Besides free VPN, Zace Book also offers a free online proxy, but which is blocked in China, too.
Step 1: If your computer connects to internet through a router, you first need go to the router's admin interface and enable port forwarding for Port #47 (GRE protocal) to your computer. As one of the methods to implement VPN, PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is very easy to build and use. By the way, no matter which or how many VPN services you are using, the free traffic data is up to 300 MB per day. Open the Super Free VPN website, you can see the account, which server and username are fixed, while password will be changed in up to 8 hours.

Open the JustFreeVPN website, you can see 3 free PPTP VPN accounts, one is from USA, one is from UK, and one is from CA.
The UFreeVPN website offers one USA, one UK and one CA free PPTP VPN services, which servers are different, but usernames and passwords are fixed, so that you do not need to change passwords often. On 3 different pages of the NewFreeVPN website, you can find out 3 different free PPTP VPN accounts, one is from US, one is from UK, and one is from Canada, the servers of them are different, but the username (free) and password (1234) are same. On the Entry page, enter your email address, check to agree the service terms, click on the red button, double-check your email address, and click on the next red button, then you can get an email from Tsunagarumon.
Among the above 10 free PPTP VPN services, SecurityKISS is the best, but only with 300 MB traffic per day.

Like Super Free VPN mentioned before, if the server host name of any other free PPTP VPN is blocked in your area, you can ping and change it to the server's IP address.

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