Vw personalized plates ideas

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UBUGME2 here, which will be transferred from my New Beetle to my Beetle at the end of the month when I get it. I'm currently waiting on my personalized plate, just mailed out the form a few days ago and now I have to wait 6-8 weeks.

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Front clear corners, Wet Okole seat covers, stubby antenna, dieselgeek short shifter, leather shift boot, dieselgeek aluminum skidplate, interior courtesy lights replaced with LEDs, 16" alloys, old Beetle-style 'meep meep' horn, custom dead pedal, engine cover and interior painted to match blue lagoon exterior. CT currently only allows up to six characters, but we're coming up to the end of the alphabet and i'm hoping we go to seven after this, if so i will totally jump on TOPLESS as soon as they allow seven.

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