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Half the world’s population believes in reincarnation, which obliges us to be reborn again and again, working on our soul’s multiple-life lessons, like some poor kid who can’t get his college degree until he passes Ethics 101. Karma is pretty complicated, which is why Mahatma Gandhi said, “After inventing karma, God was finally able to retire.” And because God wasn’t satisfied with just a “one-size-fits-all” karma, He actually came up with four different models.
Your astrological birth chart provides a map of your current life’s karma, which is why astrology is considered a divine science. This report provides an indepth analysis about your temperament, characteristics and personality, strengths and weaknesses, the favorable and unfavorable aspects. Astro chart containing Yoni, Karana, Gana, Tithi, etc, report about your Lagna, Nakshatra, Day, Date, Tithi, Month, Sade-sati time, etc. Astrology is the study of human behaviour and experience on the back drop of time and space.
According to the Vedas, Karma implies reincarnation or rebirth where thoughts and deeds in a past life affect one's current life situation. Buddha Purnima, also known as Buddha Jayanthi or Vesak (Vaisakha in Sanskrit) is a festival of Buddhists commemorating the birth, enlightenment (Nirvana) and death (Parinirvana) of Gautama Buddha. Buddha Purnima or Vesak is traditionally observed by Buddhists all over the world and the day of celebration varies in different countries. Buddha was born in 563 BC, in Lumbini in modern day Nepal to the king of Kapilavasthu (Shakya kingdom) Shuddhodana and queen Mayadevi.
King Suddhodana only wanted his son to succeed his throne and kept Siddhartha unaware of the tragic life outside the palace. Siddhartha’s encounter with the miseries of the world, prompted him to abandon the material life. Vesak or Buddha Purnima is the holiest of the Buddhist festivals and its celebrations signify Buddha’s teachings. Vesak is celebrated by Buddhists all over the world with the observance of Buddha’s teachings of life, love, peace and spirituality.
In Lumbini – the birth place of Buddha, thousands of pilgrims from various parts of the world come together and celebrate Buddha's birthday. Buddha has said that the right way to pay homage to him is not merely by offering flowers and lights, but by truly striving to follow his teachings. The festival Buddha Purnima can be regarded as a celebration of Buddhist teachings to the world.
Compatibility for marriage is checked considering the birth stars as well as the horoscope of the couple. Rasi, Rashyadipathi, Dina , Yoni, Vashya, Ganam, Mahendram, Sthree deerga are the important  poruthams. Male horoscope is matched against the female horoscope which is taken as the base reference.
Even though shashtashtama, if the lords of both signs are the same planet then the dosha is minimised. Besides, if the female sign is Oja sign (Mesha, Midhuna, Simha, Tula, Dhanu and Kumbha), then male born on 6th and 8th signs is not entirely bad. If the man and woman are born in the different stars of the same sign then marriage is possible. Marital relationship between girl and boy having the same stars of Bharani, Rohini, Thiruvathira, Pooyam, Ayilyam, Makam, Atham, Thrikketta, Moolam, Pooradam, Avittam, Chathayam is considered disadvantageous.
By checking on the below aspects; we will be able to identify the possibility of infertility in a female horoscope. 2) If Saturn and Sun are positioned in the 8th house of the ascendant, there will be infertility. 3) Besides, the 7th house with malefic aspect being the sign of the malefic planet as well. 4) Moon in conjunction with a benefic planet and the signs of Mars or Saturn being the ascendant. 7) Dhanu or Meena sign becoming the 5th house and more than 3 malefics occupying the place.

