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Facebook0Truecaller is an extremely useful application that became famous among Smartphone users in a very short time. As you probably imagined there is no official release for Truecaller on PC but, thanks to the existence of Bluestacks, you can easily download and install it on your computer. Step 2: Once Bluestacks is completely downloaded you must search for “Truecaller” in order to install it.
Step 3: Now all you have left to do is to click the “Install” button and wait for a couple of moments, since Truecallerwill be downloaded and installed automatically.
Before deciding to get this app, you must be aware of the fact that the app will ask you to fill your name and address details and that your number will be added to their database. In case you are interested in getting notifications whenever someone tries to trace you with it, as well as numbers by providing people’s name, you should get the premium version of this app. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Truecaller is a global phone directory, which you can use to find out the names associated with unknown numbers.

Though this app is useful for those who get frequent spam calls, there is still a question of privacy for others. Please note that you will not get an SMS or any other kind of communication from Truecaller to confirm the removal of your number.
This app shows the details of anyone who calls, even if their mobile number is not saved on the phone.
Because people are interested in using this application not only on their mobile devices but also on their computers, in this article you will be taught how to download Truecaller for PC. However, there appear to be people interested in downloading and installing Truecaller on Windows or Mac, as well. However, you probably expected that since this is how it should work: you give your information to others and in return you get other’s information. As you noticed, the process is far from being difficult, and you should not encounter any problems at all.
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Keeping this in mind, the creators of Truecaller has provided a way to remove your phone number from their directory. This is not surprising, considering that Truecaller does not intimate you while registering your number. Well, everybody wants to see the name of those who are calling, even if they are not in their agendas, right? So, with this app installed, you are enabled to trace any mobile number since it has over 500 Million contacts in the database. For now whenever someone searches your mobile number on TrueCaller, your details (name and mobile number) won’t be displayed. Even if in the beginning, the application was limited to a certain number of countries, now it is available all over the world.

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