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The Figure above shows the number of calls been handled till now by our Virtual Number Manager in India for users and clients. Even when your all lines are busy we will make sure the waiting ones be queued and get through when ita€™s possible. Whichever cabin you are travelling in, you can send SMS or make calls to your friends, family or colleagues with our OnAir mobile services. And our great-value, flexible pricing means that you can choose the level of connectivity you want, whenever you fly on our Airbus A330 Fully Connected flights. To make in-flight calls from your mobile phone, international roaming charges will apply and these will vary according to your mobile service provider and your individual service package. The Virtual Jukebox provides pubs and bars with the ultimate jukebox and an ideal way to market to consumers. Recently launched, The Virtual Jukebox offers venues unlimited access to music through an internet radio player which constantly streams ad-free music – meaning there is no need for expensive or unsightly jukebox equipment. Oxygen8 Communications has been chosen as Jukestream’s mobile partner, providing the SMS infrastructure which is used to submit song requests and distribute the venue’s promotional messages. Castleton concludes, “Oxygen8 has a number of benefits which made them stand out as a mobile partner, but one of the crucial elements for us was their international presence.
Oxygen8 Communications is a global micro-billing, communications and mobile enablement specialist, delivering ‘carrier-grade’ multimedia services which include voice, data, web, WAP, SMS, MMS and video. Utilising the latest technology, Oxygen8 enables its clients to develop new ways of interacting with their customers, whether locally or across international markets, helping them to drive new revenue streams, build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. The Oxygen8 management team draws on many years of experience and expertise, having been at the forefront of the voice and mobile services industry since its inception.
Headquartered in Birmingham, UK, Oxygen8 provides voice and mobile services to infrastructure providers, media companies, and corporates.

Jukestream is an entertainment service provider, supplying media and marketing services to the licensed trade. Jukestream was founded in 2009 and launched its flagship product The Virtual Jukebox in late 2010. Having launched a number of successful online businesses, the Jukestream management team draws on years of experience within the Digital Media and Leisure industries, with a wealth of experience in IT, Telecoms and Digital Marketing.
With Headquarters in Windsor, UK, Jukestream distributes The Virtual Jukebox to pubs and bars across the UK. The Virtual JukeboxExample of The Virtual Jukebox in useThis image demonstrates how an end user makes a music request from within a pub using their mobile phone. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Or log-on and check emails, surf the web and update your social media with Oman Air’s WY-Fi internet services. You can also browse using your laptops or on In-flight seat back screens at the rate of USD 15 and USD 40. The Jukestream music library is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world, containing millions of tracks, including every chart hit since the charts began in 1952. This partnership allows pubs and clubs to utilise SMS services and connect with their customers through mobile, as Adam Castleton, Operations Director at Jukestream explains, “Through our research we have found that 70% of people are more likely to use a jukebox if they can request music by text message, presenting a great opportunity for pubs and bars to build a relationship with their customers through mobile. The integration with the Oxygen8 platform enables us to review the SMS message and if it is not in the correct format or we can’t find a match we reply with a free SMS message to the mobile user – if we are able to find a match then we reply with a billable message and the track is played. As Jukestream establishes itself in the market it is key to consider our future plans and it is encouraging to know we can easily roll out internationally if we decide this is where we want to take the business.
As one of the largest privately-owned providers of voice and mobile services in the world, Oxygen8 is unique in providing content, infrastructure, billing, CRM and campaign management on a global scale, all through a single supplier.

Oxygen8’s innovative communications solutions are helping businesses throughout the world to reduce their cost base and streamline their processes.
Oxygen8 is fully compliant with the latest industry regulations and standards, providing customers with complete confidence that the company is leading the way in best practice for the industry. Its clients include mobile networks, newspaper groups, radio and television stations, major high street retailers, and banks. The company is fully licensed by PRS for Music and PPL for the use of commercial music and a registered service provider with PhonepayPlus.
Customers also opt-in to receive promotional messages from the venue but are not charged to receive these messages and can opt-out at any time.
Oxygen8 currently operates in the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, South Africa and East Africa including Tanzania. A pioneering, on demand music service built on top of the latest technology and backed by one of the largest and most comprehensive music libraries in the world.
When there are no requests in the queue, music from the venue’s pre-selected playlists will be played, chosen from a range of genres, artists and pre-defined compilations. The Virtual Jukebox also provides pubs and bars with a unique marketing opportunity as they can then build a database of mobile users enabling ongoing communication with their target audience.

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