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The top 5 best Antivirus for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Note 4 are given with a brief intro here. This free application auto filters new application installed on your smartphone, searching for infected files and malwares. AV-Test results demonstrate that it issues you 100% insurance against infections and from infected Android applications. When scanning sites utilizing Chrome and Android’s default programs, it gives the constant assurance. AV-Test report demonstrates that Avast shields your Android gadget from 98% of infections and threats.
It obstructs the calls and SMSes, in the event that it originates from the sifted contact, you have officially chosen.
This antivirus secures you against all the awful stuff that can happen to your mobile phone or tablet, as infections, misfortune, and robbery. As per AV-Test, Lookout Mobile security gives the 99% assurance for your mobile phone or tablet from awful stuff like malware & infections, misfortune, and burglary. Lookout shields you from the awful stuff – like malware and infections – that can ease off your mobile phone or make unapproved charges to your remote bill with over-the-air, constant upgrades. Lookout issues you the most obvious opportunity to discover your lost or stolen Android mobile phones and Tablets. Lookout goes down all your own information, for example, contacts, documents from your mobile phone to online cloud.
AVL versatile Antivirus gives the fundamental usefulness of infection sweep and shields your Android mobile phone from the vindictive Android applications.

It has effective infection recognition programming that works much speedier than whatever other gadget with less power and fundamental asset. Trust GO is the Best free Antivirus Android application regarding security and ease of use. You will get a notice, when you have open the vindictive and phishing locales in your portable. You can track your mobile phone’s information use, battery utilization and memory use.
Ensures your security by demonstrating the authorizations, you have given to the applications in your portable.
Store, reinforcement and restore your mobile phone’s information safely in the cloud. Remotely find your mobile phone (Find My Phone), lock it, set off a caution, or safely wipe your information and individual data if your mobile phone is lost. This abnormal state of fame gives the chance to programmer to focus on the Android clients with numerous security dangers.
An upgrade to the Bitdefender application cases to have presented backing for distinguishing the most current Android Exploit. It issues you the most obvious opportunity at discovering your lost mobile phone or tablet.
It expels infections and spyware from the applications, Email connection and framework records. It has been ranked for second place by AV test with a 100% success rate when it comes to protecting Android Smartphone’s from getting infected with malicious viruses.

AVL SDK Mobile gives bounteous setup alternatives of identification switch which check the malignant codes at diverse levels, through which can adjust the scan speed and infection discovery ability.
This security application got the primary spot in AV-Test with 100% security rate for Android mobiles.
By picking this sweep choice, you can examine cellular mobile phones, tablets, memory cards to discover and uproot Virus, Malware, Spyware and trojans PLUS dangerous applications.
The normal malware, phishing and irritating adware are the real sympathy toward Android clients. The majority of the best Antivirus applications for Galaxy S6 S5, Note 4 mobile phones are accessible free of expense in the Google play store and at online websites with the latest antivirus coupons. Since Samsung has just released their top notch flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.
This free antivirus application shields you from today’s most unsafe malware and infections PLUS applications that can take your own protection, character and information. Your Android mobile phone will run easily at whatever point you utilize this Antivirus application. Its programmers guarantee that it doesn’t require any arrangement upon establishment and is ready to rock and roll upon installation. Dissimilar to other security applications, it won’t produce any false security alarm or notice when you introduce true blue applications.

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