Vanity plates massachusetts cost

Our 2001 Saab 9-3 Vanity Plates ships directly from an authorized Saab dealer at a discounted price.
Mike you forgot a Brief Description of why you chose the Plate you did and what it means (in case some missed your other Thread) 2002 GT Premium Auto Mineral Grey.
That's too bad you have to keep going to the Motor Vehicle Department to check on what Plates are available.
I also have a Vanity Plate on My F150 it's (BOW-HTR) I've had it on My 1990 F150 since New and Dang it's cost me about $2,375.00 for the Plate for the last 21 Years 2002 GT Premium Auto Mineral Grey.
JBA duals with an H pipe, Roush springs, Che K member brace with torque limiters, Cervini's quarter window deletes, Canton polished tanks, Moroso fuse and master cyl covers, Cervini's cowl hood, custom GT500 chin spoiler, PJ rear louvers, Black rear spoiler, BSM custom stripes, Hurst shifter, Billet interior trim, custom door welts, Autometer dash pod, AEM wideband, Autometer boost & Fuel pressure gauges.

Originally Posted by NCWildhorse View Post My coworker has Bludevil on his Rousch 05 vert. And though the jokes, trends and cultural references may change, our fascination with vanity plates and the people who have them will always exist. Even if you dont have one you can Chime in with what Your's would be if you got one or have one on the way. I am looking to do a play on the word silver, but the state charges a lot for vanity plates now (and I am a cheap skate) One of My Choices was (HIHOSLVR) but it was taken, the next was (QUIKSLVR) then (SLVRBOSS) then (SLVRHOSS) then (WILDSLVR) but I went with (BAD-HOSS) They were all Good and I still like (WILDSLVR) and (QUIKSLVR) There was'nt much I could think of on Silver so this is all I had.
All our genuine Saab parts and Saab accessories are backed by Saab's warranty, which is covered by any Saab dealer in the US.

I also chose it in Hopes that one day I'd be able to put it on My V8 Stang as I can Transfer My Plate and I also got it now bwfor someone else got it. When I purchased Mine on-line I had them in less than 2 weeks and I only had to pay $50, I recently re-newed My Registration for the Stang and it cost Me $126 for 2 Years with the Vanity Plates.

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