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One of the best things about technology is watching new devices shrink in size as time goes on. Say goodbye to the clunky chunks of plastic and metal that blocked the driver's side cup holder! When cruising down the highway on your next road trip you're going to have more room for snacks and beverages. The power switch lets you keep over9000 connected without drawing power from your older car's battery if it's not running.
The cool blue glow of the over9000's LED means you can plug in without having to turn on the dome light.
On your next road trip, leave everybody's car chargers at home and just bring a USB cable and the over9000.
If you think you may be at risk, check the label under your adapter; check the model number and color of the letters "CE" between the prongs. Folks with a faulty accessory can bring the affected adapter (or adapters) to a participating retail store or service provider.
Apple later published an online guide on the Chinese version of its website, urging customers to use only official chargers to juice up their iOS gadgets. The 5W European USB power adapters in this case were sold by Apple as a standalone accessory.

Suitable for any devices that can charged through USB interface, such as MP3, MP4, iPod, digital cameras, PDA, Cell phone etc. Combo SATA and IDE converter cables with power supply, great for transfereing files and a must for any computer store tech bench.
Driver CD (only used with Old OS like windows 98, Vista XP and 2000 and MAC OS X Requires No Drivers).
USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated USB OTG, is a specification that allows USB devices such as digital audio players or mobile phones to act as a host, allowing other USB devices like a USB flash drive, Mouse, External HarddrivesA or keyboard to be attached to them.
The Tiny USB Car Power Adapter fits snugly into the cigarette lighter, jutting out just enough for you to be able to pull it out. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF. Users in a handful of European countries (listed below) are eligible to participate in the free exchange program via a local Apple retail store or authorized service provider. And don't forget your handset at home: The company must verify your iPhone serial number as part of the exchange process. In July, the company began probing the death of a Chinese woman who was killed by an electric shock while answering a call on her iPhone 5.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.

Unlike conventional USB systems, USB OTG systems can drop the hosting role and act as normal USB devices when attached to another host. Connect that USB cable to the over9000 and plug it into your car's power (aka cigarette lighter).
Now we have phones that are handheld computers and cameras, and handheld computers and cameras that occasionally make phone calls when the stars align. You'll be thrilled to have a charger that you can use to power up your phone or phone-like device, mp3 player, or other electronic wonders. See, right now, if you want to charge everybody's gadgets in the car, you need their proprietary car chargers. The over9000's data chip will spoof the connection necessary for your device to charge happily. You'll be even more thrilled that you can still fit your giant +32oz Vessel of Caffeine into your cup holder for those long drives.
It will also disable the USB charger in case of power surges or other problems, keeping your device safe.

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