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McCarthy is expected to reteam with 'The Heat' director Paul Feig, while Matthew Vaughn shows interest in casting Watson for his next pic.
In other news, Variety reports that director Matthew Vaughn has an interest in getting Emma Watson attached to play in his latest movie "The Secret Service". Feig, whose latest movie "The Heat" has performed well at the box office, has been confirmed to develop "Susan Cooper" since last month. Meanwhile, Vaughn began developing the adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons' comic back in 2011. McCarthy and Watson's upcoming movies, "Tammy" and "Noah" respectively, are already in post-production. Michael Caine signed onto SECRET SERVICE, Emma Watson, Bella Heathcote, and Taran Egerton in talks!! Michael Caine signed onto Matthew Vaughn's SECRET SERVICE, with Emma Watson, Bella Heathcote, and Taron Egerton also circling the project!
In an interview with Peter Sciretta, Mark Millar let it slip that the legendary Sir Michael Caine is lined up to play the head of the spy agency in Matthew Vaughn's SECRET SERVICE.
On top of that, we have word from Variety that Vaughn may have found his lead in newcomer Taron Egerton.
With Millar, Vaughn, Caine, Firth, and, potentially, Watson or Heathcote involved, this is shaping up to be quite the badass spy flick. Production on SECRET SERVICE should commence soon in order to meet its current release date of November 14th, 2014.
Capone talks LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE and READY PLAYER ONE, with actor Tye Sheridan!!! Matthew Vaughn‘s adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons‘graphic novel, The Secret Service is almost fully staffed with Samuel L. Story follows the world’s greatest secret agent (Firth) who takes his nephew (Egerton) under his wing. Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio also got a call, but passed on the role that Jackson has accepted. Jackson can be seen next in Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake followed by Robocop reboot next February and Captain America: Winter Soldier in April 2014. Photos & certain artwork used on FilmoFilia are copyright protected and are the property of their respective owners. Yes excellent trailer and commercially useable if that one second clip of Rigg at the end with bullet wound was snipped out as that is a bit of a major spoiler.
Having been lucky enough to visit virtually all the Portuguese locations for the movie, this is the trip I would absolutely love to do. I've always enjoyed Lazenby's Bond because of the excellent fight sequences - it put a streak of genuine 'hardman' into Bond which was lacking till then. But then George in real life seemed to be able to handle himself admirably - if what I read is correct.
And that's why I enjoy Daniel Graig's version of Bond - a ruthless, brutal killing machine.
I admit I've not heard her mention Bond on anything, but that's also true of The Assassination Bureau. On Her Majesty's Secret Service a?¦ intelligently scripted by Richard Maibaum and Simon Raven, superbly well paced and brilliantly directed by Peter Hunt - remaining faithful to Ian Fleminga??s finest novel a?¦ superb, outstanding performances by George Lazenby and Diana Rigg a?¦ complemented by stunning Swiss alpine scenery and a quite sensationally beautiful music score by John Barry. For this On Her Majestya??s Secret Service a?¦ British Films and Chat thread, and to mark the publication of the superb, incredibly well-researched new book by Charles Helfenstein a?¦ The Making Of On Her Majestya??s Secret Service I thought I would re-edit, revise and update some articles, I posted earlier, on the sister Films on Television thread a?¦ On Her Majestya??s Secret Service a?? ITV1 and re-post the updated articles with some new, rare pictures and some original wallpapers Ia??ve specifically designed for Britmovie here, on this On Her Majestya??s Secret Service a?¦ British Films and Chat thread.
No Bond film, not even From Russia With Love, adheres to ita??s source novel as closely as On Her Majestya??s Secret Service, and certainly no Bond film captures Fleminga??s world as perfectly as this one does. The action sequences a?? two ski chases, a stock car rally-cum-chase on ice, a beachside fight in the pre-credits sequence, a helicopter assault on Piz Gloria and a thrilling bobsleigh chase finale a?? remain some of the most accomplished in the series.
