represent the grim The Terminator vision of time travel, Booster Gold stories tend to rep a lighter view of the future, akin to the playfulness of Back to the Future. I dunno what else to say really except that he’s popular among fans and had a pretty successful run of stories pre-New 52.
Showcase Presents: Booster Gold v1 is the best place to start learning about Michael Jon Carter and his computerized companion, Skeets. So, yeah, Cable travels back in time to the 20th century and proceeds to fuck shit up for the X-Men. You can experience old school big guns and grimaces in Cable Classic v1 or witness the carnage of Cable’s recent tangle with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: X-Sanction.
Being the Havok mega-fan that I am, I decided to draft this epic list ranking Havok’s previous costumes from worst to best… with cheeky commentary!
If you’re feeling brave, you can read the first appearance of the super-armor in Uncanny X-Men v3: Holy War. Jim Lee first drew Alex Summers as a Genoshian Magistrate in the X-Tinction Agenda crossover. In 1991, Peter David put Havok in charge of a government-sanctioned X-Factor team of mutant heroes. A couple of years later, a young Joe Quesada took over the series and continued Havok’s trend of making angry faces while managing to only zip the very bottom of his wonderfully padded super-coat. Before he became the chief character designer for Jackie Chan Adventures and The Batman, Jeff Matsuda cut his teeth on a relatively obscure run of X-Factor issues in the mid to late 90s.
With Havok, Adams introduced one of the most stunning and unusual superhero costumes of all time. Frankly, I don’t think there’s a more visually compelling superhero design than Havok’s original look. You can read the debut of Havok in Essential Classic X-Men v3 or Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men v6. AND: Suffice to say that by this point, the AudioShocker is the #1 War Machine fansite… amiright?!?! You’ll be pleased to know that Iron Man #289 had a happy ending — War Machine scrambled the Living Laser’s particles and shot him out into deep space. I have to admit that calling this a “Top 9” list is a bit of a dupe because the entries aren’t ordered by quality. To see where these stories rank in my personal top 9 order, check out the numbers listed in italics after the titles.
There are plenty of Thanos stories that have followed, including a Thanos solo series started by Starlin (who left the book after too much editorial meddling), as well as the Annihilation cosmic saga (I forget exactly which issues contain Thanos appearances… I do know that he “dies” in one of them). From what I’ve seen online, the character has made his official return in Avengers Assemble #3. BUT most people will now be familiar with the character through the ending to The Avengers movie.
Conceptually, Jim Starlin has laid down some fascinating explorations of morality through the use of Thanos.
And after the end theme, we briefly discuss the rare adaptions of Marvel Comics story lines in fighting games — Operation: Galactic Storm and Infinity Gauntlet. Thirdly, I bring you this shot of Chun-Li’s ever-awesome Kikosho Hyper Combo… giving Wolverine a wonderfully elastic neck. As I noted in our most recent AudioShocker podcast and my own blog, I’m going to be at both the Pittsburgh Comicon (Friday, April 23) and SPACE in Columbus (Saturday-Sunday April 24-25) this weekend. I also mentioned something about a comic book trivia contest where you can win free AudioShocker Comics (**the crowd roars, applause continues for three whole minutes**).
IMPORTANT: After answering the first question correctly, if you go for the second question and answer it incorrectly, you DO NOT win the prize from the first question. ALSO: All questions must be answered in person and solely by the individual taking the challenge. In light of this official MvC3 announcement, I’d like to pose this question to comic book and fighting game fans alike — who do you want to see in Marvel vs. Me personally, I have a few favorites in mind that I think would make for excellent additions to the lineup.
Realistically, the choices on the Marvel side will probably be dictated by their movie slate. So dive in and enjoy this week’s gorgeous art by Sean Chen, Sandu Florea, and Jay David Ramos, and then be here next week for another Hyper Combo Wallpaper!
We love cult films, comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, animation, weird TV shows, and fighting games. Every week we discuss comic books, webcomics, graphic novels, movies, TV, video games, fighting games, and more.
The kids who grew up on Bill & Ted and Back to the Future are now cash-carrying adult consumers, making Looper over $65 million in less than two months. Apparently somebody interred in a mutant concentration camp in the mid 21st century, that’s who.

She had a thing for Wild Child, which was weird and kinda gross and especially kinky considering that she wasn’t made of flesh or even solid. But I know enough to say that the original Deathlok was a post-apocalyptic anti-hero in the year 1990. Not the first character to time travel but rather the first recurring hero who’s entire schtick is that he’s a time traveler.
