Vedic numerology number 8

Lalit Modi the man in the controversy has become a curious case study ever since he ideated IPL which made me to analyze his date of birth for the Vedic numerology readers. Finally the total number of his date of birth comes out to be 7 which represents leadership and front runner in the initiatives .
Although with all these given traits and supporting number of sun(1) which made him rich, famous and a creative person but the formation of 2+9 the conjunction of Moon, Rahu and Ketu (2-4-7) in the total shows the self destructive traits  which happened after launching and running IPL for 3 years and then found guilty of committing acts of misconduct and indiscipline resulting in his removal and subsequent lifetime ban by the BCCI. Also consistent controversy has outshined his creation and idea of IPL which actually made many lives in the world of Cricket. An actress who gave a series of blockbuster hits and maintained accelerating acting career, whose latest release Tanu weds Manu 2 is being praised all over has  made me to analyze her Date of birth and share  the Vedic numerology analysis for Kangana Ranaut with the readers online. Also looking at her Vedic Numerology Personal Year , her last year total was 6 (venus) which gave her the best movie of her career i.e Queen and Year 2015 totals to 7 (Ketu) makes her the leading actress of Hindi Cinema as Ketu promotes leadership. However the specific career graph can only be seen from the birth chart and other Vedic calculations but it is very evident from her Numerology Analysis that a good numbers supported with right skill and attitude can do wonders in any profession. Number 3 as per vedic numerology is represented by Planet Jupiter which is the biggest planet in the solar system. The above traits are based on just one number but for complete personality analysis should be done after seeing entire date of birth and other relevant numerology combinations in each date of birth. Now moving onto the celebrity analysis for Vedic Numerology No 3, We will pick a Superstar Actor, A Failed Actor, A Talented Cricketer and A Famous Singer from India.
In my previous Blog I have shared the detail analysis about Vedic numerology number 2 , with different formations  i.e 02,11,20 and looked at few of our famous celebrities born on this date.
So one thing is very evident that Numeric No 2 gives excessive emotional energies as well as Creative traits,hence to excel in creative fields No.
Before we analyse the celebs date of birth, Lets understand the logic behind the formation (2+9). Generally people born with 29th day of the month have wavering emotional energies which ends up in aggressive expression and self destructive tendencies as well. So in the above case studies we should see many similarities like addictions, emotional imbalances, disturbed relationships and aggressive behaviour which is the outcome of Moon and Mars combination and different from other No.2 born.
In western Classical Numerology Number 2 is regarded as the primary number for emotional energies . But in actual if we apply the Vedic and Planetary approach to these numbers you will find a person born on 11th would be entirely different from 29th born. However to analyse the entire personality  numerologist should not just see the Date of birth but the month , year and the total number as well.
To Validate this Lets look at some of the superstar’s date of birth who being No 2 have attained No.1 position in the field of creativity.
Amitabh Bachchan : 11-10-1942 – Born with the primary number 2 and the formation of 1+1 clearly indicates good speech and verbal creativity as sun (No1) represents speech . Dilip Kumar : 11 -12-1922 – Another legend in Bollywood cinema was born with same formation and primary number 2 is also known for his unique dialogue delivery and facial expressions. Shahrukh Khan: 02-11-1965 –  His Formation is of pure 2 ,  hence he was acclaimed for his emotional and intense characters…. Number 1 in western numerology is regarded the most important number as it represents Sun who is the KING of all the planets.
Normally it is seen that the prediction for people born on 1st and other dates totalling to one is that it will bring fame because of sun being the brightest amongst all Planets.
Also even making the differentiation in formation , the conclusion for No 1 should not be made as being famous  or a celebrity rather complete date of birth should be analysed to know a personality. However as per Vedic Numerology the Basic Traits of Number 1 is being straight forward and good with speech but if number 1 is repeated with 4 and 8 then it gives some error in speech and controls the straight forward nature of the person. Aishwarya Rai, 1- 11-1973: Born with No 1 as the primary number with pure formation have always been vocal about her personal life , be it her link up with Salman or Vivek oberoi and her professional life . Indira Gandhi, 19-11- 1917: Born with No 1 as the primary number with the formation of 1+9 made her aggressive and fast executor in life.