The performances a?? particularly Diana Rigg as the spirited, troubled and ultimately tragic Tracy, Ilse Steppat as the loathsome Irma Bunt and Telly Savalasa??s definitive Blofeld - are uniformly excellent. Sean Connerya??s insouciant invincibility a?? so perfect in Goldfinger a?? may have marred, and certainly would have weakened, the essential humanity of On Her Majestya??s Secret Service.
This is a Bond more impulsive and vulnerable than we have seen hitherto, a Bond who, beneath the savoir faire, is unsettled and thrown off kilter by his emotions. TV Times 16th-22nd November, 2002 a?¦ Bond Is 40 Years Old a?¦ Best Bond Moments Ever a?¦ Documentary a?¦ the magazine includes a series of articles celebrating 40 years of James Bond films a?¦ including pieces on OHMSS.
On Her Majestya??s Secret Service was the first film to take one million dollars gross (A?416,000) during a single week in the United States a?¦ and in London, OHMSS broke the box-office record at the Odeon Leicester Square by taking A?22,800 in its second week.
Sitting in his hotel suite in Japan in the summer of 1966, Cubby Broccoli prepared the world for a Bond without Sean Connery as the BBC's Alan Whicker probed him on this sensitive area.
The new film's greatest asset was its director, Peter Hunt, a Bond veteran of the highest calibre who was responsible for editing all the previous Bond films and second-unit work both credited and un-credited on a number of them. By the time of OHMSS Peter Hunt stood for all that was good in the previous Bonds and with the departure of director Terence Young following the excellent Thunderball, he was the remaining man most fully aware of what made the Bond series so distinctive and special. Enjoyable as You Only Live Twice was a?¦ Hunt wanted to return Bond to his resourceful best in a believable setting where vigorous physical action replaces giant volcanoes and space rockets.

The close similarity between book and film shows this determination to return to the closer adherence to Fleming which had made Dr No, From Russia With Love and Goldfinger so memorable. Auditions began in early 1968 with the main emphasis on finding an unknown who would have no associations with any other role, as Peter Hunt continues.
Anthony Rogers, Robert Campbell and Hans De Vries and 29 year old Australian model, George Lazenby. His recent television exposure as the crate-carrying 'Big Fry Man' in a well remembered commercial guaranteed that he would have been looked at for the part, as was Gary Myers, the 'Milk Tray Man' who blatantly borrowed the Bond image as he delivered his box of chocolates against impossible odds.
Extensive tests began in April with the 5 potential Bonds, much of it centring on how well they each performed physically in the fight scenes. A set was constructed to film the fight in the Portuguese hotel room between Bond and Tracy's bodyguard, with Yuri Borienko filling in for the performer who would actually perform the fight in the film.
It was reputedly this fight sequence that was the final factor that convinced the production team that they had found their new James Bond.
It would be Hunt's first film as first unit director and he would also be breaking in a new Bond, but such a task held no fears for him.
As Lazenby asserts, a??He'd been the editor on the others so he understood the whole format and already felt that he could direct them better than the other guys.
My opinion is that if Peter could pull off the Bond film with a new Bond then it gave him more recognition. For the part of Tracy, the girl to whom James Bond would be both husband and widower on the same day, the producers favoured a blonde, continental actress in keeping with Ian Fleming's presentation of the character in the original novel. So OHMSS could have had the Shalako (1968) casting of Sean Connery as Bond and Brigitte Bardot as Tracy.
Hunt recalls that of the three candidates a?¦ Boyer was a definite possibility but her strong French accent was a problem. When Diana Rigg's name came up, she seemed an ideal actress to consider with her extensive classical training, Royal Shakespeare Company theatrical experience and her previous involvement with immensely successful The Avengers television series, which marked her as the logical choice following on as she does from a previous Avengers girl Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore in Goldfinger) into the Bond series. Dianaa??s agent, Dennis Selinger, was around doing other things and when we broached it to him - 'What about Diana Rigg? The rest of the casting went smoothly, with Telly Savalas playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld and distinguished Italian actor Gabriele Ferzetti cast as Tracy's father, Marc Ange Draco, a Union Corse Capo. I said to him a?¦ 'I don't want any girlfriends of other producers or people that we have to do a favour for who cana??t really act.' I mean, it's unbelievable. Catherina Von Schell, Julie Ege, Anoushka Hempel, Jenny Hanley, Dani Sheridan, Ingrid Back, Sylvana Henriques, Mona Chong, Helena Ronee and Zara.
