Vedic astrology 3 gunas

Prachanda, Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoists (CPN-M), said on May 30th 2009 that India was out to restore monarchy in Nepal.
Decisioncare provides personalized daily predictions based on your birthdata and birthplace created by our experts. The ascendant lord Venus in 11th house, four planets Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter all in 10th house are indicative of an active personality.

From Chandra Lagna (Moon Rashi), the 9th lord Mars with exalted 10th and Lagna lord Jupiter in 5th house alongwith 4th and 7th lord Mercury and 6th lord Sun is indicative of strong Rajyoga. The subsequent antardasha periods of Jupiter and Ketu (being in Scorpio in Mars Sign) Mahadasha starting in 2015 strongly suggests a very powerful position in Nepal political scene for the young Prince. It coincides with our earlier prediction of strong likelihood of return of Royalty to Nepal with Prince Hridayendra at the top.

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