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Concise and exact use of words in writing or speech is the spiritual or immaterial part of mental sharpness and inventiveness. It’s bad enough when people use the apostrophe incorrectly, specifically for possessives, but to not use them at all is pure D’Balderdash!
The grass is always greener on the other side because I don’t give a shit about lawn care. Try clicking on the various channels to see videos posted to that channel - if you're into music you can click the Music channel to get more music sifts - go on and explore! When browsing sifts you like, have a look at the Related Posts list to see other related videos, click the tags under the video title to see more sifts tagged with the same tags or have a look at other sifts from the same user in the More Posts By list. Enter the Sift Lounge to chat with online sifters about anything and everything, or read interesting posts in the Sift Talk forum. Have you seen a really funny, surprising, scary, interesting, cute or in any other way extra good quality video? Post and share it here - VideoSift is the best video aggregator on the Web, where we share, discuss, promote, and interact with the best videos out there on the web. Mind you, we only share videos you discover that someone else has made; if you "self link," by posting a video you have made, have posted or have interests in, you risk the ban hammer - read the posting guidelines before posting. Great scene from the movie "The Life of Brian" illustrating how the "evil Romans" oppressed their conquered territories. Create New PlaylistXThis website uses cookies.This website uses cookies to improve user experience. The film, A Liara€™s Autobiography, is a 3D animation work starring the voices of Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Jones and TerryA  Gilliam, as well as others including Stephen Fry and Cameron Diaz (who, in a Pythonesque twist, plays Sigmund Freud).
Frequently scatalogical and sexually explicit, the 85-minute movie nevertheless fails to tackle the most troubling incident of Chapmana€™s life a€” his passion for a 13-year-old runaway boy who, he persuaded police, was his adopted son.Chapman was born in Leicester during the Blitz in 1941, the son of a policeman. Filming Monty Python And The Holy Grail in Scotland, he provoked outrage in a€?this really dreary local puba€™ as he recalled on a TV interview. The police were alerted, but they apparently dropped their inquiries when Chapman explained he was a medically qualified doctor and that Tomiczek was suffering from glandular fever and a congenital heart defect. I remember when I lived across the street from an art movie theater called Le Club, looking at the movie posters on my way back home was often enough to get me in the ticket line.
Drawing from methods used in content-based image retrieval, I will first compute visual similarities between movie posters and display them in a graph. IMDb is constantly updating the content of this top-250 movies table based on new ratings from users; you should expect the current list to differ from the snapshot I took, which happened to be on June 27, 2013. The function ImportString parsed the pasted input seamlessly and produced a list of titles.
A handful of obviously incorrect images and genres came back, perhaps because the query was ambiguous for some movie titles.
While you could use this graph to select a sequence in which to watch the movies, relying only on visual information wouldn’t be very meaningful. To do so, I introduce new vertices in the graph, one for each movie genre, as well as edges connecting each movie poster with its associated genres. Finally, the visual and semantic adjacency matrix is a linear combination of the two matrices. Going further, I can actually model the behavior of a movie buff as he or she sees movies in sequence. The process of navigating such a weighted graph based on the probabilities of transitioning from one vertex to the other is called a random walk.
The code below is a bit more complicated than that because I must take care of scaling the visual and semantic distances in a sensible fashion. From an algorithmic perspective, and maybe for the marathon viewer’s pleasure, it would be interesting in future work to include additional constraints so that movie franchises like The Lord of the Rings are seen in the expected order. Nevertheless, looking back in time, such a program is no match compared to the selections made by the art theater across the street or my dear friends’ suggestions. On a different note, I was interested to know how would removing a couple of movies change the path in this movie sequence? People usually watch movies they know, and so what they will watch stuff biased towards what they know.

This will not be biased towards movies you know that exist, you will not all movies on imdb, this will also not be biased towards time you have to discover stuff, this will not be biased towards situations (you will maybe only discover some porn fetich movie if you were on a site about this fetiche) and so…. A way to solve that is to check the movie info before you watch and only watch the ones you think will be good, but sometimes you think a movie will be bad and then you see the movie was good. Use the "hotness" when you have opened the channel link to get videos that have gotten a lot of votes, or use "newness" to have a look at the new sifts.
If the sifted video is in a play list, have a look at the play list to see other interesting videos the Sift users have linked together. His earliest memory, as he wrote in his autobiography, which forms the basis of the film, was of the aftermath of an air-raid. On holiday in Ibiza, he met a gay student, David Sherlock, who was to be his lifelong partner.
His description, in his autobiography, of the hallucinations, the shaking and the nightmares caused by withdrawal symptoms are brutal and terrifying.
At the Pythonsa€™ 25th anniversary reunion, in a comedy festival in Colorado in 1994, the other members of the team assembled for a TV interview along with an urn which, they said, contained their frienda€™s ashes.During the show, Terry Gilliam knocked the urn over, spilling the ashes over the stage.
The director or main actors would ring a bell, or a close friend had recommended the title.
The graph will then be enriched with semantic non-visual information like genres, which should then yield some decent viewing recommendations.
There are many of them, including compilations by The New York Times and by the late Roger Ebert. This information can be expressed in a graph where nodes correspond to movies and edges correspond to strong similarity.
For the next step, I will augment the visual graph with semantic information gathered from the genres.
In other words, I combine two graphs—the visual graph computed from the image distances and the semantic bipartite graph where each genre is connected to a list of movies.
I must assume that all the movies from the list are available to my movie buff—many are not lucky enough to have such resources at their disposal. We are looking for the optimal sequence that would visit all the nodes corresponding to movies exactly once and the nodes corresponding to genres an arbitrary number of times. Edges connecting movies to genres are weighted such that a jump through the semantic graph is given a weight of at least the maximum visual distance. I was also able to discover new application domains through Mathematica‘s documentation, which contains extensive information on the functionality used here. Removing movies would change few nodes on this graph and the stability of the graph can be seen then.
I promise to have something more relevant to your world just as soon as it becomes relevant in mine. Nevertheless, I made some lists that I can try to memorize and be prepared…just recite them all real fast right in a row as soon as the question is asked. A Polish plane had crashed and the street was a scene of carnage: a€?A woman came out of the house carrying a bucket of what looked like liver, and probably was. He kept his homosexuality secret from most of his friends but, as his TV career took off with the pre-Python sketch series, At Last The 1948 Show, Chapman decided to throw a coming-out party. I was chucked out and the pub closed early, which is quite something in that part of the world.a€™The next night, he returned and announced to the clientele of businessmen and their wives that the former prime minister Edward Heath was homosexual, and that Chapman had slept with him. After three days, he struggled downstairs from his bed to entertain friends a€” trying to pour them a drink, he opened a bottle of brandy, had a fit and collapsed. A technician ran on with a broom and a vacuum cleaner to tidy the remains away.A Liara€™s Autobiography is clearly a tribute to Chapman by his friends. He remained with Chapman for the rest of his life, following him on location for movies and even joining him when he lived in Hollywood. Based on their posters and genres, how can one create a program that suggests which movies to see? I felt comfortable opting for the top 250 movies rated by users from IMDb, and I started by copying and pasting the table from the site into a Mathematica notebook.
To compute the visual weighted adjacency matrix, I simply use either the EarthMoverDistance or zero, if the distance is too high, as weights.

