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That is a pretty aggressive number if you ask me, especially since the Charter cable internet in my house was only getting about 5 megs of speed just about a year or so ago.
So now I’m curious to know if anyone out there with their new HTC EVO 4G, and of course you’d have to be in a 4G coverage area, has been able to hit 10 megs download speed? So anyway, I’m wondering if anyone is able to even come close to 10 meg download speed with their mobile phone? As for the theoretical 10 mbps obtainable, I have yet to meet anyone personally that has gotten much better than the 7 I've been able to get from time to time.
Pingback: I want to go to a Spanish speaking country to learn Spanish while doing volunteer work.But need a good program? Pingback: Does anyone have any tips for Americans looking to move to Buenos Aires, I want to learn Spanish while there? We got the chance to test T-Mobile's newest, fastest phone, the Galaxy S 4G, and decided to see how fast some other top 4G-labeled phones were.
AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have 4G phones on the market, and Verizon Wireless is launching a bunch this year too. It may shock you to discover that the phones themselves have different speed ratings, but that's precisely the point: They're all emblazoned with the same "4G" nonsense, all the while they aren't even capable of delivering the same download speeds, not even the same orders of magnitude. If you dig into carrier websites, you'll learn that Sprint and AT&T currently promise download speeds of up to 6 megabits per second. Verizon is a wild card — when I tested its 4G LTE network using a laptop, I got a cable-modem-busting 33 Mbps, but that's not likely to ever be repeated, especially on a phone.
As you can see from the chart, results consistently favored T-Mobile, despite similarly decent network coverage by AT&T and Sprint. Only one phone delivered anything you could really call "extreme." The Galaxy S 4G topped 10 megabits per second in a few separate tests, and scored a peak average of nearly 8 Mbps. The iPhone 4 was never intended to come out on top; in fact, as a 3G phone, it would have been weird if it had finished anywhere but in last place. The purpose of this is not to tell you which phone to buy, though that Galaxy S 4G is looking pretty awesome. Results vary from square foot to square foot, so go into the store, and demand a Speed Test reading. Carriers can't work magic — radio-based technologies always have weaknesses, and some carriers just happen to work better than others at any given spot on the map. The FTC reminded us Monday what many a parent knows all too well: Not all kids' apps are safe, especially where privacy is concerned.
Looking for high speed wireless internet for your home computer or laptop here is the best plan with home based fixed wireless device for low price when compare to 3G connectivity.
Note: The above plans are 30 days validity and HOWI stands for Home uses, BUWI- Business User and the above rates are exclusive of Service Tax which will be charged as per prevailing rates. The above plan suitable for all cities (Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Kerala, Pune, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, UP, Gujarat and more) that means Wi-Max coverage areas in India. But the speed test shows unlimited HOWI750 tariff plan speed and price are not good when compare to BSNL revised 3G plan also Reliance Netconnect+ and Tata photon plus with speed upto 3.1Mbps.

CLEAR offers speeds comparable to cable and DSL for home and up to 4x faster than you can get with mobile broadband from a cellular company. CLEAR supports average download speeds up to 3-6 Mbps [sic] and upload speeds up to 1 Mbps. Sprint 4G advertises 3-6 Mbps downloading with bursts up to 10 Mbps along with up to 1 Mbps uploading. Since what’s true for Sprint will probably be true for Clear, its possible to take a look at Sprint 4G speed tests to see what Clear 4G speed will be like on a day-to-day basis.
While this is representative of the general difference between Clear 3G and 4G speeds, the speeds you’ll get can vary widely from city to city.
The chart below list the cities in the leftmost column; moving rightward across the chart, you can see the speed averages and network latency times for each of the four wireless networks. Though these trial numbers never end up holding up in real-world use, it’s notable that the company achieved these speeds while driving around, not sitting in a lab wearing white coats with the base station a few yards away.
Through my own testing of Sprint and Clear devices, in addition to aforementioned speed tests the 3-6 Mbps downloading and 1 Mbps uploading advertised speeds hold true.
The greatest frustration for many MBR readers and potential customers alike is lack of availability in their city. Next, I’ll cover where Clear 4G coverage currently is along with where they plan to be in the future. I also own stocks in clearwire so I am hoping that they are smart enough to take avantage of the higher speed of LTE for marketing. A good marketing strategy would bump up the download speed of home internet basic for $35 to 6 Mbs from 1.5 Mbs and leave the unlimted download for home internet at $45.
This higher speed 4G LTE can boost this company clearwire to the top if they know how to use it. Verizon's party line is "5 to 12 Mbps," but since Big Red currently has no 4G phone on the market, or even one available to test, they're not shown here. It's available free for iPhone and Android through their app stores, and uses a network of local servers to guarantee that the tests reflect the phone's connectivity, and not other factors.
Network performance can be affected by time of day, distance from towers and number of users in a given area, not to mention factors way beyond your control, such as the ability of the carrier to ferry its users' data to and from the Internet.
If you buy any of these phones, you might do better, but you should not expect more, at least in the short term, before carriers can build out their networks.
It was sad that neither phone ever came near touching the 6 Mbps ceiling promised "in limited areas" by the carriers. No, the point is to make sure you don't get sucked in by the 4G sales pitch without some hard numbers.
When you buy the phone, within your two-week buyer's remorse period, go everywhere and run as many tests as you can.
But if they're promoting 4G as twice as fast, four times as fast, even 10 times as fast, you should hold them to it, and not just take their smiley salesman word for it. So, as a parent of two small children in a house full of tablets, what do I do to keep them safe?

Yes, BSNL Wi-Max service offers wireless maximum speed under 4G Wireless Broadband technologies.
Since they use the same underlying WiMAX network, it comes as no surprise that they have identical advertised 4G speeds. Latency (or the time it takes a single small packet of data to travel to a network server and back) is represented in milliseconds. I myself will get the unlimited download speed and take the advantage of the LTE higher speed so I can download files faster.
On June 1, Sprint made the decision to surrender 77,413,434 shares of Class B common stock, reducing its voting interest and diminishing its share in the company below 50 percent. However, the two companies very much remain aligned, working together on the roll out of a new high-speed LTE network.
My laptop PC using a Sprint Overdrive can often get as high as 7 mbps, with an average speed of around 5 mbps. Though our video was shot in one location where all the phones consistently more than half of their bars, we continued to test the phones through the day, looking for a collection of peak speeds. We recorded download and upload speeds and latency times during our laptop-modem tests, and download and upload speeds in our smartphone tests. All trademarks and registered trademarks, whether or not identified, are acknowledged to be the property of their respective owners. So, in theory, 4G on the Evo has been 3 times faster at peak speeds after a few days of usage testing. For Home user Wi-Max plan recommends unlimited usage pack for Rs.750 per month at 512 kbps speed of data transfer and download speed upto 60-100kbps.
If user want Wi-Fi modem for BSNL Wi-Max  then ask nearest BSNL exchange office for more details. Clearly, this service is more useful for downloading large chunks of data, such as monster spreadsheets, videos and presentations, than for tasks such as uploading content to a Web site or sending e-mails bulging with attachments. The cool thing is that people can multitask whenever they are talking to their friends or boss over the phone while at the same time using MapQuest to get directions to their favorite restaurant for a lunch meeting for instance. It provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access, for example laptops with wireless internet modems, smartphones, and other mobile devices.
It was part of Mobile WiMAX standard (at first in South Korea in 2006) and the first-release Long term evolution (LTE) standard (in Scandinavia since 2009). Companies should check out restrictions on their mobile devices to make sure that they are getting a better deal on their phone.

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