Usb power supply for raspberry pi 2

Em 2008, fundei a Inmotion para me dedicar ao Open-Hardware, e posso afirmar que foi uma das melhores decisoes que tomei ate hoje. Conheci algumas das pessoas e empresas mais empreendedoras e criativas deste pais e participei em projectos que foram autenticos desafios.
Desde o lancamento do Arduino NG em 2008, a 1? versao a incluir USB, que o mundo do open-hardware nao tem parado de surpreender. E justo dizer que estas ferramentas aumentaram a nossa capacidade de solucionar problemas e conceber novos produtos. Sao cada vez mais as empresas, criativos e makers que usam Open-Hardware em Portugal.
Sao varias as razoes que pesam na decisao de encerrar a loja online, como a concorrencia cada vez mais elevada da China, entre outros factores. Continuo acessivel atraves dos seguintes contactos para quaisquer assuntos relacionados com a empresa. 3:37 pm November 24, 2010 By Roland Hutchinson Tweet Share +1With the range of gadgets I carry around, it have a hard time making sure they are always juiced up, here is a useful gadget designed to keep your gear charged on the go, the Portable USB Power Supply.

The Portable USB Power Supply is a small portable battery that can be attached to your key chain, it comes with a range of charging accessories that will let you charge you mobile phone and other gadgets via USB.
If you want one of these USB charging gadgets then the Portable USB Power Supply is available for $19.99 from Think Geek, you can find out more information over at their website.
No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. The SMPS-USB is a 48V phantom power supply for condenser microphones as well as a `USB port that lets you record directly into your computer. Pelo meio surgiram novas tecnologias de baixo custo como a impressao 3D, e o Raspberry Pi, agora na 3? versao e com 10x mais performance que o design inicial.
A partir de Marco, estarei a trabalhar e viver em Lisboa num novo projecto e tambem como voluntario na MakerFaire Lisboa 2016.

I am not a professional recorder, and this will take some doing for me.I did ask if device came w cable to connect to computer, and was told it did. Fortunately, there was another around the house I could cannibalize from something else, and I will try to use this item this weekend.
How to know the maximum current that can be obtained from a single USB connector is limited to 500 mA.

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