The secrets we keep and the lies we tell part 3

The amulets are a source of protection and luck in our life and that we all have available.
Usually, when we talk about the signs of the Zodiac, we talk about the positive aspects that they have in their personality. Libra is recognized in the Zodiac for being the most diplomatic sign and, evidently, for being one of the defenders of people who cannot defend themselves. When we refer to the horoscope of Libra, it is also important to talk about the constellation that gives name to this sign. The sign of Libra in love is one of the signs who look more for harmony and to have tranquility in the relations. Pamela Harris Williams is an author, playwright, and speaker who received her Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Wesleyan University. Messenger Mercury slips into your international ninth house until May 29, giving you a case of itchy feet.

Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Growing up together in a small town just outside of Charlotte didn't prepare them for the horrible, life-altering events they would soon face together. If you?re stuck in and around home base, start researching the locale of your summer vacay.
Their lives took them in opposite directions after high school, but an untimely death brings about an unforeseen reunion that exposes untold truths, deep dark secrets, and uncovers "friendly" betrayal. Pamela absolutely enjoys mentoring young people and sharing her writing experiences through seminars and speaking engagements.
Work responsibilities may find you dusting off your roller suitcase over the next three weeks. They once believed their bond was strong enough to survive anything, but overcoming the obstacles and roadblocks life has thrown their way will prove utterly impossible apart from confessing what they've each been hiding from one another.

Her passion includes encouraging, motivating, and empowering children and women to be and do their absolute best regardless of the hand they've been dealt in life. Relationships with people outside your ZIP code or from a different culture than your own are poised to blossom. Confessing the very secrets and lies they've held on to so tightly is the price each must pay to keep their friendship intact. Will their confessions fuse their friendship together even tighter, or will it explode in their faces- totally obliterating what they once knew? She regularly speaks at special events and writing workshops, schools, book clubs, and educational organizations.Pamela is the proud mother of two children and the owner of an extremely hyper dog.

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