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Currently he is under the influence of Venus major period and Sub period of Mercury, which rules up to 03 June 2011.
I am a professional practizing Indian Vedic Astrologer a Jyotish Acharya practising Indian Astrology for the past two decades . Despite being reasonably successful in his professional career as a writer; Stephen Crane continuously suffered on account of money crunches and remained debt ridden during most of his life. At the time of his death, Stephen Crane had become a notable figure in the American literature and now resting in the family plot at the Evergreen Cemetery in New Jersey, USA. Indian astrology love predictions have zodiac factor for every kind of problem because we are very different from western astrology. We have plenty way to use love predictions for example, date of birth, day of birth, name, birth place, birth time etc. Some astrologers use numerology in their love predictions but that is not strange thing because we are using numerology from our ancient time. Some modern persons do not believe of astrology because they live in mechanical era where we complete our most of work by the help of machines. Marriage is on top of all relationships, one goes through during the life time.  Vedic astrology horoscope of a person contains all information regarding relationships and marriage. Ireland just registered a record victory over England in Cricket World Cup 2011.  England Cricket Team scored a huge total of 327 which was appearing next to impossible for Ireland Cricket Team.
Sachin scored his 98th Century in international cricket while playing against England in Cricket World Cup 2011.  This was also a new cricket world record by Sachin Tendulkar as the master-blaster became the only Cricket Batsman to have five Centuries in Cricket World Cup events.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Skipper of Indian Cricket Team failed to win the cricket match against England on 27 February 2011.  In my vedic astrology predictions for Mahendra Singh Dhoni horoscope for 27 February 2011, it was specifically mentioned that Dhoni is likely to encounter bad luck on the day.
Vedic astrology horoscope can easily tell when will you get married and how will be your marred life?

Strong and well placed seventh lord in vedic astrology horoscope ensures timely marriage and marital happiness.  At the same time, seventh Bhava of birth chart should also be free from negative influence of malefic planets. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Tenth house basically covers matters related to career, Karma & the kind of deeds, authority and name.
By the way, very less people know that western astrology is also the most important part of our Vedic astrology. Do you know that our astrology requires mathematics calculations because astrologers have used mathematical calculation in predict to get positions of stars and planet, predict to houses or other these type of astrological factor.
We used to Vedic astrology love predictions for created actual astrology horoscopes and derived the accurate and relevant information. Second reason is that we have no evidence that our Vedic astrology is existence in the world and if yes then how so most of peoples do not believe of Vedic astrology.
Setting aside all the presumptions of being a weak Cricket Team in Cricket World Cup 2011, Ireland Cricket Team registered a remarkable and historical Win over England Cricket Team. Kevin O’Brien scored fastest hundred in Cricket World Cup and also leaded Ireland to register the Record Run Chase ever done in the history of Cricket World Cup gala event. The seventh house of vedic astrology horoscope is related with marriage, relationships, life-partner and post marital relations.
For appropriate vedic astrology readings, the operation of main and sub period of planets is also to be considered.  Sometimes, even after having strong seventh Bhava in vedic astrology horoscope, the operation of malefic planets main or sub-period may cause temporary delays and problems in marriage and relationships.
Current time seems to bring him hurdles along the way as Jupiter who is the lagan lord for this horoscope is getting debilitated in the 11th house the house of self earned money along with venus. But there astrology have a great status and reputation and in our country, we use astrology commonly for many purpose like love, marriage, romance, career, finance etc.

Yes, you are listening right that we are offering love predictions by date of birth free because we want to enlarge our service according to our work criteria.
If you are interested to know your love predictions by numerology then you can call us or mail us.
Now this time, we are best Indian astrologer who give accurate advice for love predictions. However, our theologies says that Vedic astrology contains many miracle inside that can do magic for us.
Placement of Sun in the tenth house gives a good name, fame and recognition in the projects undertaken, Mercury is also present in the tenth house with Sun This combination create Budh-Aditya Yog in his horoscope.
Because numerology is very different department of astrology where we have base of numerical digits.
If you do not have believe us, then please contact us and know about your love life’s information.
Our love predictions based on Indian Vedic astrology that is pure and ancient method of our country. Come with us and know about your present, past and future love life by free Vedic astrology love predictions. Sun too is not giving full results to him as it is well placed but also in rahu ketu axis limiting the good behavior of Sun placed in the 10th house.
As Mercury is the significator of intelligence, the native acquires knowledge in different subjects.

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