Hence instead of concluding the personality with just  one number a numerologist has to put the Vedic approach and understand the minute diffentiators for same primary number. Hence I explained the numerology combination by taking the date of birth of  well known suicidal  from Entertainment Industry. Divya Bharti, Jiah Khan and Silk Smitha all have committed suicide due to relationship or professional stress.
Therefore emotional impulse is the outcome of moon & Jupitor which is also seen as  Gajkesari yog if channelized positively. What we recommend is the donation to mitigate ill effects of planets which is different from case to case. Last week my students were very eager to know the secret behind the personality of Sajid Khan.
So We did the personality analysis in one of my numerology Class, which i would also like to share online.
Sajid Khan Born on 23 Nov 1971 is born with the luckiest number formation  in numerology i.e Gaj Kesari Yoga where Jupiter and Moon forming the  life number of mercury.
His straightforward speech and non diplomatic reviews and comment for others have put him in backfoot because of extreme Sun’s ( No.
Looking at his proffesional numbers he is an overconfident person because of extreme venus energy and repeat of no.6. With the extreme Venus energy Producers believe in his conviction and confidence more than the script and the idea. Moreover Humshakal’s shooting started in the year 2013 which as per numerology personal year was the year of confusions and illusions for Sajid Khan , hence the outcome is also  the same. But looking at the  year 2014 for Sajid Khan , there are no yogas of loss of money, debts etc rather this year will bring him more money and Gains surprisingly. Number 1 to 9 are called basic numbers because all other numbers are produced by putting these basic numbers one after the other. According to the principles of Numerology, a large number can be reduced to the basic number by adding each of its digits with the others.

In order to reduce a large figure we have to go on adding a number, which constitutes the figure till we arrive at a number that is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.
In numerology, when we speak of a person as number one, it includes all people who are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month. While finding the personal number take the name of the person by which he is popularly known, because that indicates the public influence of the name. Thus Mahatma Gandhi's personal number is 1, which is why he is the most predominant personality India has ever seen. 30-year Cycle SATURN does his rounds of the twelve Rashi’s of the Zodiac once in about 30 years. Further adding his month to the primary number we get the total of Rahu  (4)  which makes him a deep thinker and highly logical in his acts. However the formation of the ruling number 5 is also the luckiest planet conjunction in the Vedic theories i.e 2 (moon) and 3( Jupiter) the Gaj Kesari yog. It also makes the Gaj kesari yoga of Moon(2) and Jupiter(3), which is the luckiest combination in Vedic Astrology. The cricketer who was the top contender for Vice captain and seen as the future Indian Captain after Dhoni. The singer has established his voice following all the vocal techniques , ragas and classical methods.
2 is much needed,but conclusion only should be made by seeing its relationship and formation with other numbers as well.
No 2 as we know is ruled my Moon which is the water element and brings in emotional, creative and healing energies on the other hand no 9 is ruled by Mars , which  is a fire element  and infuses aggression, physical energy and a fighting attitude . Since  the elements Water and Fire are absolutely opposite to each other therefore the formation 2+9 brings in inconsistent creativity , aggressive emotions and emotional setbacks .
He also has 13 Grammy awards in his name and regarded as the most downloaded artist of all time in Nokia Music Store.
Which means people born with the date of birth  as 2,11,20 & 29 falls in same category. Also if you observe the number of times no 1 has repeated in his date of birth , it shows the ability to mesmerize others with his speech .
Hence western numerology ignores the importance of all other numbers (2-9) when they see a person born with 1,10,19,28 as the date . His Break up with Deepika bought him some defame and he was perceived as the only culprit in the relationship.