But it was an incomplete appearance because the character that exists today is sort of a retcon of that initial character. She’s gone back in time AND jumped dimensions to join the X-Men in the mainstream Marvel Universe. After serving as an X-Man during the Magneto era, she kicked it with Excalibur and the Nu Starjammers (led by her uncle, Havok). Whether he’s good or bad or somewhere in between, chances are that he’s doing something crazy with time. In the meantime, you can check out Kang’s first battle against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Essential Avengers v1. He traveled through time to stop Trevor Fitzroy, his former co-worker and Shard’s boyfriend. He speaks of The Witness and an X-Traitor (both potentially Gambit), and his relatives may or may not be Storm and Gateway. As an extension of that mischievousness, “Buster” is often portrayed as a money-hungry glory hound, something uncommon for most DC superheroes. He represents the insanity of a shared universe and the tension generated by creative egos in a corporate storytelling environment. In short order, Cable (and Liefeld) sold millions of comics and helped revolutionize comic book storytelling in the early 90s with X-Force. Personally, I think your best bet is either the Age of Apocalypse Omnibus or the Factor X Gold Edition. It was a fun comic book series that took place in an alternate universe where Havok led a team of former X-Men known as The Six. He simplified the glowing lines and stripped off the metal attachments just in time for Havok to head into outer space. The sensational Larry Stroman carried over Jim Lee’s head sock and fitted Havok with a fresh blue jacket that seemed to constantly add and subtract chunks of yellow from the shoulders on every other page.
In #125, Havok went from insecure superhero to brainwashed supervillain, gaining a cool new black costume and some big red gauntlets.
This new superhero identity was bestowed upon Alex Summers — the long-lost baby brother of the X-Men’s Cyclops — who had debuted only five issues earlier. And to make matters more interesting, the walking silhouette known as Havok possessed an unforgettable power signature. It’s a testament to Neal’s groundbreaking costume that it lasted for over 20 years without a single alteration! Then Rhodey took off the armor and spent the next three days wondering if his actions made him a murderer.
Instead, the following list is a pretty accurate chronological comic book reading order with some extremely subjective opinions on the quality of the stories contain therein.
But this 1990 storyline is the prelude to the epic Infinity triology and the beginning of Thanos as he’s best remembered. This is a mega-crossover… so if you don’t like chocolate in your peanut butter, you might not dig this.
They’re not essential reading and they don’t all feature Thanos, but reading them definitely enriches the Infinity Gauntlet experience. This may be a wee bit confusing without any prior Thanos knowledge, but it’s also the most rewarding story from a standalone perspective.
I have a few friends that rave about it and I appreciate their opinions, but it’s just not for me. It’s a classic fighting game by Capcom that centers around the concept of the Infinity Gems. Thanks to his writing in combination with the awesome art of Ron Lim and Al Milgrom, I’ve become a huge fan and I think you will too if you give some of these comics a shot. This classic Capcom fighter has gorgeous character design, a good selection of fighters, and tight animation. Fantastic obscure characters (Shuma-Gorath, Blackheart), killer art direction, awesome gameplay… EVERYTHING RULES!
Street Fighter is where things slip a little bit… and the secret characters are totally lazy re-colorations!
And today I’m going to debut the OFFICIAL rules and tell you more about this excellent test of superpowered trivia acumen!
Answer the second question correctly to win a copy of Time Log AND any one of the following ashcans: Super Haters v1, Super Haters v2, or Zombie Palin. If anyone answers the question for the individual or gives a hint during the questioning, the questioning must start again from number #1 and all winnings are reset. On the Marvel side, I’d like to see Black Panther, Havok, and She-Hulk join in on the ruckus.
That would put Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine, Beast, Storm, Cyclops, and Magneto in there. Over time, the AudioShocker has grown from a single weekly podcast into a full-fledged podcast network with tons of regular contributors and a wide range of content. Shard grew up with her older brother Lucas (see #3 on this list!) and became an officer in Xavier’s Security Enforcers.
Wikipedia told me that he’s a time traveler dude from DC Comics and that his powers allow him to time travel. But the basic thing to know is that she was a “Hound” or a mutant used to hunt other mutants in her timeline. Rip Hunter may call himself a Time Master, but Kang is literally the master of his own timeline and many more!! But despite his giant guns and flowing curls, Bishop was an evolution of the ominous time traveler persona that was introduced with Deathlok and The Terminator, and later popularized in comics by Cable. His background is a fun mix of mystery and character hints that give him a confusing and suspenseful presence. But I’m aware of Booster Gold, enough to know that he’s an important character on this list and he’s the focal point of time travel in modern DC Comics. The numero uno time traveling superhero… none other than Nathan Dayspring Askani’son Summers!!
Created by Rob Liefeld, Cable was touched by many others over the ensuing decades that followed. The character symbolizes both the unlimited imagination of superhero tales and the awful, mindless tropes that often bog down stories featuring time-traveling characters.
And so the sick baby that was sent into the future in X-Factor was revealed to be the hulked out, gun-toting grumpus with scars and cybernetics.

If ya ask me, I think Roger Cruz had a better interpretation of it in the X-Men: Alpha one-shot.
While Havok’s return to the head sock was a step in the right direction following the super-armor eye sore, it’s still too unnecessarily detailed for me.
While I’m not crazy about the navy blue color, I do think Tom Raney’s alternate reality redesign is pretty damn snappy!
