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Click here to read about the hidden astrological influences underneath the push and pull of politics. Click here to read to my astrological interpretation of recent political and financial developments in India. Introduction to Modern Vedic AstrologyThe origins of Vedic astrology (or "Jyotish" in Sanskrit) can be traced back thousands of years into the hazy mists of antiquity. Featured today is a fine natural, unheated and treatment free yellow sapphire set in 18-karat white gold. Note: The above links generally exist on the website for a period of 40 days after which they are periodically deleted to make way for new gemstones and to enable faster browsing. In the last post I talked about the book a€?New Techniques of Predictiona€? by Shri Sheshadri Iyer.
I have found, in my experience, that job should be seen by 1st house and not by 10th house. My interest in astrology started around two decades back when I picked up few astrology books from a small bookshop in my village.
I have also studied astronomy and mathematical astrology and that is the reason I contributed many astrology software and websites.
We have had a 2 week period of learning to stabilize our fears through the Full Moon influence, and now the New Moon in Scorpio begins a new cycle of transformation. As the New Moon activates in Scorpio, we are beginning a new Lunar cycle that starts with a reminder of entering into our fears with the invitation to transform them. This is why, in Scorpio, we must learn to stabilize the mind and evolve beyond irrational fears and insecurities. Over the next several days, I encourage you to explore your own irrational fears in a balanced and peaceful way. What, for you, are the philosophies, the teachings, or the ideas that give meaning and inspiration, and how can you cultivate them more right now?
For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading. When we learn to honor Saturn’s limitations, we understand that we must shift our actions and our motivation. As Saturn moved into Scorpio, it began to put pressure on our collective fears and insecurities. In an unevolved state, the experience of Scorpio is about defending at all costs through emotional reactivity. This very unevolved state is the breeding grounds for terrorism, the rise in school shootings and other other acts of destruction and violent. The conjuctions of Mars and Venus, which has caused many of us personal issues in relationships by bringing more agitation and arguments, was also giving rise to increased agitation in ISIS, fueling greater violence on the happiness of others.
Both of these events happened while the Sun was in Libra and personal power was at its weakest point.
In my most recent report on the New Moon in Libra, I discussed the lowered sense of Self power moving into Scorpio as a way of facing our insecurities and fears.
The Full Moon in Taurus on November 25th becomes an integration point for this Karmic lesson. Our Power (the Sun), speech and communication (Mercury), and our endurance and practicality (Saturn) are in Scorpio. Taurus is also a sign of enjoyment and worldly happiness that values wealth, abundance, beauty and pleasure. I find it interesting that the Full Moon window will include Thanksgiving Day in the United States.
The Sun is still at its weakest point in Libra, where the awkwardness of the Individual self trying to explore connection to other through relationship can itself feel taxing. Maintaining strength of the Individual Self (via the Sun) and remaining emotionally stable (via the Moon) will both be challenged at the same time.
When we have the strength and tools to face our fears and insecurities, then we have the opportunity to heal and transform.
And, as is always the case, the progression of the Zodiac shows beautifully how we evolve through relationship. With low emotional energy from the New Moon itself and this energy being activated as part of the New Moon Window, this next lunar cycle will be highlighting this vulnerability of fears and insecurities that arise in relationship to other.
Additionally, Mars with Rahu in Virgo can amplify feelings of agitation, irritability and anger.  So, be cautious about being to reactive and hotheaded when defending yourself.
If you maintain the correct understanding and the right perspective through this time, it is an wonderful opportunity to grow and evolve. This becomes the experience of Purifying our relationship to other and evolving our capacity to be strong as an individual, while also enjoying the wonderful benefits of sharing happiness with others. And, as the wisdom of our evolution is revealed by the opposing signs of the Zodiac, we must eventually integrate the opposites of experience. This Full Moon in Aries invites us to consider what its like to allow our power and Individuality to dance with others and learn the art of sharing, and compromise, while also remembering and honoring our Own Individual power and needs. We must learn to find the voice to assert, in a healthy and respectful way, that “This is what I need.
Could you imagine a bird finding a best friend or a spouse, and agreeing to never chirp again as a “compromise” to being in that relationship?
I remind you that as part of our evolution, the pendulum often swings way to the other direction as we experience life and learn to balance it.
