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Isis, wife of Osiris, is an Earthlord and currently residing in a Shadowrealm modeled on Danu Talis. Bastet mentions to Anubis that Isis and Osiris have managed to keep the Change that affects most Elders at bay.
Isis and Osiris lead Josh and Sophie to Danu Talis, where they tell them that they are Richard (Osiris) and Sara (Isis) Newman, their parents. Apparently with nearly limitless power, Isis, and her husband Osiris, have several unique abilities. Shapeshifting: Or at the very least, being able to keep a certain form for a considerable amount of time. The fourth book in the series which had a preview released with The Sorceress: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. Nicholas, Josh, and Sophie Newman arrived on top of Mount Tamapalis in California and find Perenelle, but Saint Germain is worried because Joan and Scathach should be there too. Aoife (pronounced ee-fah) is the twin sister of Scathach , and the granddaughter of Zephaniah.
Being Scathach's twin sister, they look almost identical with spiky red hair, pale freckled skin, and green eyes.
In The Necromancer, Aoife kidnaps Sophie Newman and takes her back to a safe house owned by her friend Niten, in order to discover the whereabouts of Scathach.
In the end of The Necromancer, Aoife sacrifices herself in order to trap Coatlicue, The Mother of All Gods. In the epilogue of The Enchantress, Marethyu wrote in his letter to his sister Sophie that he recently attended Aoife and Niten's wedding, where Aoife's twin sister, Scathach, was the bridesmaid, and everyone cried.

Scathach, known as Scatty, The Warrior Maid, The Shadow, The King Maker, and The Daemon Slayer is one of the Next Generation.
It is later revealed in The Enchantress that this is because Isis and Osiris are actually Earthlords, and are unaffected by the Change . Unknown to them however Scatty and Joan came out some time between one million and eight thousand B.C. However, she dresses differently than Scathach, preferring to wear black suits and be a warrior to the humani.
After a brief interogation, Nicholas Flamel, his wife Perenelle, and Josh, Sophie's brother, come in to confront Aoife. The two sisters had a fight over Cuchulain, a humani hero from Irish myths, who they both loved.
She pulls Coatlicue back inside her prison, and shuts down the portal linking Coatlicue's prison to the Earth. One of the vampires who shows up at Aunt Agnes's house in search of Scathatch is her twin sister. In The Warlock, it is described as being the more strategic of the twins, with Scathach often using brute force to plow her way through problems. Eventually Aoife allies herself with Nicholas, Perenelle, Josh, and Sophie, in hopes of finding her twin sister. When the twins go to Aunt Agnes's house they see that two members of Scathach's vampire clan have come to find out what happened to her and one of them is her twin sister.
Aoife is seen as a great and powerful martial artist and at the end of the Enchantress, is Niten's wife.

Aoife regrets letting him come between her and Scathach, and feels responsible for her twin.
While occasionally scorned for her selfishness by Niten, he eventually admits that they both loved each other. It is revealed that either Scathach or Aoife is a liar (as they both claim to be the oldest), but Aoife clears up suspicions about Scathach's age, being old enough to be born soon after the destruction of Danu Talis, whereas Scathach originally claimed to be only 2,517 years old . They then take the twins to the Pyramid of the Sun, where they plan to introduce them as the rightful rulers of Danu Talis.
Tsagaglalal intervenes, and the twins are brought up to the top of the pyramid, bringing Osiris and Isis into confrontation with Sophie and Josh. At the end of the book, it is revealed that Isis and Osiris are Earthlords, who are older than Elders, Archons and even Ancients. They reveal to have escaped the massacre of the Earthlords by the Archons and Ancients many, many years ago . They want to use Josh's and Sophie's extremely powerful auras atop the most powerful monument of Danu Talis, the Pyramid of the Sun to open a rift through to the time when the Earthlords still ruled, letting them through to cause absolute chaos, making both Elder and Humani timestrands cease to exist. Isis and Osiris aspire to become the rulers of this new world and to take over all the Shadowrealms and worlds.
After a battle with the Twins of Legend, Josh stabs them with Clarent and Excalibur and they are defeated.

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