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The first question some of us might ask when it comes to a horoscope tarot reading is can one actually integrate the horoscope with the tarot, in other words could a horoscope tarot reading point the way to in-depth psychic feedback? There is no doubt tarot and horoscopes bear many similarities and might explain why horoscope tarot readings work. When it comes to a horoscope tarot reading, there are popular card spreads that are dealt in an anti clockwise fashion incorporating zodiac signs, the twelve houses and the astrological characteristics of each card. For example, the Mandala Astrological Tarot uses the horoscope as a foundation for the 78 tarot cards. The Astro Tarot Pack is another splendid example that many readers use to incorporate astrological aspects into their readings.
But beyond these beautiful tarot cards available to the seeker, the insights of any horoscope tarot reading deal with both human and soul evolution beyond the past, present and future. For example, Saturn is our greatest astro teacher when it comes to rubbing our noses in the lessons we find so difficult to learn. Try this amazing collection of free 2014 horoscopes, astrology predictions, astronomical tables, dates and other astrology related calculations today!
The second question might be can tarot predictions and astrological timing merge together as one?
To understand both the cards and the stars, years of study is required; the reader needs to be adept at pinpointing astro events and then dig deeper in to the karmic patterns that caused them.

Astrological layouts of the tarot are useful, but some tarot readers like to use specific astro designed tarot packs. The creator of the Mandala Cards, A T Mann, perfected a deck that includes astrological associations, and a process of spiritual evolution through the zodiac signs.
Most astrologers attempt to clarify that destiny works on their client’s side once they become aware of how the soul is synchronized with the human heart.
In the case of the Tarot, we might be faced with the Hanged Man or even the Tower when we are in the process of learning particularly important life lessons. These will help you easily obtain all the information you want about astrological events for the coming year. It’s a big problem.Who drives you wild, who sets your sheets alight and who turns you cold? The reader attempts to help the client ameliorate their future with both an astrological and tarot assessment of past, present and future, as per the horoscope tarot reading.
The images of the Mandala cards themselves consist of attractively defined mandalas with full predictive astro potency incorporated. For example, the planet Neptune is depicted as a watery king with green beard and garlanded hair wielding his trident above the oceans of the world.
The purpose of both the tarot and the horoscope is to lead the individual into a deeper understanding of themselves and how they too have a hand in their own destiny.

Understand astrology from a new light today and you will realize that it is not as tough as it looks! Aquarius, however, is a nutty looking character in a pink jacket riding an equally pink rocket over a rainbow.
This is not always an easy process for the client to take on board, and sometimes challenging astro or tarot influences emerge as a result.
It is challenging to note that suffering often pre-empts a radical yet positive life change. This unique tarot manages to mix astrological imagery in a gracious, expressive manner that inspire the reader’s intuitive faculties, and enable an access to the collective unconscious. However, the true seeker knows that if their life path is to be rewarding they might have to come to terms with the more difficult aspects of their character, but they will also learn that there is a Holy Grail, and that is what the horoscope tarot reading can and will reveal to them. In other words, we travel to reach the right destination, and we are lead forth by the magic of tarot and the ancient wisdom of the stars!

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