The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time

I have been single a really long time, I don't think I could be in a relationship now, set in my ways don't you know. I thought I was destined to be single forever then I had a stroke and am now dating one of the nurses from the rehab hospital. Shame I suppose but I dunno If dating a girl 16 years my junior would have been good for me lol. Oh an age difference can work my Mums husband is 22 years her junior and they have been together for over 20 years .
It is just I remember twenty year olds when I was married and dating and they bugged me then so I thought she would just bug me more now. Don't settle into a relationship just because you feel it is the 'thing to do' OP whatever will be will be.
I'm 46, I'm single now for 4 years, my ex (TLOML for 14 yrs) left, took my Kids, House, Dog, and Self Esteem. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.
Intimate moments shared between a husband and wife occur in the bedroom.A Although the husband and wife love their children in nearly every other sphere of their lives, this isA one sphere that isna€™t available to anyone else.
This does not literally mean you must pray in the bedroom any more than it means you must pray in a closet.
The concept of a bedroom is only used to convey the idea of an isolated and solitary place where you can be alone with the Lord.A When we enter into a time of prayer, it should be done at a place and time when we are not interrupted so the Holy Spirit can speak to our hearts and we can bare our hearts to Him. Each of us should make it a daily priority to have this special time of communion with the Father through the Holy Spirit. It doesna€™t matter where you and I spend this private time with God; it just matters that we actually do it.

He often prayed on a mountaintop or out in the wilderness, far fromA the hustle and bustle of the city.
There is nothing in the Bible that says the early morning hours areA more holy than other hours of the day, and nowhere does the Bible teach that praying on a mountaintopA is somehow better than other places.
Jesus chose those early morning hours because it was aA moment when He could find solitude and quietness with God. So if you really want to be with the Lord, you will find time for that as well.A Think about it. But with all the distractions of modern life we often find ourselves living on spiritual snack food instead of a healthy diet of God's Word. Here are seven suggestions that may help you have a better quiet time in a noisy world.A 1.
If you want to have a more meaningful quiet time, view Bible reading and prayer as a daily dialog with God, a daily meeting.A 3.
DON'T FEEL GUILTYHave you ever heard someone confess, "I'm having trouble keeping a regular quiet time.
FIND A PLAN THAT FITS YOUMany people say, "I love to cook but I hate to decide what's for dinner." The same principle is true when it comes to a daily quiet time. There are manyA good Bible reading guides available from other publishers or your church denomination. Then you won't have to spend your quiet time in "menu planning" and you can experience "the joy of cooking."A 5.
Put into practice some of these ideas and soon you'll discover that those few quiet time minutes may become the most meaningful part of your day.A A So select a quiet place where you wona€™t be disturbed. Once you go to that place, shut the doorA to outside interference and to the voices that are constantly calling out for your attention. Focus onA only one thing: this very intimate and private time with the Father.A This is so important that you shouldna€™t delay in acting on it!

The truth is, IA havena€™t made my prayer time a priority in my life; therefore, I havena€™t been consistent inA prayer. So I am asking You to help me locate a time and place where I can be alone and uninterrupted with You. I am faithful to pray, to fellowshipA with the Father, to bare my heart before Him, and to listen to what His Spirit has toA say to me.
What time of the day have you found to be best for you to really pray without being interrupted by other people or business?A 2.
When you do spend time in prayer, what is the average amount of time you stay in the Presence of God? Can you honestly say you linger in His Presence, or do you have a a€?rush-in, rush-outa€? experience with the Lord?A 3.
If you examine your prayer time, what do you find that you pray about more than anything else? But with all the distractions of modern life we often find ourselves living on spiritual snack food instead of a healthy diet of God's Word.
IT'S A MEETING, NOT A HABITPeople refer to the habit of daily Bible reading and prayer. Don't focus so much on the mechanics of the process that you miss the Person behind it.

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