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UFO Sighting of two glowing craft near 4 jets & River Thames, England Sept 17, 2010, see video. On Friday two amazing glowing craft were seen hovering over the River Thames in Southern England for nearly 10 minutes before they began to move off toward the Tilbury Terminal direction.
A UFO was near the ISS (international Space Station) on Sept 28, 2010 and this is what one person captured. Second UFO Sighting photo surfaces of UFO over Ancient Chinese City, Amazing Sept 22, 2010. The object kept appearing and disappearing in the sky from time to time and its position and flying trajectory also kept changing. A group of youth passing by witnessed the whole event with the two students and left their telephone numbers for them. The two students, named Gu Peiwen and Sun Jiali, were admitted to the Department of Photography of the Harbin Normal University's School of Communication in 2008 and are in the same class.
Retired USAF Officers Admit they had UFO Sightings Near Their Military Bases, Sept 27, 2010, see video. Monday, 27 Sep 2010WASHINGTON - Several former Air Force officials are taking the cloak off of reported UFO sightings on U.S. It isn't well known that the Governments have been covering up the fact the aliens have bases on the moon. First we have this video below which is part of the disclosure project that starts off with a women talking to Military personnel about an image from space that has an Unidentified Flying object in it. Next we have a man sergeant Karl Wolfe in the video, that was brought to Langley air force base where the NSA (National Security Agency) was bringing in information and pictures from the lunar orbiter. These three images come from a NASA satellite which circled the moon in order to supposedly map it. Here we have an image from a lunar module about 15 miles off the surface of the moon and even though you can really see the buildings themselves you can see the basic geometric shapes of them like the rectangle in the bottom left corner. This is three images zoomed in at different levels showing a glowing object possibly a sphere. The side of the moon that you can never see from the Earth is called "the dark side of the moon" this is where the aliens have their bases so as we can't see them from Earth.
This is another example of something reflective on the surface of the moon that just shouldn't be there. There are many places on the moon that have very similar characteristics as places on Earth from far away. What this means is that there was if not still are alien bases or civilizations inhabiting the Earths moon. 1) The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher than even the H-bomb.
3) Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Vannevar Bush. 4) The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.
The initial program shall include the following avenues of investigations, to which others may be added from time top time as may appear expedient. Full coordination is to be maintained, within security regulations, with other groups working on a parallel or associated problems.
As in the case with most fields of research, it is impossible to assess the results in advance, which might be obtained through this project. Consequently, it is intended to classify this work in it entirety until such time as it can be assessed for its impact on our civilization.
Memorandum from Robert Low - Project Administrator CONDON Report (Oct 1966 - Jan 1969) to Colorado University V.P. Their, as in such and such a people or persons that is sentient and may even have a "modus operandi" attributed to them. Yeah, how many times do we hear from the skeptics that yes ufos exist, but that doesn't mean that non-terrans fly them.