If your accumulated karma is a full deck of cards, your ripened karma is the hand you’re dealt, to play as best you can in this game of life. On the other hand, some karma is “flexible”, and if people exercise sufficient free will in performing right actions, they can rise above it.
But it takes training, experience and judgment to assess the balance between fate and free will, which is why the practice of astrology is considered a divine art. Astrology is a scientific study and application of the language of the heavenly bodies(planets and stars). Thus, each of us is responsible for the tragedies and good fortunes that we experience in our lives. It is the most auspicious day for Buddhists in which the Theravada (the branch of Buddhism following the oldest recorded Buddhist texts) countries observe the three events – birth, enlightenment and death or entrance to final nirvana.
The exact date of Buddha Purnima or Vesak falls on the full moon day of the month Vesakha (April – May) in Hindu calendar, and hence the name Vesak. Prince Siddhartha was brought up in such a way that he was oblivious of the miseries of common man until he became inquisitive about the life outside the palace.
It is believed that Buddha left the mortal world on the same date after living for eighty years. Ceremonial hoisting of Buddhist flag and the chanting of hymns in praise of Buddha, Dharma (his teachings, also known as Dhamma) and Sangha (his disciples) collectively called as Holy Triple Gem, are conducted in Buddhist temples in the day of Vesak.
People may decorate and illuminate temples, and create artworks suggestive to Buddha’s life for public display. The government of Nepal announces a public holiday on Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti and is widely celebrated across the country.
On this day, pilgrims from all over the world visit Bodh Gaya (the place where Buddha got enlightenment) and the Mahabodhi temple.
Before his death, on seeing his attendant weeping, Buddha advised him to understand and accept the universal law that all compounded things should disintegrate. Buddha’s teachings have also spread to the western world and there are so many followers around the globe who ardently believe in the Buddhist way of life of peace, wisdom, kindness and love. Though there are 28 types of compatibility, mainly 10 of them are considered.The star compatibility is determined with the star of the girl taken as the reference and checking the various points of matching with the boy's horoscope.
But if the female sign is Yugma (Mesha, Karkataka, Kanya, Vrischika, Makara and Meena), then it is better to avoid man born on the 6th sign from the female sign.
Therefore, actions in one life may carry over into consequences of subsequent lives, creating conditions of happiness or sorrow for reasons we don’t understand. These heavenly bodies determined on the basis of astronomy and mathematics are mapped in the form of a horoscope. Our actions in the present will not only affect the immediate future but their repercussions will be felt even in future lifetimes.Hindu vedic astrology is an age old science, which was introduced by holy sages, rishis and munis, who were blessed with wealth of knowledge from the almighty. In Theravada or Southern tradition, it is also the day in which Buddha preached his first sermon. It is believed that, shortly after his birth, an astrologer named Asita prophesied to the King that Siddhartha would either become a great king or renounce the material world to become a holy man.
It was only when one day Siddhartha insisted his chariot driver to take him to the streets, that he became aware of the sufferings of ordinary people. Bodhgaya - the place where he attained Nirvana is one of the most sanctified places of pilgrimage. In India, the day is celebrated as Buddha Jayanti (Buddha’s birthday) and it falls on the full moon day of Vaishakha month (Vaishakh Purnima) in Hindu calendar. They may vie each other in doing useful activities such as providing refreshments and food for those visiting temples. The Mahabodhi temple is decorated, and prayers, sermons, processions and special events highlighting the life of Buddha are conducted. He advised everyone not to bereave of the disintegration of the physical body but to regard Dharma (his teachings) which is the eternal universal law to save oneself from suffering.
The fundamental principles of Buddhism known as the Pancsheel are Not to take life, Not to steal, Not to lie, Not to consume liquor and Not to commit adultery.

According to him the sufferings of life are because of our desires or attachment to the material world. The great Sage, Rishi Parashar was the founder of Indian astrology and had such a depth of its dedicated knowledge that all the credit goes to him. Though the three events – birth, enlightenment and death are commemorated by all Buddhists, only the Theravada countries (South and South East Asian countries) observe all of them on Vesak. He gave rise to a new religious and philosophical movement which made wide influence throughout southern and eastern Asia. As Buddhism spread from India to foreign lands, it got assimilated into various cultures and subsequent variations occurred in the observance of Buddha Purnima. The devotees may bring flowers, candles and joss-sticks, and lays them at the feet of the teacher which is a symbolic remembrance of the non-sustainability of life.
The monks recite verses uttered by Buddha to invoke peace and happiness for the whole world. Group meditations are also organized and devotees make resolutions to follow Buddha’s preaching.
The world is expected to celebrate Vesak by observing Dharma to bring peace and harmony to humanity.
Buddha’s teachings have more relevance today than they were at the time he preached his followers.
He gave us the eight fold path - Right belief, Right intention, Right living, Right conduct, Right word, Right thinking, Right efforts and Right meditation to keep away the sufferings of life. System, Vimsottari Dasa upto the sub-sub period, Shodashavarga, Shadbala, Friendship Table, Upgraha, Jamini System, Ashtottari, Yogini and Kalachakra dasa. In Theravada countries following the Buddhist calendar, the day is usually observed on the full moon Uposatha day in the 5th or 6th lunar month. It is known in Buddhists literature that prince Siddhartha had to encounter a series of four sights.
He abandoned the pleasures completely and wandered many places in search of the real meaning of life. Though the 3 anniversaries are observed in all Buddhist countries, they are not celebrated on the same day everywhere.
It implies that just as the beautiful flower would wither away and, candles and joss-sticks would burn out, life would also subject to destruction.
This implies granting of freedom to those who are held captive or tortured against their will. All Buddhists are reminded to respect other beliefs and to live in harmony with other people.
Among his teachings 'Ahimsa' (not causing harm to anyone) has prime importance considering the present scenario of the world. The World Fellowship of Buddhists held in Sri Lanka in 1950 formalized the observance of Vesak or Buddha Purnima as Buddha’s birthday. In some temples, a small statue of Buddha is placed in a water filled basin over which devotees pour water.
In general, devotees reaffirm their belief in Panchsheel or five percepts, and some devotees resolve themselves to lead a noble life observing the five percepts – not to take life, not to steal, not to lie, not to consume liquor or any intoxicants and not to be disloyal.
It was when he walked back with a perturbed mind, that he met the holy man who seemed to have triumphed over worldly temptations and attained the highest bliss of life. Some of them may spend the whole day in temples with renewed determination to observe eight percepts or eight fold path. Buddha’s preaching can bring peace and harmony in the world as it helps to purify the mind and thoughts of every individual. This encouraged the prince to choose the spiritual path and he decided to give up all worldly pleasures.

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