What is telstra 4g speed

If you often work out of the office and in a 4G coverage zone, Telstra's pre-paid 4G USB modem is a competitively priced solution that provides fast data speeds.
The Telstra pre-paid USB 4G Modem is essentially not too different from most other USB modems on the market.
The pre-paid USB 4G modem has a gloss white finish and features Telstra's "4G" branding on both sides.
Current 4G Telstra coverage (denoted by the dark blue patches on Telstra's coverage map) stretches across all eight capital cities and their respective airports in Australia, along with around 80 regional and metropolitan centres. The speeds we encountered in our North Sydney office (which is in the 4G coverage zone) were impressive but not as fast as Telstra's quoted "typical" speeds. The Telstra pre-paid USB 4G modem sells for $129 and comes with 3GB of data to use in Australia with 30 days' expiry. First impression on unpacking the Q702 test unit was the solid feel and clean, minimalist styling. For work use, Microsoft Word and Excel programs pre-installed on the device are adequate for preparing short documents. The Fujitsu LifeBook UH574 allowed for great mobility without being obnoxiously heavy or clunky. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of IDG Communications is prohibited. With over 25 years of brand awareness and credibility, Good Gear Guide (formerly PC World Australia), consistently delivers editorial excellence through award-winning content and trusted product reviews. Since more and more people are using 4G network for their home or office, they improve the communication efficiency through high network connection speed.
By the way, unlike the first generation 4G dongle from ZTE, MF823 is in compact USB design, the USB can’t rotate.
At the side of the box, we can see that LTE Frequency bands that ZTE MF821 could work with.
The USB of ZTE MF821 is rotatable for 180 degree, user could hide the USB in the body of MF821. Let’s go back to this February 2011 article and consider, for a moment, just how far ahead Telstra is in mobile at this stage.
Haven’t I heard something similar recently about something similar, I have heard of foot fetishes, but Foot in Mouth Fetish. Regardless I have a very high regard for Telstra’s technical expertise, especially their specialist groups.
AFAIK GSM1800 was limited in its roll-out, only in areas where GSM900 could not cope with the demand – most GSM phones would be using 900 anyway, so refarming the frequency for LTE will not really affect anyone. Also Optus now has a VERY large batch of 2300Mhz to use… How’s Telstra going to compete with that ?
Telstra has a large and rapidly expanding 4G network, its competitors do not; those are facts.
True Dan, the latest report from Telstra actual concedes only about 30 000 people have 4G phones.

They may not live near 4G now, but give Telstra another 12 months, and, because it’s using 1800 Mhz which is re-farmed 2G, which is widespread, many MANY more people WILL have access to it. Telstra simply do not have enough 1800mhz spectrum to have a full 4G network for more than a small number of users…. How can Telstra and other phone providers alike spend so much money on improving speeds and reception in congested areas when alot of us in more regional areas are struggling to get a mobile phone signal let alone Internet. I have no doubt Telstra have the jump on everyone and early adopters are all estatic at the 4G speed BUT it will only degrade as more people connect and the network like the 3G network will become congested and slow etc etc while Telstra continue to charge a premium price for network that is not capable of the speed it had to start with. However, keep in mind that the design of the modem may prevent access to adjacent USB ports on your notebook, while Telstra's 4G coverage is limited and not available everywhere.
It's slightly larger than many other USB mobile broadband devices, but smaller than Telstra's own post-paid USB 4G Modem. The software required to run the pre-paid USB 4G modem is included on the modem itself; for Windows users the installer automatically opens, while Mac users simply need to double-click the file that appears on the desktop the first time the modem is plugged in. It's a relatively light piece of software and the annoying links to Telstra's services, news and search information can be hidden by adjusting options in the view menu.
Telstra says it will continue the LTE rollout into other coverage areas "where demand requires the extra capacity".
These are best case scenarios though, and the results we achieved were far less, albeit still pretty impressive. Using PC World's Broadband speed test, we managed to achieve a top download speed of 29Mbps, which is quite impressive for a modem of this kind.
Recharge options range from $20 for 250MB of data to use in 21 days, up to $150 for 10GB of data with a 365 day expiry.
It is bright and visible from most angles, however heat is an issue, particularly around the Windows button on the front, and on the back where the battery housing is located.
As one of the important telecom equipment sipplier, ZTE had releases many 4G Aircards for various operators. However, the unlocked ZTE MF823 would in other European countries, such France, Portugal, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands and Finland.
Telstra is slightly more expensive, that’s what kept their customer base reasonable so they could not implode like Vodafone did 2 years ago.
After all they made a major contribution to the development of Cellular radio technology, involved as experts in the Jindivic Pilotless aircraft program, the over the horizon radar etc. It’s not like Telstra are building new towers, they are just simply plugging in new 4G equipment at the base and reusing the old 2G spectrum.
The only people it would affect would be people roaming with American tri-band GSM phones: I doubt they would be used any more anyway! And Optus’ 1800Mhz is almost non-existant, as they used 900 almost everywhere for GSM. However, we tested the USB 4G modem on both an Apple MacBook Pro and a Toshiba Satellite U840 ultrabook and the connector hindered access to adjacent USB ports on both machines. Like all mobile broadband products, the speed will depend on a number of factors including time, location, network coverage, signal strength and congestion.

The tablet part, once detached, has a nice weight, and no buttons or switches are located in awkward or intrusive positions. Due to the compacity requirement, the inner part of a 4G modem usually contains more contents so as to fulfill more functions and high demand for network. Most of the 4G network frequency bands are similar, which makes the roam of ZTE MF823 come true. The ZTE MF821 is already unlocked by our group, so users don’t need worry about the lock issue. On the side, we can see two small icon of signal; they are two hidden connectors for external antennas. On the SIM slot, we can see the model number, IMEI number, place of origin (Made in China) and manufacturer ZTE Corporation.
It’s competitors DO have large and rapidly expanding 4G networks, and you are using them right now, just in 3g mode. But their coverage is still, MINIMUM 3 or 4 times larger than VividWirleless, and it spreads across regional and rural areas, where Vividwireless doesn’t.
Telstra owns the rights to spectrum wherever its’ contract says it bought it to deploy 1800Mhz. This feature is important for 4G data transmission, and it lets MF821 different from MF820 or MF820T.
While people still using Nokia 3330’s to make phone calls are losing more reception every day! 2300 is range they bought from VividWireless and its not clear yet what they’ll be using it for. You don’t buy spectrum in bits and pieces all over the place, you buy the rights to it for large areas, like Metro or regional centres and Telstra has this.
Keep in mind, though, that you'll only achieve these speeds within 4G coverage zones — the rest of the time you'll switch over the regular Next G network. However this is not unlike their change from CDMA to NextG- that turned out to be a storm in a teacup. So unlocked ZTE MF822 could work in Canada and also roam to work with some operators in USA. It may in the future but I think Telstra realise they need to get more people off of 2G only phones yet and get them onto NextG phones, which can still be dumbphones if people want (like the old Nokias). Frankly speaking, ZTE MF822 could also work with the operators in Asia and Europe who provider the LTE band 7.

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