For the role of Irma Bunt, Blofeld's assistant, Saltzman suggested Greek actress Irene Papas (The Guns of Navarone) but Hunt rejected her as too sympathetic. Lazenby did his own driving for the scene a?¦ including racing Bonda??s Aston Martin DBS down onto the beach a?¦ Bonda??s rescue of Tracy required two takes a?¦ after which Diana Rigga??s stunningly beautiful A?700 bejewelled turquoise green and gold gown was ruined by the sand and salt water. The costume design on the film by Marjorie Cornelius was superb, and resulted in some absolutely stunning designs for Diana Rigg to wear. Most of the various locations for filming, which was scheduled to start in the Autumn of 1968, had already been found. But the one difficulty had been in finding a suitable site for Blofeld's mountain lair, Piz Gloria. The location team hoped that Fleming might have based Piz Gloria on an actual place in Switzerland, but this proved not to be the case.
What had been found was a restaurant that was being built on top of the Schilthorn in the Bernese Oberland. First off, The Wrap learns that Paul Feig wants to reunite with Melissa McCarthy for the third time. Vaughn also reportedly considers "Dark Shadows" actress Bella Heathcote if the Nicki of "The Bling Ring" eventually does not make it as Colin Firth's female co-star. The pic was inspired by the reintroduction of James Bond in 2006's "Casino Royale", which turns out to be one of his favorite movies.
Egerton would be playing Gary, a working-class British kid who gets pulled into his Uncle's cloak-and-dagger world. For the love interest, Vaughn's eyeballing Emma Watson or DARK SHADOWS' Bella Heathcote, with the villain role to hopefully go to a big name on the level of Tom Cruise or Leo DiCaprio, who've already passed on their offers. The hunt for a female lead is on – Emma Watson and Bella Heathcote are still in contention, but no decision has been made yet. But will the end of the world as know it take a back seat to training his street-punk nephew to be the next James Bond? One of my favourite and most watched Bond films too, now that my back is sorted Im planning a a trip to Murren and Piz Gloria this winter with my brother and a couple of old college friends, all Bond geeks of course.We've been talking about this for years and the plan is to have a martini at the Piz Gloria restaurant and then attempt to Ski back down to the bottom, I say attempt in the loosest form as none of us are expert ski-ers by any stretch but that clip has really got me in the mood!! It would be fantastic to say that I had been to all the overseas locations of such an iconic movie. It was the scene where he's on the run in the ice skating rink and you see he's frightened and exhausted. The knife fight at the beginning of Quantum Of Solace was very well choreographed and Graig pulled it off with a very believeable and cold detachment of a super agent to which this sort of thing happened every day.

I know she seems to resist talking about The Avengers - I mean she will, but it seems like pulling teeth at times - but OHMSS?
Peter Hunta??s insistence on jettisoning gadgets and gimmicks to concentrate on Ian Fleminga??s novel pays off beautifully.
Peter Hunta??s taut direction is complemented perfectly by John Glena??s editing a?¦ and John Barrya??s composes what may, or may not, be his best Bond score (it vies with You Only Live Twice for the honour): he certainly gives the series ita??s finest song in this film a?? a?˜We Have All The Time In The Worlda?? a?? sung by Louis Armstrong.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service was Hunt's debut as principal director of a Bond film, despite attempts to get the job on the previous outing, You Only Live Twice. His task was made easier by his immense good fortune to have one of Fleming's very best novels as a starting point.
