Virgo zodiac sign birthstone

This is a blog dedicated to celebrating and enlightening people about the 6th astrological sign of the zodiac, Virgo (August 23rd - September 22). Disclaimer: The astrological insights posted here are NOT the property of the blog owner, and I am in no way attempting to claim ownership of said information. Those born on August 29 hate chaos above all things and therefore seek to bring structure and clarity to their work. You could be considered fortunate, yet it’s actually hard work, not luck, that makes it possible for you to succeed in life.
It is only natural that family and friends come to August 28 people for advice, as those born on this day often make excellent counselors, clergyman, social workers, politicians and the like.
The fiercely independent individuals born on this day have strong personalities and a penchant for doing everything their own way.
They are impelled to action, and in addition may have great fire in their belly, but somehow express themselves in an ordered and organized way. Naturally peace loving and tactful, you have impeccable manners, and you strive to avoid disagreements and discord whenever possible. Guided by good sense and a strong need for security, you’re shrew with money and material possessions.
You can be critical of others, but you need affection and probably can’t be happy without a partner.
People born on this day who are less verbally oriented usually master the technical aspects of what they do in their profession down to the last detail. On the other hand, unscrupulous individuals born on this day make excellent con artists, liars and cheats, and may be equally persuasive in a destructive way. Blessed with sound business judgement, you pick up on things that others tend to miss.
This blog is for entertainment purposes only and the blog owner is not profiting from any of the information posted here.

Civilized, cultured, and refined, you have excellent taste and a deep-seated appreciation for art and beauty. In addition, August 28 people are convincing —they know how to get others to think about what they say, admire what they do and perhaps agree with them. Their arguments may be compared to a watertight system which allows for few contradictions. It is important that August 28 people apply their advice to themselves as well as to others. You have a crusading temperament with noble intentions and a desire to be of service to your community. With your sharp mind and quick wit, you’re a master of the clever quip and swift comeback.
When the impetuousness nature of your individuality makes you want to rush headlong into an intimate relaionship, your cautious Virgo Sun gets you to think twice. This means not only that they are rarely at a loss for what to do, but will find their way out of a problem situation by thinking up new solutions right on the spot. Despite a practical, serious side to your character, you really do love your creature comforts. Using their rhetorical skills to clarify their thoughts and perhaps win others over to their point of view is generally what August 28 people have in mind.
They must beware of becoming puritanical, however, condemning certain forms of enjoyment and satisfaction due to a rigid and unaccepting belief system. You possess quite a devilish sense of humor that can send those around you into fits of hysterical laughter. In this respect they are positive thinkers and doers, always searching for a more efficient, elegant or consistent function. Some people may get the impression that you are not overly ambitious, but that is definitely not the case.

August 28 people can quietly overwhelm others with the persuasiveness of their knowledge and ideas. You could do well in any profession, but you’re best suited to a career that calls for creative talent and good communication skills, such as writing, acting, journalism, broadcasting, teaching and politics. Not overly social people, August 29th must be able to express their love in an intimate fashion toward those close to them. But when it’s time to play, you want to relax and enjoy yourself in the company of family and friends. Too often, however, they are so convinced of the rightness of what they are doing that they misjudge their audience, its needs and desires. You’re quick on the uptake, yet exacting and meticulous in the execution of your plans and ideas. They are often torn between their work on one hand and their need for a fulfilling private life on the other. One big problem for those involved with or married to an August 29 person is that it is sometimes difficult to capture their attention. Because of their volatile emotions they make exciting partners, but rarely the most reliable ones. All forms of physical expression are typically very important to the individual who is born on this day.

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