See, I isolated Tom and Brad’s linework so I could redo Ariane’s colors (because the original image I had was kinda lo-res and not wallpaper worthy). A glut of tie-ins deprives the main miniseries from a good deal of important moments, making this story very passable.
Think of this as Jim Starlin’s Thanos 2.0, wherein 90s Thanos gets upgraded to the 00s with lots of nods to the work of Steve Ditko. However, it’s a fun and ambitious story that works well as an end-cap to the iteration of Thanos that began in 1990’s Silver Surfer #34. I like to think of it as follows: 1st era = Starlin in the 70s, 2nd era = Starlin in the 90s, 3rd era = Starlin and Annihilation in the 00s, and 4th era = these new 2010s movie tie-in comics.
It’s a wonky digitized sprite affair with eight main characters and eight assist characters (one of the first with assist characters). If you get the second question wrong, you still win a dollar off your purchase of any AudioShocker comics ashcan.
If you answer the third question wrong, you still win two dollars off your purchase of Time Log.
Furthermore, all three questions must be answered at the same time, in a row, without any research being performed before delivering an answer.
So come check me out at the Pitt Con and SPACE to test your super-knowledge and win some free comics!!! Sometimes Deathlok is a cyborg, sometimes it’s a virus, and sometimes it’s America’s most trusted brand of padlock. The thing about Kang the Conqueror is that throughout his long, long life, he’s managed to occupy just about every position along the spectrum of good and evil.
Kang might be the most famous identity of Nathaniel Richards, but Kang is just one of his identities among many others. Now he’s a veritable IP powerhouse of a character, reaching beyond comics and becoming notorious in other mediums, most notably video games like Marvel vs. Get answers to these questions and more in the X-Tinction Agenda collection or Essential X-Men v10. I don’t think there’s anyone else out there who actually cares this much, and that makes me both happy and sad. The Living Laser arrives at Stark Enterprises to throwdown with Tony Stark only to find Jim Rhodes has taken his place. However, skip all of the tie-ins except for Marvel Comics Presents #108-111 (“I, Thanos”), which takes place within one page of story during Infinity War #3.
Capcom fans here at this site (as evidenced by our weekly feature, Hyper Combo Wallpaper, which is basically a Marvel vs.
To this day they fetch a pretty penny in some markets as they’re considered rare art.
At the core, we strive to give you the raw conversation as it was recorded, with minimal editing. She was killed in the future but somehow brought back to life as a hologram in the present? But Cable takes the cake for being both individualistically iconic and a campy cliche at the same time. It got even worse when Philip Tan jumped on the series a couple of issues later and added a ludicrous amount of detail to the shoulder pads.
Rhodey then offers the electric supervillain a job (as a ruse) and proceeds to sneak away so he can put on a kickass refractive suit of armor (covered in prisma-polymer laser-proofing, to be exact). But the Iron Man 2 movie is out next week and I figured it would be timely to toss out one more. So next week, get ready for two months of Street Fighter Alpha here on Hyper Combo Wallpaper! Petrified and alone, I had no idea how to process what had just transpired, nor did I have any clue how to tell anyone. When I came back home to New York, I managed the courage to tell my parents, who in turn didn’t believe a word I said. I wouldn’t say she would have been my first choice, but that turned out to be exactly how it happened.
What the hell does Amy have to do with anything?” Mind you this is well nearly three years later.
I realized that these were not really girls as each one turned out to be with other older guys while seeing me. These girls were playing another game that I again, was light years behind.I pretty much started to lose it after that. I was quite sure what was going on.By this time I had already been to other oral areas with other women but never third base. Beyond what is known as full blown alcoholic I was abusing any chemical I could get my hands on. All but heroin, and only because of the one encounter which left me retching for six hours after a few snorts. As just as it began to wear off and I could barely make out the figure in front of me, the most loudest explosions erupted which literally made my chest hurt so much I nearly doubled over.I reached out with both arms to grab purchase of my darling and make sure she was still there. And massively involved with blackouts and waking up in the damndest of places like an old train yard where they park the trains after their route. Need I also mention that from the moment we made friends it started snowing?I was always a loner and tonight was no exception. Now completely wired,I planted myself in front of coin-op and began shaking the machine fervently as the missiles dropped from every angle imaginable.As soft hand went down my shoulder and rested on the middle of my back. And the condition I would find her in for the next six months, at some points made my darkness look like a fairytale.The scars on her wrists were one thing, but having to call 911 because she decided to eat a bag of ludes, just boggled my mind. God I cherished being with her… I was pretty sure in her company I wanted to be a better person. I wanted to clean up and fly right and grow old together…She spoke of things that made my mind swoonI was nineteen now and I was angry, scared and alone. I’m not sure if it was a direct thing against me, or that his thirst for conquest just included Lisa2 and I was in the way. He introduced her to cocaine, got her hooked beyond healthy measures and that was the last I saw of Lisa for years.

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