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TOY STORY PRINTABLE CARDS printable autism brochures cdh family printable toy story invitation cards - imani studio. It's more than just a live wall, though – it's packed with fun mini-games, including falling army men and darts. If that's not enough Toy Story action for you (or your kid), Disney just pushed out a brand new live wallpaper that lets you explore Andy's bedroom.
So in the AM, it's bright and airy, and as the day goes on it settles into dusk and night, all in relation to what time it is where you are.

When Woody is stolen by a toy store owner who wants to sell him to a rich collector in Japan, it's up to Buzz and the rest of the toys to mount a rescue mission and save the day.Set in five zones with 15 levels overall, this game follows the same overall plot as the film.
Once they formulate a rescue plan, it's time for them to leave the house and make their way through the neighborhood and head in the direction of Al's Toy Barn, which is owned by the toy thief. From there they head off to Al's penthouse and then to the airport and a final showdown with the nefarious toy Stinky Pete, who wants Woody to go to Japan with him and the others in Al's collection.Buzz is assisted by Mr. Potato Head, the piggy bank named Hamm, Slinky Dog, the scaredy cat dinosaur Rex, Bo Peep, Woody's female counterpart Jessie and Sarge, who commands a regiment of green plastic toy soldiers.

Buzz has special tasks to perform in each level such as helping Bo Peep find some of her sheep or defeating a boss toy. Successfully completing each task earns some Pizza Planet tokens, which are necessary to gain access to the higher levels.Buzz also has some accessories to help him along the way, such as a disc launcher which turns his laser arm into a disc shooter and rocket jet boots for reaching high places.

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