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Virgos and RelationshipsVirgo's are also fairly clean people, who like simple, easily manageable surroundings; although they aren't so much the clean freaks they were once believed to be. When pursuing a relationship with a person born under the Virgo horoscope zodiac sign, it’s going to take time. As a child the Virgo is typically curious, always looking for new experiences and asking “why” as they are 'reason' orientated thinkers.These kids feel that everything they do must have a legitimate reason or purpose. As a parent, the Virgo's parenting style and effect are hindered by their over-analysis of their emotions and judgement of self and others. Virgos in the WorkplaceVirgos also like to solve problems which makes them valuable in the work place, however, while intelligence and perfectionism are assets employers appreciate, it can get in the way of the employee's work efficiency if they start obsessing more over doing their work perfectly rather then actually getting it done. Virgo horoscope signs are at their most efficient and best in clean, tidy workplace and home environments which have regular routines as they are very routine orientated themselves.However when things are not the way they're supposed to be or the Virgo is harshly criticized, although their productivity at work will be mostly unaffected, Virgo's can become immobilized with depression which will make itself evident at home where they won't be able to do anything and will become critical and overly judgemental of others. One must be careful not to criticize a Virgo's appearance or their work; this can cause them emotional problems due to their habit of being overly critical of their appearance and the quality of anything they do as they often tie in quality of these things with their sense of self worth. This is the basic personality profile for the Virgo weekly horoscope.If you would like to get more in depth information including details regarding the life path, relationship compatibility, soul urge and destiny for your particular birth date, visit our Horoscope Astrology Reports page to access your in depth Virgo report and find out what the planets have in store for you. The Virgo weekly horoscope individual’s personality is often mistakenly perceived as being frigid and emotionally aloof, however this is only because intellectual Virgos typically put their intelligence and apprehension before their emotions. Find below astrological predictions of Virgo (Kanya Rashi) for all twelve months of the year 2015. During this month, try to work your way out cordially and avoid unnecessary arguments with colleagues, friends and family members. This month some of you will be promoted and some of you will get a chance to go abroad suddenly. Until September 2016, Jupiter’s presence in Virgo makes your life fuller, more optimistic, more prosperous. In the positive version, you might start building a house, buy an apartment, consolidate, redecorate, buy furniture or long-term household appliances and so on (valid throughout the year, but more probably during the last trimester). Due to Jupiter’s presence in Virgo, the first 3 trimesters of 2016 come with high stakes when it comes to relationships.
Jupiter is a planet that brings lots of energy, stimulates sexual instincts, gives confidence in one’s charm and forwardness.
By large, Jupiter’s presence in Virgo during the first 9 months of 2016 brings luck and promises to work in your favor. But Saturn, ruler of Virgo’s house of love and eroticism, is in Virgo’s 4th house – dealing with family, home, roots – for the duration of 2016.
So there will be some issues as well, moments of uncertainty, stress or disagreements, obstacles that must be overcome. With Jupiter by your side, you want to grow, make great plans, try to overcome the limits within which you’ve evolved so far, try to get higher, move forward. You can take advantage of Jupiter’s support until September 2016, to set in motion your projects and make diligences you wouldn’t have dared to go for at some other point.

