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Your life seems to be an open door that allows opportunities to stream through, so of them you may not understand or immediately see but you’ll understand their significance over the coming months or even only when the transit has passed. What is interesting is that alongside Jupiter and Saturn, two heavyweights impacting on your relationships, in particular after the New Year, Rahu too shines a light onto your committed relationship sector. Annual and monthly horoscopes are very general so get in touch if you are interested in an individual chart reading. Rectification birth time * bp jyotisha - barbara pijan, Tadyatha om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha.
Rahu – ketu transit - 12th july 2014 to 29th jan 2016 : shadow planets rahu and ketu are ever retrograde in their motion.
Jupiter will be in retrograde motion from beginning of 2014 to March 6, 2014 and again from December 8, 2014 till year end.
The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac must put their best foot forward in the first half of the year as favourable results and forward movement come through during this time.
The first half of the year is likely to support manifestation of your desires and may open doors to a number of promising opportunities.
As mentioned above the first half of the year 2014 is more conducive to achievement of personal goals and professional growth.
A promotion or a raise in salary is also likely but it will not come without bringing additional responsibilities. You should keep away from trading in stocks, engaging in a speculative activity, games of chance or any lure of get-rich-quick schemes.

The Sagittarius individual has some great times lined up vis-a-vis personal life in first half of the year 2014. Jupiter in your own and sign and in your first house of your body, your Self and how you go out into the world and how the world views you is a welcome occurrence. So, watch this tendency but for those planning to expand their family, this is, of course good news! You’ve have had Saturn at the bottom of your chart putting a dampener on your outlook, emotions and home life.
In readings, I use the Indian Dasha system in individual forecasts which is known for its accuracy.
There will be quite a challenging phase ahead of the month of June where suddenly you may be faced with difficult situations, obstacles and dilemmas.
Saturn rolls over in Scorpio in early November signalling the start of your Sade Sati and Saturn being a Karmic planet may bring intense lessons for you in its wake. This period may be marked by long distance travel, association and partnering with foreign individuals or firm, to one’s advantage. Try to be completely neutral and hear both sides of a story if you may be dragged into unnecessary controversy if you get over involved or display partisan behaviour. Eligible and willing individuals may find a suitable match and tie the knot during this period. In any case, Jupiter in Cancer, moves, gets things goings and brings things that are stuck into motion – mainly your emotions. Jupiter in your own signs brings back some of the positive expectations of life, your charitable nature and your generosity, especially after Christmas 2014 and next year. New relationships, hectic social calendar and family get to gathers could mark this period. If you are single then this transit, alongside Saturn moving into your house of children and creativity in November, can bring a long-term relationship into your life.
You may be the one who speaks out on behalf of others now, you may be the one who has something to say that others want to hear (mmmh, or maybe you strongly fee l they do ?!). But of course all these positive influences also simply mean that there is a lot of focus on relationships bringing with it plenty of opportunity to highlight the cracks and the gaps. Do your best in the first half of the year and settle priority work well within favourable time.

This is a time where delays, criticism, obstacles and inertia may start affecting work sphere.
Digestion related issues, acidity, fatigue and restlessness may be the main causes of discomfort and ill health. This is a new beginning for you, a new start and a time to plan ahead and make a wish for what you want to see emerging and developing over the next six to nine months. It looks like it could be the tie that binds – Saturn makes you take romance very seriously while Jupiter brings the confidence and therefore the opportunities.
Some of you may get into writing, dealing with the media or producing something with your own two hands. However, do not discount the importance of due diligence and of going through paper work terms and conditions carefully before signing the documents or making a commitment.
It may get progressively difficult to achieve success in this aspect after the month of June (exact outcome of course depends on individual horoscopes and whether or not supportive dashas are in operation). Expenses may increase significantly when it comes to treatment of self as well as a loved one.
Much will have to do with your income, further studying, travelling and meeting new people from different backgrounds as well as your family and expanding your family. You may join a pottery or picture framing course or set up a nutrition blog – with Rahu in this placement and Jupiter in your sign, your groups of followers could be expanding over night. The problem lies essentially in overactive thought process and relatively less action couples with unfavourable transits. A new and exciting relationship may bring you the joie d’vivre you have been craving!
The new Moon sets the scene for the next six to nine months as your confidence, enthusiasm and optimism are on the increase. There may be some discordant notes floating around due to property related matters due to differences about financial matters.

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