What is my chinese zodiac 1986

Full-Color Material via Adobe PDF FilesThis section features our joint project with Lori at Montessori for Everyone - Montessori Materials for Print  Beautiful full-color photos for printing include simplified Mandarin Chinese characters, pinyin, and English. Click on the picture to enlarge.All of these little printable books follow the same format as shown in this sample. The Chinese Lunar calendar follows a 12 year cycle and each of the 12 years is represented by 12 Animals which form the Chinese Zodiac. Given below is a list of all the years starting from the year 1900 to 2100 sorted according to the Chinese Animal they represent.

Chinese New year date in English calendar format and English new year date in Chinese Year Format. Chinese Birth Chart - Ancient Chinese Gender Calendar to determine the gender of an unborn child. Many of the chinese festivals and Government Holidays are determined based on the Chinese Calendar. The animals in the Chinese Zodiac or the animals which constitute the Chinese calendar are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

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