Luckily, Mercury, your capacity for Speech and communication, will be moving into Libra on October 29th to help you.
Venus (representing relationships) and Mars (courage and strength) have been very close to each other lately, potentially creating a little more friction, irritability and possible arguments in relationships.
In the meantime, try to observe these themes within yourself, those around you, and within the news.
The New Moon begins a cycle which starts with this energy as its seed point and then seeks to evolve it.
This combination is likely to bring conflict and arguing around principles and values, in both your personal relationships as well as the political and global landscape.
So, Mercury is now direct in Virgo, bringing a high level of intelligence to discrimination, speech and communication.
On a personal level, we must learn that through our efforts of self improvement (Virgo), we are able to evolve our own self and in the process become better at engaging with others at all levels (Libra).
On October 17th the Sun will move into Libra and remain there for the remainder of this Moon Cycle. But, what we can understand for now is that our relationship to Others, to Social Equality, as well as to more intimate relationships with lovers and spouses, are being purified at this time. For a detailed reading of how the Planetary cycles will impact you personally, you should schedule a private Vedic Astrology Reading. This lunar eclipse is the integration of the cycle that was began at the Partial Solar Eclipse on September 13th. So the broader cycle of the Solar Eclipse cycle has been about managing and organizing the details into practical steps in order to bring our creative desires and power into the tangible world.
For instance, it may be more enjoyable to eat donuts than to eat a piece of fruit, but the fruit offers nutrition and health sustaining properties where as the donut is anything but. With Rahu joined Mercury Retrograde and the Sun, our Power (the Sun) in conjunction with Speech and Communication (Mercury) are being amplified by the obsessive nature of Rahu. Likewise this may be a time when you are reminded that the way you are managing your health, your home, your vehicle, your projects, etc may be revealed to not be working as well as you would hope. We are being collectively invited to REALLY pay attention to our lives and the details and implementations of Power.
At the same time, we need to seek balance and keep the big picture in mind, and not obsess about details for the sake of details.  Finding the balance of relaxing and expanding, while also doing the work that needs to be done.
I find it interesting and wonderful that this energy is so strongly happening as Presidential candidates are campaigning. These themes are being amplified through the cycle of the eclipses, and my hope is that this signifies much greater awareness of choosing wisely in order to give power to those who truly are serving our best interests. Prachanda, Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoists (CPN-M), said on May 30th 2009 that India was out to restore monarchy in Nepal.
Decisioncare provides personalized daily predictions based on your birthdata and birthplace created by our experts. Politicians may be driven by power, ideals and ego, but the planets must have their say also. As the world's biggest democracy enters the 21st century, astrology can illuminate and predict the ups and downs in the lives the key players and their administrations. According to the rules of Jyotish, there are some simple rules one can follow to create a schematic picture of a person's life and the path they are likely to follow. Unlike Western astrology, however, Vedic astrology has a more or less unbroken chain of textual sources.
Depending on where they are placed in relation to each other, a person's planets can decide very basic issues in life, such as happiness in marriage, the number of children they will have, and the kind of career they will pursue. The ring design incorporates tubular channels, which as the ashwath bhasma sealed into it for added benefit. What natural gemstones can do for your energy system is beyond words and what benefits it can bring along spiritually as well as temporally are phenomenal.
Can you predict whether the birth will be of twins?Astrologically, Mercury is the principle planet behind twin birth. In my opinion, divisions are very important in Vedic astrology and without using divisions, it is very difficult to do an accurate analysis.
People call me "Hi-Tech Astrologer" or "Digital Age Astrologer" because of my extensive usage of technology in astrology. The software like 'Mobile Kundli' - the first detailed astrology software for Palmtop (pocket) computers, AstroSMS a€“ first SMS based astrology software, AstroWAP a€“ the first astrology software for WAP & GPRS Mobile phones etc. This blog makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.
The Moon has already entered Scorpio and, as I discussed in the Taurus Full Moon report, the Moon in Sidereal Scorpio is a challenging position. Mercury is a double indicator of speech for him, as it rules the second house in his natal chart. Hopefully, we can carry the lessons of stabilizing the mind that we learning through the recent Full Moon. But hopefully, the majority of us that truly want peace, can use this same inspired energy to reconnect to hope and deepen our own faith in something beyond the recent frightening events.
