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When I first started writing enlightened conflict I read a variety of other blogs just to get a sense of what is good writing, good storytelling and … well … what was good.
Time and time again I kept finding myself reading blogs that … well … were unfiltered well written thoughts and Life episodes. Whether you take life by the horns and run with it or wait and seek specific opportunities at some point you will find yourself on that uncomfortable chair. And not only do you want to get up off that chair but you want to get out of the fucking room. Some of these places are a little deeper in hell than others … but suffice it to say they all reside in hell. In other words we realize we can change our story because the bigger story is Life … and not our ‘paltry self’ – which is actually just representative of some words on the larger pages of Life.
That doesn’t mean you feel any less lost or any more sure of where to go or what exactly to do next … it just means you have the strength to get up & go and do the hard things. Some nebulous “they” who suggests “they say it is a waste of time” or “they say it is impractical” or “they say the opportunity has passed by.” When pressed we cannot really exactly identify who this “they” is but we know “they” is everywhere and circumvents our personal decision making power. What ‘das man’ suggests is that we convince ourselves we are not actually free to make the decision and do what needs to be done. This kind of answer is the wrong one, folks, so if you fall into that category, start changing your thinking. But there is a second group of people who, when they read they can have anything they want, they say: “WHAT?!
BUT, it’s a whole different deal if you decide to align your actions with your thoughts.
The book said, close your eyes and imagine you already have all the things you dream of, soak in how that feels. Positive thinking is a powerful tool but it’s a little more complicated than just imagining stuff in your head and then waiting for it to drop in your lap.
It’s easier if you do it in pairs in safe environment, but it is possible also in the family or with friends. The new thing makes you happy at the beginning, but then you gradually loose interest and a some time later you totally forget about it.
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I’m quite into affirmations and positive thinking to help me feel good at the moment. Anyway, affirmations and mantras and the like are certainly one way to feel good about yourself and your life pretty quick-smart, but here are some other ways.
Go a different way to work, buy coffee somewhere different, talk to someone you normally wouldn’t.
Tell them why you appreciate them, and thank them for being an important part of your life. I’m thinking sparkling mineral water (a good brand, stored in glass), two halves of a fresh lime squeezed in and some mint leaves.
Use the added mind-space to read, to catch up with a friend, to go for a walk in nature or just to, well, be.
WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. In my heart of hearts I knew what I wanted to write and how I wanted to write but over the years I had so much of the “here is what you need to do & how to do it” shit pounded into my head that I was second guessing myself. They tended to be stream of consciousness and tended to make you laugh, cry, shake your head and sigh … and think.
And most of us decide to face the hard shit because we have this inner true strength as described by philosopher Immanuel Kant … that even small decisions should be made as though we were deciding for all humanity, not just for our paltry selves.
It is the moment you face up to where you are in Life and make a decision … a decision to be less self-deceiving, more decisive, more committed, and more willing to take on responsibility for the world you exist within. It asks you to imagine that you already have the thing you wished for, that it’s already happened. Positive thinking is about your outlook on the world and about being more confident in yourself. One exercise said close your eyes and vividly imagine your own two hands – with your watch on them, the shape of your fingernails, every little crease. Keeping you head UP forces you to look ahead, and see that the dogpoop is just one little piece of shit on the big, wide road ahead of you. Eventually you will reach a stage where you feel good about your life, and that’s when you can start using positive thinking for real.
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This picture is from the official website of the movie The Secret and shows some great positive self-talk that you can try. Try holding out a little longer, listening to your body, paying attention to when you are truly hungry and (dare I say?) what you truly feel like eating.
There’s nothing like going to bed feeling proud of yourself for overcoming a temptation that has, perhaps, lately become a daily habit.
Thanks for viewing "The secret positive thinking ".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. And in that moment you have a choice … free to believe you are not strong enough, you cannot change your story, you cannot do the hard … or … free to believe you are strong as fuck, you can change your story and you can do the hard things.
They teach the importance of thinking good thoughts, and also claim that you can have anything you want. In turn, that indicates you are scared of being judged, which means you are somehow ashamed of your wish. It could be really helpful to you in finding out whether you have any crippling beliefs that are sabotaging your wish.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Like squirming in a hard plastic chair waiting to hear what the test results are uncomfortable. It’s naive to expect that your thoughts alone can change your reality when your actions are not in accordance with your thoughts. If you want to go from home to work, you must think about where you want to go and follow that direction (that is the positive thinking), but also you must make the next step in that direction, otherwise you will stay at home. The more people know about your wish, the more likely it is that someone will offer you help. Do a 10-minute body weight circuit first thing on rising, or 10 minutes of yoga before bed.

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