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I did it when I just arrived in China and I ended up paying a huge amount of money (at the time my family needed to contact me quite frequently and I was often offline). This is how I stumbled upon virtual numbers.Using a virtual number to redirect calls from a local number in your country to your Chinese mobile number is probably the best option to receive calls in China or wherever you are.
How does it works?It’s easier if I explain it through an example.Imagine that you move from New York to Shanghai and you get a Chinese mobile phone number.
However, the number won’t be real in the sense that the call will be redirected to your Chinese mobile number and you’ll pay a fee that will depend on the virtual number company of your choice. Now that’s interesting!This is the system used by most 24 hour call center services: the people on the other side of the line often have an Indian accent because the call center is located in India.

What virtual phone number service do you suggest?At the moment, I use Kolmee and I’m satisfied with the service. People won’t need to contact you via the internet anymore, as they can just call you on your phone. Some countries need a proof of residence:Some countries like Ireland or Italy have strict regulations, and you can only get a local virtual number with Kolmee if you can prove that you are living there (a phone bill is enough).
You can see my virtual number (from Spain, it starts with the Spanish international prefix +34) and my destination number (a cell phone from China, it start with the Chinese international prefix +86). This depends on the country’s regulations and not on the virtual phone number company you choose.

A gas or a phone bill is also OK.If the country requires proof of residence (Ireland for instance) and you can’t provide it, then send an inquiry by email to see if they can help you.
If you can provide it – because you do live in Ireland – then check if your province is covered by the service.If you don’t have any relation with this country (and therefore no proof of residence) or Kolmee doesn’t have numbers in your area, is better not to open an account yet.
However, if you spend more than 10 Euros per month, you don’t have to pay any flat rate fee, just the credit you used.When your credit goes under 3 Euros (this is the default but you can change it in your profile area), you’ll receive a notification via email to top up again.

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