Through these experiences, it evolves into a conscious Tantric Path which seeks higher meaning and understanding of Self and of life. To intentionally become part of evolving the Collective vibration towards stability and peace (as discussed in the Taurus Full Moon report). It discusses the shifts that are happening at the level of the Collective experience, as well as how you can use that Collective energy for your own growth and evolution. When fear and insecurity arise, it acts like the scorpion, becoming defensive and repeatedly attacking through its poisonous stinging tail. Here Leo brings inspired action to Jupiter as principles, purpose, teachings, sense of Truth and Religious beliefs. While the recent Sun and Moon cycles moved through Virgo, asking us to create the practical plans we need to act on our inspirations, the Terrorist group known as ISIS was also doing the same thing.
So Power (Sun) was operating through the domain of other with a more social and group influence.
On that day and in the few days that followed the investigations began bringing the hidden truths into the light of awareness.
The invitation from Scorpio is to transform our fears and insecurities, and strengthen our Inner Emotional state. To show compassion to those who have lost family and friends, while also being able to have gratitude for our own relative safety? The Moon is very unstable and irrational in Scorpio, but in the opposite sign of Taurus it learns a powerful lesson about how to endure the fears, insecurities and the ups and downs of unknowns and unexpected changes.
I encourage those that are spending time with family to use the time of connection, good food, shared enjoyment and the abundance of the season as a way of consciously restoring a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Don’t ignore the turbulence that may arise, but instead learn to remain calm even while it is occurring. So the seed point of this New Moon really sets off the inner dynamics of how our relationships with others set the stage for our own individual growth and transformation.
When we are unable to use that opportunity in a positive way, then our emotions just feel like a roller coaster ride of discomfort and turmoil.
In Libra, we meet other and begin to form a deeper connection of mutual respect, love and intimacy.
The invitation is to understand the energetic place we are in collectively (low energy and feeling vulnerable), and allow yourself space to take care of yourself. Mercury with the Sun in Libra will bring extra intelligence to speech and communication with others, should these insecurities arise.
So be mindful of not becoming overly picky and detail oriented about how you define your happiness. Don’t be afraid to give yourself some retreat to reflect upon the energies, the thoughts and the experiences that are arising in your life and in your thoughts and feelings. This is the midpoint of the Lunar cycle begun with the New Moon in Virgo about 2 weeks ago. And pretty quickly into the Lunar cycle the Power of Sun shifted into Libra, encouraging us to take our plans and carry it with us into our relationships with others as well.
Part of this energy is that we are learning to be less selfish and instead seek a more balanced and harmonious way of being in relationship to other people.
And it is the point of the Aries full Moon that we are brought the deepest integration of this lesson. As the Moon enters Aries, we come face to face with the psychological feeling of True Individual Power. If we forget that, or we choose to set that aside to please another, then we are not honoring the balance. And isn’t it reasonable to think that someone who is also seeking a balanced relationship of mutual happiness would want to SUPPORT your hopes and dreams? That the bird would actually deny or repress its own nature just to have a friend or a spouse? Here, it helps you remember how to communicate in ways that are more diplomatic and find more balance perspectives on true compromise.
In Virgo, Venus is at its most challenged placement, because its natural desire to enjoy pleasure and happiness is hampered by the psychological feeling of needing order, structure and details to operate. This nakshatra motivates towards helping others to find happiness, even if that means sacrificing our own happiness to accomplish it. And in the political context, be mindful of the motivations of our leaders and future leaders. Once we gain recognition and support for this idea, we then lose motivation to actually do the work to bring it about. I would hope and assume that you are wanting a leader who is truly connected to bring positive change to others.
We can never evolve our ability to respect others and compromise if we assume that we are perfect as is. We are compelled to pay attention, compelled to reflect, compelled to seek new understanding. Not only our own individual power and creativity, but the Power of the Government, our political and spiritual leaders. The world and our Nation are hungry for change as it becomes clearer that large corporations and political leaders, at least sometimes, fail to serve the interests of the people and instead channel their power for more self-serving ends. This combination continues to bring passion and action (Mars) in connection to our Values and Principles (Jupiter). Astrological influences can be seen in individual human behavior as well as the actions of institutions and the fate of entire governments. If an individual has the right perspective, and is able to assess situations and people clearly, half the battle is won. Unauthorized copying, duplication, transmission for commercial purposes, plagiarism will attract severe legal penalities.