Also Unlike Ranbir she has never been perceived as culprit or reason for the break up, which is because of absence of No 2 in formation as well as in the entire Date of birth. Indira Gandhi was well known for her aggressive statements and for the military attacks during emergency . If you observe the below table of Date of Birth’s of all the three celebrities you will see the occurrence of number 2, which proves that Planet Moon who is the lord of number 2 brings in sensitive traits and creative energies in person. Nippun is that you don’t exactly fit into the image, I mean to say that you don’t look like an astrologer or a person who has any connection with occult or spiritual science? That’s the irony in India we measure the occult and spiritual knowledge based on the appearance and the kind of clothes and accessories the person wears.
A Post Graduate in Management studies, a corporate professional and a national level musician.
See, first of all, like I said, I am an open-minded individual who is free from religion or any particular value system.
Well even being a practising astrologer I always believed in “HUMAN FIRST and PLANETS NEXT”. No, Astrology can very well predict the same and even up to the level of the organ which can be affected, but the planet remedies or Gemstone therapy should be done along with Vedic treatment. So how does Astrology help in crafting the Destiny and treating the cosmological imbalances…? Since ‘Destiny is nothing but a result of your own Karma’ hence the remedy also should be Karma based with complete selflessness. Now a days we are seeing lot of astrologers claiming various destiny changing methods and remedies, what is your opinion on that..? I think if Destiny can be reversed then all the convicted criminals would be roaming free by performing magical remedies and paying few thousands to the Astrologer. Well first and foremost, I will advise them not to go for any astrology service which claims to be destiny changing and marketed through paid testimonials.
So coming back to your astrology system, what method do you actually follow for every case study…? Well I must say my experience has been very unique as my astrology is not confined to only Hindus and is independent of god and religion, so I get to see case studies of people of different religion and nationality. Like I said earlier it was very diverse and an amazing learning experience but I certainly believe that there is too much inclination towards the western sciences and Lifestyle, the Indian vedic theories or inventions are not practised. No, I would say that Awareness is the key to Happiness and Astrology is a  first step in the process of self-awareness. I am sure they must be shocked after seeing his latest movie Humshakals (Though i have not seen) and that is why his personality must be poking in there mind.
Which means that person with this formation can easily establish an image without necessary qualification in that particular field. Which is why his expression and views on any matter are very confident and full of conviction. Numerology deals with the mystic influences of numbers as they help us trace the lifetime events of an individual. These are determined by adding together the number value of every letter in the name of the person concerned.
His dialogue delivery ,technique of putting sunglasses , lighting cigars, walking style everything is unique and creative in its own way. His impulsive decisions , egoistic nature and overconfidence came very naturally because of numerology no 3,which of course is a destructive channelization. His speculative nature made him to Gamble on his own health when being suffering from Cancer he delayed the treatment till the world cup got over.

Also he is known for his unique technique of mimicking other singers and artists. In last few years the singer is also seen bashing the unconventional singers and music directors who are not following the musical theory.
With a disturbed married life, the actor has also been alleged for beating his star wife Dimple Kapadia.
But the pop star was equally known for his controversies and illegal conduct in mid 1990s when he was accused of Child abuse and again in year 2005 the similar charges on him made him to go for out of court settlement to resolve the matters. Moreover the secondary number i.e total of date, month and year is also 1 and the date+ Month forms a Gaj Kesari yoga (Moon+ Jupitor)  which makes him extremely fortunate and well above others.
But in comparison to Amitabh his support to no 2 is less and absence of Gaj kesari  made him confined to typecast roles and not very diverse.
Whereas people should just see Astrology as a branch of Science which deals with Planets which anybody can study and practise. It means that there are certain things which are to be cured before analysing the planets and other external cosmological factors as you cannot straight away analyse the external forces and blame the destiny for all mishappenings and dissatisfaction. In a nutshell we may say that physical imbalances should be treated through herbs and cosmological imbalances should be treated through Planets.
