The secret world dungeon loot list

Funcom finally started talking a little bit about the PvP zones and the confrontations in the game, as well as the roles of each of the factions. So, by now we all know that the game has a free-form leveling mechanic, and we?ve also been introduced to the game?s semi real-time combat, but now we finally get to see how it all plays out and some of the ways the PvP will affect the overall game world. When it?s mentioned that the game sports up to 100 players per PvP zone, it reminded me of APB: Reloaded.

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The new dev diary for The Secret World maintains a brisk, action-packed pace showing gamers new environments, bosses and some of the story elements. However, the fact that the PvP is directive-oriented, it means that players will cohesively still have to whip out their old EverQuest dungeon-raiding tactics to overcome the odds and out-maneuver players to take advantage of the control points.

On paper this mechanic seems pretty cool, but we still don?t really know exactly how these control points play a part in the game?s overall story.

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