Divisional charts are one of the divisions, other popular divisions are KP 249 sub divisions and Nadi divisions (Nadiamsa) which is used in Nadi astrology.For the benefit of astrology students, I want to analyze this chart and using various methods and want to showcase how- Each system is correct in its own way- Divisions are very importantIn Vedic astrology, for pregnancy we generally judge 5th house, 5th house lord and Putrakarak Jupiter. I strongly believe that accuracy in astrological predictions can only be achieved if we make proper use of technology in astrology. I have also written extensively for Kadambini magazine, Dainik Jagran news paper, and few others.
Here, our capacity for happiness and our ability to compromise with others returns to more stable and supportive ground. These two recent transits (Mercury and Venus) bring a more supportive and positive influence to allow us collectively to discuss recent terrorist events, as well as personal insecurities and emotional upheavals we may have had, in a more inspired way.
Mercury also rules his 11th house, revealing that communication and speech are connected to his highest ambitions. Because the Sun will transition into Sagittarius on December 16th, this New Moon cycle will carry with it the energy of evolving past our fears. This is where religion, spirituality, higher teachings, higher purpose and a connection to something beyond our individual self and personal relationships is inspired into experience. But it is universally true that everyone has a personal philosophy on life and its deeper meaning (or lack there of). There has already been a rise in reports of anti-Muslim sentiment within the USA, and other parts of the world. And then, as the Sun shifts into Sagittarius in the early morning hours of December 16th, begin more and more to connect to an inspired philosophy that encourages growth, peace, love and truth. We learn to accept that things change, that what we love will one day no longer exist, and through that process we learn to have proper and healthy detachment. Restoring safety to our world IS a necessity and a priority and hopefully the involved countries will do so swiftly and intelligently.
Really allow yourself to savor the Gratitude for all that you have, for your family, your friends, your safety, and allow that to Nurture and stabilize the Mind and the Heart. But it is this current FULL MOON in Taurus that we really want to grasp and integrate, and try to carry it with us as we move forward. This also benefits in personal relationships, as so many arguments are created through emotionally reacting to fear and insecurity.
As the Moon has been getting closer to the New Moon, I know I have noticed a decrease in energy. And the Moon doesn’t function well in Scorpio, because the Moon is our Mind and Emotional nature and Scorpio represents the emotional ups and downs that occur as life brings us challenges and changes.
As we connect more deeply in this way, our vulnerability begins to open and our latent fears and insecurities begin to come to the surface. And Mercury is in exchange with Venus, which will strengthen their understanding of each other, bringing greater speech and communication in connection with compromise, happiness and diplomacy (via Venus).
If turmoil arises in your relationships, understand that most people will be increasingly sensitive right now and try to withdraw and reflect, rather than allowing conflict to escalate. Obviously, there are more nuances to this for you as an individual based upon your own birth chart’s configuration, but the general theme for all of us collectively revolves around our Power coming into connection with others, and how we go about the experience. I am not talking about occasionally going to a movie or restaurant you aren’t interested in because your friend or spouse wants to do it.
But, the evolution of finding balance is to learn to remain flexible at either end of the spectrum, while also staying centered at the midpoint of the pendulums swing mentally. We are still riding the Eclipse cycle energy, which emphasized the integration of Power and Principles into the practical details of life and the effort needed to improve our situation. Because of this, I also suggest that you stop and make sure that your cherished beliefs in these areas are truly valuable, and aligned with higher vision, and thus worth fighting for. This is not done in a subservient way, but rather as an intentional catalyst to lift up those who need help.
The Sun is thought to be challenged in this position because it is more connected to individual will, and as it tries to operate in the realm of others and compromise it finds challenge.
And the transit of the Sun into Virgo with Rahu and Mercury bring the evolution of power into managing the practical details required to manifest the Power and Vision in practical ways. It rules Virgo, and Mercury’s natural inclination to explore new perspectives and enhance proper discernment and discrimination of the practical details finds its highest comfort zone here. It is a time to reflect on ideas, concepts, details and practical needs that we may or may not be managing properly, and less a time for implementing them and acting on them. What values do these leaders have, and what is their practical plan to use their power and to serve the people of our nation and of the world? Venus brings some charisma and charm, and greater awareness of finding happiness in connection to Values and Principles. Ashwath is the herb of Planet Jupiter and the sacred herbal ash or bhasma derived after intense rituals is used for benefit in the planetary bhasma rings.
