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United Kingdom Reverse Phone Number Lookup - Search PeopleLookup any United Kingdom +44 phone number or cell phone number.
Free UK Reverse Phone Look Up Number DirectoriesReverse phone number look up information for the UK. Reverse telephone directory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaIn the United Kingdom proper, reverse directory information is not publicly available. Free White Pages - People Search - International Phone BooksNumberway - Find Phone Numbers Worldwide the easy way: search free telephone directories, white pages, yellow pages and phone books for USA, UK, France, Australia, .
Area Code Reverse Lookup for country code 44If you have received a telephone call or number to call from country code 44, then the country from which that call originated is UK or Isle of Man. Phone Search Central UK: Orange Mobile Number LookupPhone Search Central UK can assist you with any sort of uk number reverse you might need, and act as a virtual uk phone books for unlisted numbers. Writing phone numbers correctly makes them easier to read and remember, as well as reducing the risk of numbers being misdialled. Geographic numbers are the normal home and business numbers that begin with area codes tied to specific locations. For specific information on individual areas, see the area code listings or the quick quide to writing numbers in major UK cities. There is no set pattern for mobile phone numbers, although it is helpful to break up the number with at least one space for readability. The format 07xxx xxxxxx is probably the most widely used, including by the main mobile phone networks.
Freephone, premium rate and other similar numbers starting with 03, 08 or 09 can be written in whichever pattern aids memorability. However, sticking to a single consistent style such as 0xxx xxx xxxx can look neater and aid memorability.

All numbers starting with 084, 087 or 09 must be accompanied by an indication of the applicable service charge. The service charge that applies to any particular number can be found by consulting the provider of the number. If you want people to call you internationally, remove the leading zero of your phone number and prefix it with '+44'. Do not write '0044' instead of +44 – many countries do not use '00' to begin an international call and dialling 0044 will not connect.
There are also, exceptionally, two eight digit numbers in use which are not specifically included above: 0800 1111 and 0845 4647. The list needs to be parsed in the order shown to work properly; the last match in the list is the one to use for any given number. As an example, 01234567890 matches the second line of the list and no others, so is formatted as 01234 567890. On signs and vehicle graphics, it is helpful to display numbers in full, on a single line and with spaces in the correct place, to aid memorability and readability.
Here are examples for a small town that has the area code 01632 and six-digit local numbers. Placing brackets around the code can help distinguish the code (01632) from the local number. Brackets can look untidy, so different sizes and weights of lettering can have the same effect while looking more stylish. Giving the exchange name instead of the code could subtly add to the feeling of local identity or tradition.
Browse the area code listings for specific guidance on how to write phone numbers in each area.

Free reverse phone directory.Use this free reverse phone directory to find out who called you. Reverse cell phone lookup service is used to gather information about unknown numbers, missed as well as prank calls. This means that numbers are formatted in different ways depending on what and where they are used for. Furthermore, as the meaning of '0800' is widely understood, a number such as 0800 123 4567 is more readily recognisable as freephone than 08001 234567.
This applies wherever the number is publicised, including websites, leaflets, signs and broadcast adverts. Using the symbol '+' avoids the problem by indicating to the caller that they should insert their own country's international access code; it is also recognised automatically by most mobile phones. Meanwhile the last line matched by the number 01134960018 is the third line in the list, so the correct formatting is 0113 496 0018.
This could aid memorability by emphasising that in most cases only the last six digits need to be remembered and dialled. However, in most cases it is unhelpful and should be avoided - a visitor using their mobile phone may not know what code they need to insert before the local number, for example. White Pages UK is one of the leading online telephone directories which allow you to search for UK telephone numbers – using the above .

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