What is number 7 mean in numerology

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Destiny Number 7 is a good Destiny number, because it helps people enhance the quality inherent in their number of souls or the number of names. If people with Destiny Number 7 engaged in spiritual practice, they achieve samadhi, and they know the state of deep meditation. Woman of Destiny number 7 has increased social and sentimental, it is more attractive than a man with a Destiny number 7. Your task – to seek, learn numerology and use the wisdom contained in ancient manuscripts, and psychological sciences.
Ketu, managing the number 7 as poluplaneta when it is in the homes of other planets, they can be easily influenced.
Their habit underestimate their talents and hidden potentials makes them humble, grandiloquent, charming and rewards human qualities.

People with a Destiny number 7 witty, lively, quick in decision making, unpredictable, ever changing and always young. If they are interested in tantra, then acquire a siddhi (power – such as clairvoyance, personal magnetism, the power of hypnosis, the power transmission of energy through the channels). They are easily attracted to the opposite sex, they are constantly surrounded by a very strange way and flirt with them.
Understand that they are not taught how you should think, they just help you find your own approach to everything going on.
Between the ages of 30 and 45 years, the power of their intuition increases, and they are able to read people’s minds, as in the book. Both men and women with this number are usually the fate of one or more extramarital affairs. It is strongly tied to his mother and other relatives of women, which creates problems in her family life.

Many of the things that seem strange and mysterious, it is clear and natural, when its nature is unknown. People with a Destiny number 7 have solutions to all problems, it’s brilliant debaters, which reduce ably dispute to compromise. For this reason, it is less than paying attention to her husband, and so marriage is not happy.

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