Virgo though not technically a dual sign, but owned by a dual planet mercury also responsible for some duality. If these are badly placed in a chart, we can predict problem in pregnancy.Let us analyze the Lagna chart, Moon's placement in Makara rasi is not good for 5th house, Moon being in enemy's camp.
I studied various systems of astrology including Parashari, Jaimini, Tajik, Western, Krishnamurthi and Lal Kitab, and found all these systems wonderful.
I am also behind some of the biggest astrology communities on Internet like KP Astrology & Lal Kitab communities. This transit also shows our Capacity for Happiness is finally stepping away from the agitation and conflict prone influence of Mars that has created many challenges for relationships and healthy compromise for the last several months. Mercury in Sagittarius provides a more hopeful conversation based upon higher principles, and Venus allows us to be more considerate, diplomatic and respectful of others as we try to find understanding and solutions that honor the collective. And Sagittarius in his natal chart is the 5th house of creative potential and his desire to share with the world what he most loves and what most brings him peace. Here we connect with hope and inspiration that there IS something of meaning and purpose to all of the challenges we face in life. We can’t solve the problem by making the same mistake in logic that is causing these issues to begin with. When something isn’t working and Saturn comes along, it breaks it so that you have no choice but to deal with the reality of it.
It invites us to search for deeper Happiness and peace beyond the outer world, because over time we realize through Saturn’s experiences that everything in this world is impermanent. We have seen these effects through greater awareness of abuse of power within government and police, other scandals with politicians, religious leaders and celebrities. But, we the people… how do we response when we aren’t in a position to personally defend our nation? Have you been feeling it?  Wanting to rest, withdraw a little?  Or maybe even just a little tired or fatigued and don’t know why?
And about 10 hours later, the Moon will make its way into Scorpio, where is experiences its weakest energy.
Most arguments, disagreements, resentments and feelings of disrespect arise because we are unwilling to be honest and real about the insecurities and fears that we need to face in order to evolve. Withdraw and get some perspective, and re-engage when you are clearer, rested and refreshed. These are universal experiences of evolving our capacity to compromise and find shared happiness with other people. The Lunar eclipse on September 27th, which closed the cycle, reminded us to really pay attention to the details of our plans, and our need to really focus on the efforts we are making in our lives while also seeking to balance the importance of details with the bigger picture. So, now we hopefully have some greater clarity and understanding of the details and the practical plans and efforts that are needed to move forward. The Moon and Sun bring the emotional heart and the Mind, along with the deeper Power and Will into the realm of Virgo, again amplifying awareness of the practical details and the effort needed to implement them. Here, well placed Mercury has the opportunity to communicate and implement this level of practical planning. It is also an Air sign which brings an influence of social connection as well as thoughts and intellect.
Libra teaches us about personal connections of course, but it also expands into a desire for greater social balance and equality.

So the Purification happens around learning the true balanced art of compromise and mutual respect in an effort to find happiness for all involved.
And the confusion that it brings forces us to stop, and pay even more close attention in order to discriminate what is valuable and true from what doesn’t serve us and is false.
So the Mind (moon), as it touches into Pisces, receives this negating effect of Ketu which may create a desire to escape from the practical details of the world.
To question how anything and anyone we give a role of Power in our lives is actually implementing that power. Shri JN Bhasin, a famous astrologer, was of opinion that the exchange between lagna and third house produce twins if these planets also happen to be dual planets. That there is a way to cultivate a deeper peace that we have not yet truly stabilized in the world in a permanent way. Saturn represents the structures of life that we often try to avoid dealing with, but are inevitable. It breaks things that aren’t working and it forces us to strengthen the things we value, because if we do not, they too will be broken through lack of effort. As a lesson for our growth and healing, it teaches us that the way to traverse the rough emotional waters of fears and emotional upheavals is to develop a stronger capacity to ground and stabilize the Mind. So begin to practice that in your personal relationships, with your friends, and family, and allow that sense of stability to expand its way into the Collective Heart. So, within the New Moon Window, both the Sun and Moon will be at their weakest points in the Zodiac. And try to feed your need for deeper peace, joy and happiness through inner practices such as meditation and affirmations so that you continue to cultivate the qualities within yourself that are needed to peacefully navigate these potential turbulent waters. THIS is the optimal psychological state of our Individual Power: stepping out to do, to accomplish, to live, to breath for the shear glory of being ME and doing it MY way. It is time, however, to find the courage to begin to share your needs and dreams where you haven’t before. As they will be joining Rahu here, there could be an amplification of confusion, irritability and nit-pickiness. But be mindful that you don’t get too hot headed about it, or argue about nit picky details.
