What chinese horoscope am i quiz

Your Chinese Zodiac Sign and element is calculated accurately by using the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar.
May cherry blossoms sprout near your home, pussy willows liven up your living space, and may you have a blessed new year. Indian Govt does not recognize Taiwan as a seperate country probably due to the fact that it would annoy China. I also noted that there have been in all 80 posts in the thread till now including this one out of which 38 have been made by me (~47%), some 18 people have responded, few people several times, Thanks for being there to encourage me, being the cheer leaders. The thread has been viewed some 3300 times, My sincere thanks to you who has been reading the thread, posting comments.
Most of the time when i return from a travel, i have to simply ring the door bell, irrespective of time, door gets opened with a cheerful smile and i get ushered in.
But being summer and MBA period, i am welcomed with a locked door at some 1.30 AM in the morning. It has been over a week now since i locked the door..I remember keeping it inside the pocket, where did it drop it ?

I quickly complete all the morning chores, put the cloths into the washing machine, my estimate is it will take at-least 3 loads of washing.
Not it is time to switch on the TV, as soon as i switch on, the electricity goes off, the fan stops, washing machine stops, the sweating starts. I realize that he is a co-student in the summer MBA course and we decide to meet for a dinner. This place is a middle class restaurant with affordable prices, I love their manchow soups, veg spring rolls, noodles, fried rice and veg manchurian. The sister resurant just across the road named Beijing Bites has a better ambiance, uniformed waiters, increased prices, but same kichen-cheff-menu items and same owner. Originally Posted by StarVegabond I just now noticed that the thread has been rated 5 star by 3 people. I can say that I come back to read your logs because they have a very refreshing view about the things you write about.
Originally Posted by laluks I can say that I come back to read your logs because they have a very refreshing view about the things you write about.

Please explore the site and read all about your predictions.Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!!! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
I am happy that my rumblings have been found worth listening to, my thoughts have been considered worth reading. Then i realize the washing cycle i have chosen is of 120 minutes and there is no way of changing it. Out of the 6-8 times i have been there only once the food dish was not up to our expectation, else i would rate this restaurant good value for money.
I could not locate the packet of detergent, so one more call to you know who solves the issue.

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