What are my lucky numbers for powerball saturday

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Seavey was in Columbia with her dad and best friend and decided to test their luck and buy Powerball tickets. The Powerball jackpot started making headlines when it reached $500 million, but people really started to take notice when the potential winnings tripled a week later. Seavey said she played over the weekend when the jackpot totaled $900 million and won $50. He doesn't think picking the numbers this time will help his chances any more than random numbers. Nerling said he'd spend a lot of it on his family and Seavey said she'd want to help others with her winnings.
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Roger Hall of Rosedale tapped the Lottery luck remaining in his late son’s lucky numbers to win one of Maryland’s three $50,000 Powerball prizes from the April 2 drawing. The Baltimore County dad, who played the numbers in both the March 30 and April 2 drawings, had family on his mind when he visited Lottery headquarters alone to claim the prize. Roger checked his tickets after the drawing and was happy to see that his matches meant he had some cash coming.
For confidential help or information at any time about gambling problems, please visit mdgamblinghelp.org or call 1-800-GAMBLER. I am going to pick the numbers based on all my grandchildren’s birthdays.  I am going to use me and my husband’s birthdates and our anniversary as the Powerball number, etc. I am not a regular lottery player.  I only play when it is that high – and for one reason – because it would provide enough to allow me to change the lives of those around me, to give it away with what would seem like reckless abandon.
If I win, I am buying every one of my friends a sweet car so we can all go cruising together.
The common theme, over and over again, people wanted to share their wealth, their joy, their good fortune with all they loved. I am surrounded by good people now.  When I heard how each one of them was more excited at the idea of giving the money away than keeping it for something selfish, it just made me love them more.

Obviously, a billion dollars goes a long way toward helping people and making their lives easier.  But, maybe we can do that in smaller ways – a small unexpected gift, a compliment out of nowhere, seeing a need that needs met and just doing it without having someone ask. But, if there was something that burned inside you, something that you wanted to do IF you won the lottery like take a trip to Paris, quit your job or take care of your parents – why wait for the lottery to make that happen?
In the absence of a billion dollar cushion, the journey there may be longer, or you may have to save or scale down on the generosity significantly.  But, if we embrace the spirit of giving in the financial reality that we actually live in – possibly we all win. His wife and kids were anxiously waiting to hear that the $50,000 win that had so shocked them was, in fact, a reality.
Surprise set in, however, when the lucky store that sold him the winning ticket directed him to Lottery headquarters to claim his prize.
They also plan to share their good fortune with the family and add to their retirement savings. His late son was the family member Roger mentioned first, however, because it was his lucky numbers that delivered the win.

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