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During his schooling, Raj Thackeray used to contribute cartoons in the weekly magazine Marmik; besides, he had a special interest in music and learned Table, Guitar and the Violin.
Then during last quarter of 2008 near Diwali,  Raj Thackeray provided support to the sacked employees of Jet Airways and announced that unless Jet Airways cancelled the layoffs, his party (MNS) would not allow any Jet Airways plane to take off from any airport in Maharashtra.
Being Scorpio Ascendant, the first house of Raj Thackeray natal  Birth Chart is ruled by the planet Mars; and it(Mars) also rules over sixth house. Though, he may be able to overcome the obstructions; but, sufferings, deterioration and losses cannot be ruled out. Libra (tula moon sign) annual horoscope 2015, Libra (tula moon sign) annual horoscope 2015. Recent articles - astromnc, Mithun rashi bhavishya 2012 (gemini in 2012) this article applies to chandra rashi mithun and also to a large extent gemini sun sign i.e. Vrishabha rashi 2016-2017 predictions, taurus moon sign 2016-2017 vedic astrology predictions, vrishabha rasi palan, vrishabha rashi rashifal for 2016-2017..
What your moon sign is and the zodiac sign of your partner’s moon sign is a very important factor in compatibility between two people..
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Despite being reasonably successful in his professional career as a writer; Stephen Crane continuously suffered on account of money crunches and remained debt ridden during most of his life. At the time of his death, Stephen Crane had become a notable figure in the American literature and now resting in the family plot at the Evergreen Cemetery in New Jersey, USA. Lets examine the vedic birth chart of Salman Khan for ascertaining the chances and speed of recovery from current health issues. Raj Thackeray completed his graduation from  Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy School of Art, Mumbai- India.  Raj Thackeray started his political career under the guidance of his uncle and Shiv Sena Supremo, Bal Thackeray. However, for the signification of fifth house; the union of Rahu + Saturn is not much good as it may give emotional set-backs as well as delay and obstructions in personal and social relationships.
The disposition of Moon also makes him royal in nature, though it may not be easily acceptable to some – but if the birth details (available to me) are correct, the strength and positivity of the Moon in Raj Thackeray horoscope is quite remarkable to bless him with royal, justified and correct approach in his life. And, very recently, the transit Saturn has re-entered into its exalted zodiac sign and passing through twelfth house of Raj Thackeray Lagna Chart.  Thus, it may be difficult period for Raj Thackeray and he has to face tough challenges in his political and social matters. Any movie released during this period and any other professional activity during this period will yield good results.  But this period is very likely to give him a very strong emotional setback related to his personal life. In 1997, Raj Thackeray started a youth wing, “Shiv Udyog Sena” in Shiv Sena and succeeded in establishing himself as leader of the youth.

People of Maharashtra, please excuse)”.  And, following this Mumbai police acted against Raj, issuing a gag order preventing him from speaking to the media. The well placed fifth lord Jupiter is having some protection, due to which the negative intensity of the affliction (Saturn + Rahu) in fifth house is reduced to some extent.  In Navamsha Chart of Raj Thackeray, Saturn has retained its placement in Pisces zodiac sign, which also provides some additional support to the positive attributes of the Saturn, specifically related to his political and social endeavors.
At current time, there are no such problems but the planets will give their impact in due course of time as indicated.
I wish him speedy recovery and good health; and May the Almighty Lord bless him with strength to overcome his health and personal issues.
However, due to some differences in 2006, Raj Thackeray left Shiv Sena and established MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena).  And, despite being having a separate stand from Shiv Sena – Raj Thackeray still holds due regards towards his mentor Bal Thackeray.

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