People should not forget the importance of “Karma” which is the basic lesson from the Bhagvad Geeta, Kuran, Bible and any other religious books. Astrology followers should keep logic in their mind more than faith on the astrologer and moreover if any science makes you dependent and limits your mind that should not be followed at all. The second level is analysing the planets behaviour through K.P system (a renowned South Indian system of astrology) and making them aware about their future and coming time. There is no typical case study to which I am confined to as the problems are very diverse and different for every age group. Specifically in the area of Human resource management I think there is an immense need of our vedic and ancient science for discovering the potential in the organisation, training employees and grooming the future leaders and decision makers. Which is evident that Sajid khan is neither a qualified actor or director and his claim to fame before direction was just being an anchor that too in the era where anchoring was not very competitive field. People with this number can easily gather finance for even a bad idea which is what he did for the movies Himmatwala and Humshakals. For example Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, should be adjudged on the basis of Mahatma Gandhi, because that was the name by which the public knows him, honored him and acknowledged his magnetic personality.
Moreover his image has one more feather to it which is of a philanthropist , this trait of his really makes him Big like planet Jupiter and stand out from all other stars. Though he could not repeat his magic after the treatment which is because of repeat No 2 which is not a good number for a sportsman  and an hindrance for consistency. He was also been in news for his excessive Drugs intake and died of a cardiac arrest.His personal Life has never been smooth as his both marriages ended in a Divorce. The Supreme Court of India, in a judgement on 21 March 2013, convicted Dutt of illegal possession of arms relating to the 1993 Mumbai Blasts case and sentenced him to five years imprisonment. Also his total of 7 and middle number 4 created hidden emotional setbacks and insomniac nature.
Like if a Doctor’s son has to become a Doctor, he has to attain the required degree and study for it. My 8 year corporate journey has been very diverse where I have worked for several Banking and IT companies and have learned many things which of course none of the Astrology books would have taught.
A good planetary combination but an unhealthy lifestyle or a negative mindset cannot give a healthy living.
But when we interpret Astrology with an open mind and a logical approach, we can easily conclude that the negative Planet energy if channelized in a positive manner can bring success and satisfaction.
Astrology should be seen as a  Guide map of your life, which one of the routes to follow is up to you as there are always multiple routes to reach your goal. It also can help in enhancing the performance of the organisation by right choice of resources and utilising their strengths for achieving productivity and higher revenues. Numerology deals with definition and prediction and is as such allied to astrology, palmistry, physiognomy and other such branches of occult teaching. This proves that Jupiter’s both negative and positive traits are reflected in his personality. Hence if you observe his Life , it has been a sheer roller coaster and emotionally unstable. Even there were contradictory reports on his death where some claimed it as a suicide and some a natural death. Similarly, Astrology is much more than a Legacy which is not just taken up by Pandits or any particular caste or group.
Hence the lifestyle mistakes and the internal energy imbalances can be very well diagnosed and treated by Ayurveda. For example a negative moon brings high emotional energy and even can cause deep depression and suicidal tendencies but if it is channelized positively it can bring out a great artist and a creator within a person. So through my system I first try to fix problem caused by one’s own personality and then treat the planetary issues  as most of their dissatisfactions are one’s self-creations and not by the Planets. The professional team of CMSD comprises senior researcher from varied academic background and nationwide network of a field professionals located in various strategic location across the country to help to understand large scale survey in a time bound and quality manner. So I just see myself an open-minded Astrologer who is free to get into any profession and Astrology as well.
So I believe every horoscope is unique, has its own potential and has a defined path and an Astrologer’s job is to make that person aware of the opportunities, the scope and even the threats on the way which will eventually help the person to discover his future and plan it well.
I don’t feel the need for any mystical portrayal of my knowledge because I believe that for an Astrologer, ‘prediction speaks more than anything else’.

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