I’ll simply select the five most similar vertices in the graph, implicitly assuming that the moviegoers like any movie they see. Sooner or later, my movie buff will get tired of watching similar movies in sequence, and looking for fresh air, will switch randomly to another movie. The concept of graph centrality is what you are after, though it can’t answer you directly. It certainly helps to resolve issues about centrality and find which nodes are redundant in graph and their removal does not affect it much.
Joe, gang bathroom, Gankutsuo, Garden State, Gate to the Mind's Eye, Gerry, Ghost, ghostbusters, Gilligan's Island, Good Will Hunting, grammar, Gremlins, Grosse Point Blank, H.G.
That sort of thing would put you off war.a€™A voracious reader and a fan of comedy, Chapman went to Cambridge in 1959 to study medicine. The claim was an invention, of course: his life story wasna€™t called A Liara€™s Autobiography for nothing.
When Tomiczek was old enough, he often acted as Chapmana€™s driver, though he was frequently drunk at the wheel. Even today there are still occasions when I make decisions from limited visual information, like when flipping through movie kiosks, TV guides, or a stack of DVDs written in languages I can’t read. Since movie posters often have a distinct color theme, I selected the EarthMoverDistance method that estimates the dissimilarities between the color histograms of two images. Here he met and joined comic forces with John Cleese and Tim Brooke-Taylor in the Footlights revue.
The television world was far more accepting of his newly acknowledged sexuality a€” 1948 co-star Marty Feldman reacted to the news by laughing till he fell over a€” than his fellow medics.
By now, he was drinking three bottles of gin a day, and often pouring scotch on top of that. The doctor who examined his liver told Chapman he had a year to live at most, unless he stopped drinking.Instead, he gave the performance of his life in the title role of the Pythonsa€™ biblical epic, Life Of Brian.
The film has been constructed in segments, by 17 different animation teams: in one part, the bickering Python team appear as monkeys in a safari park. You have to press shift for capitals, so I’m more lenient on all lowercasing for non-academic communication or some e.e.
Shortly afterwards, Chapman decided to abandon his career as a doctor.But even among friends, he had to find extra courage from a bottle.
It was to be his last screen success: his follow-up in 1983, as a pirate in Yellowbeard, flopped.
But the film fails to examine the darkest and most disturbing aspect of Chapmana€™s life a€” his adoption of a 13-year-old boy who was, some friends believe, also his sexual partner.
Each pair of movies that is too distinct visually will be assigned a distance estimated by finding the length of the shortest path between the two movies in the visual and semantic graph.
It featured another comedian whose talent had been destroyed by alcohol, Peter Cook, and was marred by the death during filming in Mexico of co-star Marty Feldman.But Chapman had not lost his instinct for a party.
John Tomiczek was a teenage runaway from Liverpool, working as a DJ in a gay nightclub in Kensington when he met Chapman in 1971. Roaming the red-light district in Mexico City, he ran into David Bowie and offered him a cameo: Bowie is uncredited but appears as a cabin-boy with a sharka€™s fin on his back. Trilogy, The Incredibles, the lamb lies down on broadway, The Last Mimzy, the last starfighter, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment, The Little Prince, the man with one red shoe, The Matrix, The Money Pit, the monster squad, The Muppet Show, The Muppets, The Neverending Story, The Office, The Passion of the Christ, The Peanut Butter Solution, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Power of Un, the princess bride, The Prisoner, the real ghostbusters, The Red Balloon, The Rock, The Royal Tennenbaums, The Secret of NIMH, The Shawshank Redemption, The Simpsons, The Smurfs, The Sporanos, The taking of Pelham 1 2 3, The Time Machine, The Truman Show, The Twilight Zone, The Ugly, The Urantia Book, The Usual Suspects, The Venture Bros, the wall, The Wire, the wizard of oz, The Wonder Years, There Will Be BLood, thundercatsLife of Brian: What have the Romans done for us? He would never forgive me if I threw away this glorious opportunity to shock you all on his behalf. When the first Python live tour opened in Southampton in April 1973, Palin wrote in his diary that Chapman was blind drunk by 6pm and that he ruined sketch after sketch. Anything for him but mindless good taste.a€™A Liara€™s Autobiography wentA  on general release in cinemas this week.

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