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VWF - also known as Raynaud's Syndrome - affects over 300,000 in the UK, with over 2,000,000 more at risk.If you work with power tools and other high impact machinery, your employer has a duty to protect you and keep you informed of relevant health and safety issues. Vibration White Finger (VWF) is a repetitive stress injury (RSI) where the small blood vessels in the fingers periodically spasm causing them to go bluish-white, cold and feel very painful. Vibration White Finger is also the vascular component of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), which covers a broader repetitive stress injury diagnosis. Symptoms are usually completely reversible but in severe cases there is permanent damage and ulceration of the tissues. Yes you can if you have been diagnosed with Vibration White Finger (VWF) by your doctor and he or she has noted in your medical records it is due to either cold conditions at your workplace or mechanical stress (such as using vibrating tools such as a drill) at work. Your employers have a duty of care to protect you during your working day and must ensure that you are provided with adequate clothing if you are exposed to the cold as part of your job or to provide you with the correct tools, adequate breaks and training if you use vibratory tools or equipment throughout your working day. Johnson Law Solicitors can help you make a claim for compensation for Raynauds Disease, VWF or HAVS.
We understand how painful VWF is and will treat your claim with understanding and sensitivity. National charity and self help organisation, committed to supporting people who have these conditions and their carers. My doctor has diagnosed me with reptitive strain injury (RSI) due to work - can I claim compensation?
The first device which can accurately measure exposure to hand-arm vibration has been launched by Svantek (UK).
Derbyshire County Council has injected more than ?45,000 towards to support health and safety and industrial disease sufferers including those with industrial deafness and vibration white finger. Annually in February a campaign is launched by the Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Association (RSA) to highlight awareness of the condition Raynaud’s.

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We know through science and quantum physics that we are living in a world of electromagnetic fields and we also know that our individual bodies are also surrounded by these electromagnetic fields. Did you get out of bed this morning just busting to get out there and into whatever the day held for you?Or did you roll over, hit the snooze button and complain about needing more sleep.Which scenario do you imagine will produce the best result for a happy, productive day?You might have gotten out of bed like this and then on the way to work you were cut off on the freeway. The Indigo Children Characteristics list goes on with a number of different questions one can ask themselves to discover whether or not they are an Indigo Child or Indigo Adult.
You are different for a reason and you came here to this planet for an even greater purpose. For many Indigos the characteristics we possess enable us to having a part in a bigger whole of a picture. As an indigo you are puzzle piece in the grand scheme of taking this planet into the direction of light. Now that it is 2013, it is time for us Indigos to begin taking action towards bringing about global change through becoming examples of how to bend reality as we see fit.
You whether you exhibit Characteristics of Indigo Child or not, you know deep in your soul if you are an Indigo. If you are looking for a greater understanding of your purpose here as an indigo feel free to contact me via the details provided below. The Earth is in need of repair, we possess the perfect tools within us…lets acquire the resources and change this planet for the greater good of humanity.

It begins by harnessing our own lives, we then become abundant, reality bending beings that lead through example showing the world the new possibilities they never understood were possible until we showed them. To our abundance, global awakening and the future of the human race my Indigo Children Friends!
I hope you found this article on Indigo Children Characteristics useful and have become inspired! Personal injury lawyers, Johnson Law, have created an infographic which highlights some of the latest statistics on Vibration Induced White Finger, as well as support, treatment and recovery.
Workers who use pneumatic drills, jack hammers, sanders, concrete vibrators, chainsaws, compactors and lawn mowers are at most risk of developing VWF, HAVS or Raynauds Syndrome. Truthfully I have found that these supposed characteristics of Indigo Children can be related to anyone, so the true nature of an Indigo is to already know your uniqueness and to already know that you are an indigo of some type.
Your job here on Earth is to follow your path towards fulfilling that purpose and making the difference you were meant to make.
If you do realize your existence as an Indigo Child or Indigo Adult understand that nothing will happen on its own and that you must take action with your time here on this planet and Release Your Inner badass. Once the spasms subside the fingers turn red as oxygenated blood returns to the finger tips. While driving along the freeway, wind up all the windows and sing at the top of your voice.6. Pick up a comedy at the local video store and laugh until your face hurts.Bonus tip Doing a little energy work with our guided audios will help you to release negative energy from your body and allow you to feel that lightness and joy that comes with living in higher vibration.

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