4.6 million pounds a?¦ large sum in 1968, but necessary considering the film had a shooting schedule of nearly 9 months, half of which was spent on location with a 120 person film crew. We were left with whoever was there at the time and I tested about fifty to a hundred people in various ways. Borienko was a very big Russian, ex-wrestler, who began working as a stunt man, but graduated to acting parts because of his suitably Russian looks and had been engaged to play Blofeld's chief heavy, Gunther, in OHMSS.
The supporting cast of the film ranks as one of the most impressive of any Bond film, with Ferzetti adding real class with his performance and Savalas being arguably the best screen Blofeld. But you know what happens - it's very human and somebody's girlfriend: 'Oh, you must give her a job' - you know, all that sort of thing - and she gets shoved into it.
I went through a lot of people before I eventually found use Isle Steppat, wonderful German actress. The look of the film in terms of costume was totally unique and has never been equalled in any other film of the series. The script closely followed Fleming's book and most of the locations were not too problematic to find in both Portugal and Switzerland. Initially, the peak of Mount Pilatus (7,000ft) above Lucerne was considered and later rejected a?¦ However, in Lucerne they had been very close a?¦ the Bernese Oberland area of Switzerland was to provide exactly the right location a?¦ a location that matched the booka??s description of Fleminga??s Piz Gloria a?¦ Ian Fleming himself would have been impressed. And we were in St Moritz at the time, having a drink at the bar and this Swiss production manager we had, Hubert Froelich, was talking to some other guy in German. Why don't you go to Murren, you know what I want, and have a look and if there's any remote possibility that it's usable give me a call and then we'll come down, but we won't make a special visit' - because it was quite a long way away. From Schilthorna??s peak at 9,744 feet (2970 metres) it offers one of the best views of the Alps. After "Bridesmaids" and "The Heat", McCarthy enters negotiation to star as a female spy in comedy "Susan Cooper", which will be directed and co-written by Feig.
Recently, newcomer Taron Egerton has been on board to be the nephew whom Firth's character mentors to become a secret agent. The young actor's most significant role, to date, has been a guest spot on the ITV series, LEWIS (or, as it's known on it's stateside airings on PBS, INSPECTOR LEWIS), and he became the frontrunner for the job after Vaughn scoured through a long list of potentials, including ATTACK THE BLOCK's John Boyega. Meanwhile, what’s the secret link between a series of kidnapped sci-fi stars, the murder of an entire town, and a dark secret from inside Mou-nt Everest? On Her Majestya??s Secret Service works because of - not in spite of a?? George Lazenbya??s James Bond. It is an apposite title, as the last scene demonstrates, where, as in the novel, Tracy is shot dead by Blofeld and Irma Bunt just after she has married Bond.
George Leech, still active and one of the very best fight arrangers in the business, recalls the test as done by Lazenby.
At the time we got Diana Rigg, we were still talking about George Lazenby and my point was that if we were going to have somebody like George Lazenby, who was really not an actor and hadn't done that much, I insisted on having a really good actress. To the north can be seen the Swiss Lowlands, the Jura and the Black Forest, which as you look round give way to the Alpine mountain range dominated by the majestic Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau.
But considering Millar's proximity to the adaptation of his work, this seems fairly conclusive.
Under Uncle Jack’s supervision, Gary’s spy skills and confidence blossom–but when the duo learn what’s behind the celebrity kidnappings, the knowledge comes at a price. The way Lazenby breaks down as Bond cradles the dead Tracy in the Aston Martin is breathtakingly effective.
You have to have luck in good casting and you must have luck in shooting - all sorts of areas.
The building of the restaurant had started in 1961 with helicopters carrying the building materials up to the peak. Caine joins Colin Firth, who will be playing "Uncle Jack", an underling charged with training the new blood protagonist in the ways of espionage and, presumably, ass-kicking.
The conspiracy begins to unravel, but who can be trusted when so many prominent figures seem to be involved? And that was one great piece of luck because there we were looking for that exact place which was in the book.

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