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See how leadership consulting can improve you and your organization through development, training and consulting programs. Shradha Sharma is a distinguished celeb and a renowned personality in the field of dance and is also a good actress, who has announced her arrival with a show of exceptional skills and dazzling performances at various occasions.
Its main objective is to educate the people about the true principles of Astrology and not to horrify by presenting facts in threatening manner. Navigation is the most important part of a website without which no website can effectively operate.
Here, we have collected some sites with amazing and unique navigational elements that will not only inspire you, but will show you how to combine innovation with practicality.
RacketTruly exceptional and creative navigation that shows a hierarchy of menu up to its roots. Side Show Press ShopAn easy to navigate website thanks to its well designed navigation menu.
CathyBeckThis website uses a unique navigation style that opens and closes like a scroll when a menu is chosen. UnfoldUnfold has a simple yet most powerful navigation system that sets it apart from other websites. Lab for CultureSimply creative navigation menu is used here that not only is functional but looks visually interesting as well.
El StudioBeautiful and easy to navigate website demonstrating the power of their navigation menu. District SolutionsVertical tabs are very rarely used as navigation bars, but this website proves that they can look stunning if used properly.
Dragon InteractiveSimple, neat and clean navigation that looks stunning with the stylish hover effect employed. Andreas HinkelHere the navigational elements are setup as handwritten captions on a Polaroid picture.

Cypher13Cypher 13 possesses a flexible navigation that is supported by photographs and text. Im DesignNavigate the site through the arrows and certain other keys of your keyboard, Mac users may require their mouse on some occasions. ThibaudAnother dazzling portfolio with innovative navigation, this one is based on Flash color samples to select from. Work Life Balance CentreWork Life Balance Centre uses a balanced navigation menu that emphasizes all the necessary elements. Narrow DesignThis is a portfolio website where Nick Jones uses a simple but dynamic sort of navigation. TBWA\HAKUHODONavigation is based on a beautiful artistic scenario where every element used adds life to the site, simply magnificent. Gleis 3Overall the site is simple and plain, but creatively used navigation makes this website look out of the ordinary. Marc Anton DahmeA unique concept of mouse and keyboard being used as the navigation that really stands out, all the while remaining practical. AmoreNavigational menu is set at the bottom of the web page and has some cool hover effects incorporated. Grip LimitedHere you can navigate with the simple scroll of your mouse or with the arrows keys of your keyboard.
65mediaBold use of navigational elements on this site stimulates a visual interest among users. Organic GridOrganic Grid uses an excellent approach to create navigation bars as if they are the main attraction of the website. Innovative Imaging ProfessionalsHere a beautiful navigation menu with hover color effect is used that gives the website a very unique feel. Not forgotten MovieHere navigation is presented in the form of tarot like cards which catch fire when clicked.

Marc EckoThis site’s navigation allows the visitors to take a tour of a virtual art gallery to move through the site’s offerings.
Agency NetThis is a New York and Fort Lauderdale based design studio whose website uses a dramatic and astonishing navigation design. OkaydaveThe navigation is set at the bottom of the web page which is out of the ordinary in and of itself.
Section SevenA colorful and vibrant pamphlet like navigation gives this site character and sets it apart from others. Andreas SmetanaYou can navigate through the photo thumbnails either by using your mouse wheel or the arrows. Aquil AkhterAquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 8 years. Advocate of Delhi, who was very successful and famous in his profession, but popularly known as a saint and a True Bhakta of Lord Shiva.
Vijai Sharma shares free psychology articles on Type A Personality, Trichotillomania, eating disorders such as anorexia, attention deficit disorder among others on Mind Publications.
Achieving unique navigation that effectively fulfills its purpose is nearly akin to climbing Mount Everest.
But the instant you choose a category, the interface transforms giving you several ways to access content. Having a unique navigation with perfect functionality makes the website easy to navigate, thus ensuring a better users experience.

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