Jupiter is almighty, but has special abilities in what concerns higher level education, culture and spirituality, sports, law and legislation, external affairs, import-export, tourism, multinationals, work abroad, long-distance work relations. Now you can conclude your studies, sign up for a master’s, doctorate or specialization class, you can apply for a scholarship abroad, publish a paper, and so on. Also, for a few years now, Uranus has been yearning to act in Virgo’s other house of money. But Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus act dissonantly when their energies collide with those of Pluto, and the combination could prove disadvantageous for speculations, attempts to win money you haven’t worked for, and overspending for pleasure, elegance, making an impression, and other such fleeting things. Often times they're also very shy, reluctant to get into very personal, intimate relationships because they don't jump into anything and they're not interested in temporary flings. Virgo sign’s children thrive best in tidy, well organized environments which are loving and non-critical.
However, although never too lovey dovey, this sign’s parent is always available, ready to make sacrifices and are efficient parents. Having a keen eye for any errors and paying obsessive attention to detail, they’ll learn everything there is to know about the things they are interested in and end up specializing in them like no one else.
Also, this trait can be a thorn in the sides of staff members as they end up feeling like their co-worker is just trying to look better than them, brown nosing for a promotion.
Their way of doing things is almost always about putting their head before their heart, but it isn't because they don't have any feelings, it’s because this is how they protect themselves. Your charisma increases, and others regard you as a unique, special, and fascinating person more and more.
You’re after promotions, honors, and financial gain, but are also attracted by travel, exploration, adventure. You’re very confident in your own devices, take things easier, have a sense of humor, enjoy having fun and making others laugh. In the negative version (that could manifest itself especially until fall 2016), these areas take up a lot of your time, resources, and could be reason for concern or unhappiness: a sick parent, a house’s building or redecorating is slow, a long-lasting partition, complications met when trying to acquire land, and so on.
Also, for Virgoans, Jupiter is extremely relevant for life as a couple, because it’s the ruler of Virgo’s house of relationships. It brings you circumstances that lead to love, gives you the courage to make the first step or take charge of things in a situation that needs clarifying, contributes positively to the couple’s achievements and to a more relaxed and constructive private life. And if you manage to communicate calmly and diplomatically, you can avoid most of the trouble. In order to succeed, you need a clear purpose, an action plan and an analysis of the report between necessary and available resources. It’s in Virgo until September, and this transit offers premises of wealth; beginning September 2016, Jupiter is in Virgo’s house of money, its energy focusing particularly on actions meant to enhance benefits of a material nature.
Now Jupiter and Uranus unite their forces with that of Saturn, to help Virgoans in real-estate investments and other operations based on seriousness, effort, and long-term strategy. When the Virgo weekly horoscope person gets into a relationship, they naturally intend for it to last for the long haul.

So rather than be affectionate or emotional right away, the highly talkative Virgo (which they are, once they get past their initial shyness) will prefer to discuss practical or intellectual matters early in a relationship and will continue to do so for a long time before 'getting serious'.
Rather than criticizing a Virgo for anything that wasn't done correctly, parents should instead show their child the ins and outs of how to do which ever task right. Though Virgo's can be critical and perfectionist as parents, they respect their children's unique personalities and willingly provide the space they may need.
Although Virgo weekly horoscope individual's can be hard on their fellow co-workers, friends and family, they are very reliable and loyal, it's just that they have such high standards that they tend to have a lot of nervous tension and irritability toward anything or anyone that doesn't match up to their standards.Most of the time the astrological Virgos don't have grandiose aspirations or entitlement issues as they only aspire to the level of achievement and gain they know they can acquire through their actual skills and abilities. You’re tempted to try bolder things, like investing, buying bonds (of course, provided you study the market and have trustworthy advisors!) or adopt an innovative or modern technology, that would make your work more efficient and bring you more money. So everything that has to do with the couple takes priority and a lot of Virgoans’ thoughts, initiatives or actions are driven by feelings, love, marriage.
You want a long-term relationship, maybe approved of by parents and close ones, that fits traditional standards as much as possible: living together, assuming joint responsibilities, a tendency toward constructing things to start a family or consolidate it.
Neptune, that is very romantic but disorganized, confused and nebulous, is in Virgo’s house of couple for the long-term. Whether it is with their family, friends or their significant others, they also don't like public displays of affection as they're very private.
The other aspect of having a relationship with a Virgo is that unlike some other signs, they don't try to be the one in charge, all they need is for elements in the household to fit with their sense of order and routine and they'll be happy. Children born under this sign usually do well in school because of their early maturity and sheer diligence. These parents are also great listeners and are skilled at giving their children advice in a way that's not overpowering.
They don't understand people who can be satisfied doing a poorly done job or even a half decent one for that matter. And impulsive Mars, in retrograde cycle, pokes at Saturn, ruler of Virgo’s house of couple. It wakens your initiatives and strengthens aptitudes such as organizing, managing and leading. These astrological virgins are generally hard working and will diligently look after those they love when they're well taken care of themselves. They are terribly critical, but not only of others and the world around them, but of themselves as well. Family members of Virgo people know that this sign is often harder on him or her self then they are on anyone else.

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