The skeptics (for want of a better word) don't have the luxury of regular and sustained contact with ETs.
60%, that the UFOs are aspects of ET intelligence so it's too great a leap to declare they are aliens. There are over 3000 cases reported by pilots, some of which include interference with flight controls. Scientists have participated in a "self-cover-up" by refusing to look at the credible and well-reported data. This is an early policy document focused on a strategy for "explaining" UFOs to the public and "working" with the media. Now this segment from a July 20, 1952 press conference right after the famous DC sightings. From looking at quotes and reportages you often find things twisted and taken out of context. He has studied the topic and has come to the conclusion that UFOs use electro-magnetic and gravitational forces to fly.
The Russians approached the subject of UFOs with the utmost seriousness and attention to detail.
On two occasions, pilots gave chase, lost control and crashed, with the crew killed on impact. On October 5, 1983 Sokolov received an order from his commander to leave immediately for the Ukraine. Fls13 thats a great thread on Truman you?ve put together there -some very interesting reading. Forgive me for being obtuse, but isn't that link only to the text of a Russian TV report about the incident? The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. Early this year, the Iceland volcano was on CNN when a dozen dark orbs were seen close up on CNN in V formation. He states: These two picturesshowed 7 invisible UFO light balls arranged in a straight line formation. It is a triangle craft that appears when the suns direction changes, causing the UFO to bounce rays of light off its shield that normally causes it to look invisible. When some tourists passing by were looking at the pictures taken by the students and comparing them with the sky, they were also surprised. For a period, the object disappeared in their camera lens, but at nearly midnight, it appeared again when one of the students adjusted the time of exposure to 20 seconds and pressed the shutter. A girl gave them her mobile phone number, and said that she was willing to testify about this incident in the future. 18, the two traveled to Pingyao with their photographs to take part in the 10th Pingyao International Photography Festival. There are many facts, Pictures, videos, satellite images, and testimonies that create hard evidence of this fact. At that point one of the Officers said that they had found a base on the back side of the moon. Oddly enough though most of these missions were financed from the defence department and not just through NASA.
You can see two tunnels on either side and as we zoom in we can see something that looks like a weapon or possible communicating device.
When you look at certain cities, objects, or ruins from space on Earth things don't always look so crystal clear. With that in mind I can't help to question why we have not gone back to the moon and why the Governments of the world choose to keep this as a secret. Laboratory study of mechanical forces associated with electron drift and electric currents in metallic masses. Theoretical and laboratory study of magnetic domain resonance conditions in magnetic materials.

I went back aft, let the other pilot, Al Jones, take my seat, and went to see if the passengers were OK. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. In the background the guy still has his TV running and a bird is chirping away trying to get the mans attention, these two things make this appear 100% legit.The two UFOs move around slowly yet a jet and a helicopter pass over them. The largest orb in the upper middle suddenly disappears, but actually that photo didn’t load on my computer more than half way so I lost it.
Also at Adam’s Mountain in Washington state there have been nightly UFO sightings of glowing orbs flying from the old volcano and around the sky, Fox News even went to see for themselves and caught not one but two glowing orbs on video (ECETI). This is why I often say that 65% of all UFO sightings happen during sunset and sunrise due to the changing light.
The two photographers kept following it and shootingpictures, and were able to take many clear images of the objects. However, this time, the columns on its two sides reversed and the object had also moved to a position above the moon. The group of ex-military commanders is set to unveil several alleged UFO sightings which they say shut down nuclear missiles. From well known respected scientists, Astronauts, and military personal we gain a pretty define perspective on this subject. Now we know that he could have even said yes because a UFO doesn't stand for some alien ship it simply means an Unidentified Flying object. Afterwords sergeant Karl Wolfe was shown images of the base from large towers to spherical domes over half a mile in diameter on a section of the dark side of the moon. NASA has blurred out the images of the alien bases and structures but if you look closely you can, through the blurriness, see the shapes of the towers and buildings.
Tall and short images that are actually closer or farther away get blurred just like when you take a picture of something on your camera. If you watch this video on the right it explains in detail with many satellite images from both the moon Earth and Mars to back up the theory that there are old structures canals and buildings on the moon that have been slowly washed away with time.
If they are hostile I doubt there is anything we can do about it anyway so why not tell the world?
The lower one (helicopter) slowed down and hovered near the objects for a while indicating that the aircraft had seen the UFOs and was curious about them, but the helicopter then continued on its way. FOX 5 got a preview of the first hand accounts and top secret documents that are now being released. From this distance it could be a number of things such as roads, buildings, covered erogation, roads. The images change every 15-20 seconds but I made them change every second in the video to make it easier to view.
Looks like those UFO light balls are not less than 30 cm in diameter.~~Please look at my books I wrote called "Dragons of Asgard," & "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009," at all on line bookstores.
You will need a 14X Zoom or better to zoom in on those clouds, but a regular camera is better than none. 22 and the moon was bright and beautiful on that night, so they went to Mingqing Street to take pictures of some night views. When she asks what hes going to do with this extraordinary information he replies, "it's procedure to air brush these images out before we release them to the public". They came forward knowing that they and their family's would be at risk just so they could reveal to the public the truth about UFOs and alien moon bases.

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