It also reminded us of our tendency to want to escape when the effort becomes overwhelming. The power and action, in connection with Principles and Purpose are still in connection with Mars and Jupiter in Leo. But if the individual is more connected to and motivated by a truly higher vision, purpose and set of deeper principles, then Chitra can help to move their vision towards higher social structure and order. You are likely more inclined to want to put these plans and structures into action and into place.
As Mercury goes direct, we potentially have new insight and even better strategies for managing our lives, our health and our projects.
Are they organizing it to streamline and improve our lives, or are they disorganized and failing to focus on using their power to lift us up and serve us? The ascendant lord Venus in 11th house, four planets Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter all in 10th house are indicative of an active personality.
Nevertheless, I tried quite a few of them and found to be very useful in predictive astrology.
We must make personal efforts to evolve, transform, stabilize our minds and seek higher and higher understanding of where our happiness truly comes from, or we will remain in the unstable emotional waters of our inner fears. What Scorpio invites us to do is develop our Strength as a means to transform our fears, and convert our hidden power into a force that strengthens us. We all need peace and stability right now, and you can do your part for us all by taking care of your own Self. Rahu is in many ways a boon in this configuration, but still the caution of being so strongly focused on the details that we fail to act must be mentioned. If Mercury and Saturn are influencing lagna, we can say confidently that one is working for Call Center.I had quite a few charts for call center employees that I'll try to post in future. The more models of peaceful minds we have, the more others who are feeling challenged have something to help ground them. From Chandra Lagna (Moon Rashi), the 9th lord Mars with exalted 10th and Lagna lord Jupiter in 5th house alongwith 4th and 7th lord Mercury and 6th lord Sun is indicative of strong Rajyoga. There is not direct affliction to Saturn other than that Saturn is with Mars an inimical planet to Saturn. The most important and necessary condition for a planet to give beneficial effect of the D chart is its relative good position from the lagna of that D-chart irrespective of other factors such as being in inimical or debilitated sign or aspect or conjunction with other planets. In that turbulent state, things feel out of control and the primal impulse arises as a reaction to defend itself, leading to irrational fear and misdirected violence. The subsequent antardasha periods of Jupiter and Ketu (being in Scorpio in Mars Sign) Mahadasha starting in 2015 strongly suggests a very powerful position in Nepal political scene for the young Prince. Lagna and Moon is also conjoining Mercury in Drekkana, the shodashvarga chart for siblings3. If the planet be in places other than 3,6,8, and 12 (Dusthanas) it gives good results, its magnitude depending on other factors.
It coincides with our earlier prediction of strong likelihood of return of Royalty to Nepal with Prince Hridayendra at the top. Though the conjunction is in the same sign but in different Nakshatra again weakening the conjunction.Also Jupiter is not very badly placed. It is only here and not in other D charts.c)Shani though in 8 does not kill, is the general say.
Jupiter is again in Virgo in DrekkanaSimilarly, if you are applying these principles from the parents charts, you need to judge 5th house, the house for children, and check the influence of dual planet and dual signs on this house. But there no other detrimental aspects or yoga is constitued related to Jupiter.So, there is not much affliction in Lagna chart related to pregnancy other than Moon and Jupiter in enemy sign.
You also need to check Saptamamsa, the shodashvarga chart for children.I have written few articles on pregnancy recently, so though to share some other views as well. I generally follow divisional charts analysis rules suggested by Sheshari Iyer, with my own modifications.
Please read some of my recent posts on divisional charts and division for more information. Even though a planet is in bad bhava in D-1, he gives good effects of a D chart if he is there in good position from D lagna.
Here is one very important point to keep in mind while analyzing divisional charts -a€? We should not associate signification to divisional chart. Likewise however powerfully and favorably a planet is situated in D-1, if he is in Dustana in the D chart he gives bad effects of that D-chart.3.
