Welder dc inverter weldskill 170hf

Your use of this website is subject to, and constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms of Use. Inverter igbt dc arc welderigbt dc arc welder Function and Features  Adopting advanced single-tube IGBT inverter technology.
Cold welding wire, hot wire TIG welding TIG welding or TIG welding way+ MIG Straight tube butt welding elbowHOT!!!

3 Protection equipment is set internally to prevent over heat, over current, lack of voltage etc. 6 Ideal equipment to weld stainless steel, carbon steel, pure copper(red copper)and so on7 Usable electrode: Acidic, Alkaline, cellulose8 Adopting passive power factor correction, and high in power factor. 9 Protection equipment is set to prevent input power lack of phase and lack of or over voltage.

Conveying the argon periodic in advance, adjustable preliminary current and the ascending time, so welding performance improved in the area of starting arc.6.

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