The secret of success is to know something

A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love. Despite that, the concept of living a moderate life has brought me FAR more happiness than hedonism ever did.
Why you need this Resolution: Knowing which specific features of your product are “sticky” helps reduce churn. In a recent case study with Central Desktop, Mark Fordham, VP of Services, describes how they had no visibility into how their customers were using their product, and more concerningly, why they were churning. Director of Client Success, Ernie Fontes, explains how Innography uses Totango to monitor their product’s overall “stickiness,” especially during the onboarding stage. I'm the Marketing Manager at Totango, planning events and working to spread the word about Customer Success. His ability to guard anyone, read opposing offenses and disrupt passing lanes mixed with his length and athleticism have been key for the Rockets all season. Several of his points came at big moments, when the game was close or tied and the Rockets needed a lift. Prove that you can control yourself, and you are an educated man; and without this all other education is good for nothing.
Being able to deny myself has given me more peace of mind, happiness and calm than over-doing it ever did.

I just handed all those decisions about food over to a part of mind that continually makes better decisions than I ever did. And we’re not talking about the features that the product team geeks out on, or that marketing promotes, but the features your customers are actually using like 10x, 20x, 100x a day. Proven results: Two growing subscription companies, Central Desktop and Innography, tackled this goal.
After implementing Totango, they uncovered 5 key features that indicated customer “stickiness” and retention (aka their COOL FACTOR). Take inventory of how users engage with your product (this is where a technology solution like Totango would help). He is known for his high energy level on defense and the Rockets were happy to add more of that to their defensive-minded team. In addition to providing extra scoring, Brewer, like Ariza this season, has been relied on to defend some of the league’s best scorers. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration. I had never been taught that self-control and moderation could create a healthy state of being. We have 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better!

Identifying the “secret sauce” that gets customers to use your product will help your Customer Success team drive adoption in the areas that lead to retention.
Successful and healthy accounts have high utilization in at least two of these key features, with engagement in two features equating to a 40% higher retention rate. Against the Mavericks, Ariza switched back and forth on Dallas’ two top scorers, Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis. This type of data has led them to promote relevant product capabilities to their customers — accelerating the retention rate by educating their customer base with contextual and actionable content. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for proven methods achieved by real Totango customers that will make your life easier, your customers happier, and the revenue growing! Having these insights will probably change your approach to driving adoption, influence the product roadmap, and even improve your market positioning.
When I'm not planning events, I like to rock climb, play music, and spend time exploring San Francisco. There was no way to stop it, no matter how much I learned about the dopamine response, it was useless without the ability to deny myself.

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