For example a planet in 5th in divisional chart but 12th in lagna chart will signify loss and not anything to do with 5th (the placement in divisional chart). All these establish the necessity of a planet being in good positions from the D-lagna to give the good results.4. Please see my old posts on divisional charts for more informationa€?Now let us analyze Saptamsa in the light of above principle and general Vedic astrology principles -1. A combust or vanquished planet (in planetary fight) in D-1 is of no avail in D chart even if he is well placed and powerfully situated in D- Chart. If a planet situated favorably in D-chart is debilitated it gives good effect if it attains Neecha Bhanga.6. Of all the powerful positions the most important are (a) Exaltation (b) Vargottama (c) Own house (d) Digbala. As you remember, Moon signifies children by being in 5th house of Lagna chart.As mentioned above, the signification should always be taken from lagna chart.
Moon being a watery planet gives clear indication of hormonal imbalance.You can see from the above analysis that Saptamsa chart gives us very clear picture of the problem.
In this connection remember that a planet situated in the same sign both in D-1 and any other D-Chart must be construed as being in Vargottama with respect to that D chart and the effects of that D-chart read thereon.
Saptamsa not only tells us clearly that there is problem related to pregnancy but also it tells that the problem is related to hormonal imbalance. As the Moon is worst affected in birth chart, she should be suggested remedy for the Moon first followed by Saturn. The effects of planets in the D chart get modified by conjunction or aspect of other planets in the D chart. Here only the natural benefics and natural malefics are to be taken and not the functional ones. Among benefics, Guru is the only planet to alleviate evil indicated by a planet in bad position in the D-chart.
If that Guru is powerfully situated in that D chart his aspect is certainly of effect, but a debilitated Guru cannot be banked upon.10. If the birth Yogi is in a good place in D-chart, he gives yoga to that effect but in a bad position he is lost. Similarly, birth Avayogi in a favorable position in D-chart will create hindrances, anxieties and trouble.11.
Lordship of Bhavas are to be considered only in D-1 and not in D-charts except lord of D-lagna.12. A debilitated planet in D-Chart though in good position gives bad, if there be no Neecha Bhanga.13. D-Lagna becoming Vargottama is itself an indication of the effect of that D-Chart going very high provided its lord is well placed there. In addition to D-lagna being Vargottama, its lord be also likewise or otherwise powerfully and favourably situated in D-chart, he gives excellent results.14.
It is said in general astrology that the more the number of planets aspecting Lagna, the more powerful the native becomes.
Similarly, malefics on either side though spoils first, gets better if any benefics joins them. In the case of malefics if they are Birth Yogi or in their own house in D-chart they give modified good effects.19.
Just as the 2nd and the 12th places from the lagna were dealt in point 18, if planets are placed equidistantly from lagna such as 2-12, 3-11, 4-10, 5-9, 6-8, 1-7 they cause effects as stated above depending on their natural benefic or malefic character.
An incident such as marriage day, commencement of profession or fresh undertaking, birth of an issue, etc happening during the period of a planet situated badly in the respective D-chart may not end happily.23. For even if one's status is not good a happily situated D11 chart will confer on the native financial felicity tending his balance sheet towards profit side even without the least exertion for the same due to his past good karma.
D10 represents earned income, while D11 represents unearned income as patrimony, easy income, side income, lottery, gambling etc. Thus you see that the sign Vrishabha goes without any Amsha as the last eleventh Amsha closes with Mithuna.]24. Of the 2 planets on either side of lagna or equidistant from D-lagna if one is benefic and the other malefic, then bad results are felt only during the malefic period.26.
A planet, though in the 8th house in D-chart, does not harm if aspected by a powerful Guru.27. Female horoscope is specially treated by classics confining at least to our Indian womanhood. As marriage and married life is held sacred in India D-9 is held very important for females.
Any yoga in a D-chart is no doubt operative through out life but is particularly felt during their periods.30. Even a debilitated planet in good position in a D-chart does good if he is a Yoga Planet.31.
In D-11 the effect of the Bhava occupied by the planet counted from D-lagna happens, one in 7th house causes marriage, in 4th property etc.32. If the lord of the D-lagna is Birth Yogi or Duplicate Yogi he gives Yoga effects even in ordinary position.35.

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