Vedic astrology predictions for the year 2016 zodiac

Jupiter is in exalted position on Kataga Rasi until July 14, 2015 and then move onto Simha Rasi to stay rest of the year. The entire year of 2015 is looking excellent for the following 3 rasis and they will enjoy most of the fortunes.
Interestingly we have all major planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu transits happening during year 2014.
Venus retrograde that has started from Dec 21, 2013 until Feb 01, 2014 would be first major event.
Jupiter transit happening on Jun 18, 2014 would be considered as third major event on this year. But will it be enough to mollify the opponents of the EU who point to a frustrating loss of sovereignty over immigration, labour, welfare and many other areas of British life?  The current economic and immigration problems of the EU are obviously making matters worse and raise the possibility that Great Britain could actually vote to leave.
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Vedic Astrology: Indian Astrology – Hindu Horoscope 2016 - Indian Astrology 2000 provides free Hindu Vedic Astrology Birth chart, Love compatibility chart, daily, monthly, Annual Horoscope reading based on Moon Sign by Indian . Free Horoscope - Vedic Astrology - Indian Astrology, Hindu - Indastro provides free Vedic Astrology birth chat, Indian Astrology Compatibility, Daily, Monthly, Annual free Horoscope reading based on moon sign.. Saturn is on the 8th house indicates that it is going to be a challenging year for the world in general.
This denotes most likely tension between the political parties with in a country, severe conflicts and distress between country's relationship including wars, deep upward or downward correction in real estate, etc.
Rahu transit will favor Katagam, Mesham and Viruchigam and will be unfavorable for Kanni, Midhunam, Kumbam. Brexit) side got a big boost today as the charismatic Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said he will break with his own party and actively campaign for leaving. Not surprisingly, gold also enjoyed a strong gain to $1263 as the Venus-Jupiter aspect tightly activated the 1919 gold horoscope as discussed in last week's post. Yellen has certainly come a long way since her senior year in high school in 1963 as she attempts to guide the global economy back to normal after the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930s. Nobody knows exactly why stocks tend to rise in December although several plausible theories have been suggested including holiday optimism, reduced trading volumes and year-end accounting and tax considerations. Specifically, I would say they are the result of close aspects to the Ascendant in this chart.

US stocks fell by 2% as the Dow finished the week at 17,568 while Indian equities slipped 1% as the BSE-Sensex ended at 28,112. Economic insecurity appears to be at an all-time high as more people are either on food stamps or living paycheck-to-paycheck. Explore Astrology, free readings, live astrology and get guidance from renowned astrologers..
Jupiter will stay in Midhuna Rasi until Jun 18, 2014 and will be in Kataga Rasi for the rest of year. All these confirms that there will be a major shift and transformation in many aspects of the life for everyone. Ketu transit will favor Makaram, Thulam and Rishabam and will be unfavorable for Meenam, Simham, Dhanushu. Makaram would be the top across all 12 rasi from Nov 02, 2014 since all major planets Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu are favorable. Rahu and Ketu Transit is also happening this year, Rahu will move onto Kanni Rasi from Thula Rasi on July 15, 2014 and Ketu will be from Mesha Rasi to Meen Rasi on the same day.

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