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With a built-in RFC 2865 compliant RADIUS server and a LDAP authentication broker that are enhanced with two-factor authentication, DualShield offers strong, two-factor authentication to any VPN remote access without compromising the user’s experience.
For IPSec VPN authentication, DualShield utilizes one-time passwords (OTP) and does not require users to install any new software. DualShield provides a wide selection of portable OTP tokens in a variety of form factors, ranging from hardware tokens, software tokens, mobile tokens to USB tokens. In addition to the support of one-time password, DualShield also supports on-demand password for IPSec VPN authentication. DualShield for IPSec VPNs offers the ultimate security for VPN remote access without compromising the user’s experience. The solution was easy to install and manage, easy to use and provided good support for token and authentication options.
We began a process of trialling and reviewing the various options; this included Deepnet, RSA and other major competitors. With the recent release of our SSH2 Tunnel technology, TUVPN is again breaking ground in the VPN industry with a new and extremely versatile tool at the disposal of our users. Go to Advanced tab and click on Connection, then we select Socks5 from drop down list, for host localhost and for port 7070. As the number of VPN technologies supported by TUVPN grows (with the new addition of SSH2 Tunnels), we have deemed it appropriate to provide the TUVPN users with access to a simple table. We think this information is very interesting too for the wider VPN user community, many of whom without being TUVPN users, are readers of our blog. With the recent addition of SSH2 Tunnels, TUVPN is fast becoming one of the most complete VPN providers in the VPN ecosystem, offering a wide range of VPN protocols and security tools that can cover any possible user, from newbie to seasoned.
Further, if you want to make sure that no traffic will reach the internet in the case of the VPN connection going down, you need to rely on third party products (i.e.
With respect to anonymity, all typical VPN protocols will substitute your normal IP with the IP of the VPN server with which you have connected for ALL applications.
SSH2 Tunnels offer more flexibility than the typical VPN Protocols for the people that need it. So once our client is running and the SSH2 Tunnel is up, no application is protected by default, as happens with typical VPN protocols. Moreover, you will clearly see that if the SSH2 Tunnel goes down (so the SOCKS5 Proxy goes down too), NO DATA FROM OUR SELECTED APPLICATIONS WILL EVER REACH THE INTERNET. When we look at anonymity with an SSH2 Tunnel, it will provide the same level as any typical VPN protocol for the SELECTED APPLICATIONS. Moreover, no traffic is protected (so no encryption is present in all the communication path). We have always considered OpenVPN as one of the best vpn protocols, with amazing stability, flexibility and capability to work in most environments.
There is an extensive range of topics, from Point-to-Point Networks, PKI, Certificates and OpenSSL to OS Integration. This chapter gives very interesting information on a topic that can offer certain complexities sometimes: how to route subnets on both sides of the OpenVPN tunnel. OpenVPN offers enormous flexibility in this sense, but you need to know how to correctly use the route and iroute options in the  server configuration and client configuration files respectively. All of this is covered in great detail and with illustrative examples that can save loads of time if you are new to all of this.
It  explains in detail which token devices options we have (focusing on the Aladin eToken Pro USB), how to initialize them, how to copy the private key and certificate to them and how to use them. So we are taken, step by step, through the process of creating an extremely secure VPN infrastructure protected by two-factor authentication that we can use in the most security conscious environments.
First of all, it explains how to measure current performance via tools like ping, tcpdump and iperf. PPTP is very easy and quick to deploy as it is supported by default by most operating systems.
Also, you will not have any other options when you find PPTP blocked or unsupported by ISPs. If you want a quick solution, easy to deploy and that will work on most devices without much overhead, then PPTP is the recommended option for you. Dummy users do not worry about how the communication is realized during internet connection.
When a service (server program) is initially started, it is said to bind to its designated port number. So, now you understand that incoming connection ports are the endpoint for communication via a network.
VPN service may offer for its users several advantages: flexibility, ease of use, cost savings, network scalability, and private networking. VPN creates a secure path through an untrusted network between you and your destination point. For example, you need to get to an internet resource securely so that information about your IP-address, the sites you are visiting, would stay unknown for everybody else, for example, for internet provider. With a variety of VPN products, you can choose the most secure type for your business: VPN for emails, or to run a couple of applications, or networked server. A reliable VPN service offers an internet connection with a maximum uptime and doesn’t slow down the connection speed when users need to use internet. Technological progress has made businesses to look for improvement to secure their networks and business communications.
There is a lot of misunderstanding and misrepresentation regarding encryption strength and how most VPN providers talk about it.
Anyhow, security wise, the biggest problem with PPTP is not related to the length of its key (there are other protocols very secure with similar key lengths), but to its underlying implementation that has several flaws. Although OpenVPN can be configured in several ways, let's focus on the most typical one found in many VPN providers. In this typical configuration, first the peers taking part in the communication (you and the VPN server to which you are trying to connect) will authenticate to each other. But once authentication has happened and because Public-Key algorithms are really slow, OpenVPN will switch to Symmetric Cryptography to actually encrypt the data that is sent between you and the VPN server. Most probably this last key length is the one you would worry more about along with the type of algorithm that the VPN provider is using.

Having longer symmetric keys will increase security at a performance cost (more or less depending on the algorithm selected). Online privacy threats come from many fronts, starting with the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that can analyze the traffic generated by users to create profiles of navigation and consumption.
Obviously, the key to using these services is trusting the integrity of the VPN provider and being comfortable that they deliver guarantees of anonymity and privacy.
Even if you are not yet a user of our VPN services, we hope you will find our blog on internet security and vpn services interesting. We will try to reveal the details of the service we provide, why it is relevant to your life on the internet, and what technologies are hidden behind the service.
In our first post, we´ll dig down into the definition of a VPN Service, what types you can find and all the associated jargon. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer and providing you with a first class service!
Per gli utenti di Windows, aprite il “Centro connessioni di rete e condivisione”, scrivete “rete e condivisione” in “Cera programmi e file”. Per gli utenti di Mac OS X, cliccate sul menu e su “Preferenze di Sistema” per aprire la sessione. Per gli utenti di Linux, bisogna installare l’applet e il plugin specifico Network Manager. Users will continue to use the same VPN client as they’re using now, and simply enter a one-time password or a combination of their static password and one-time password in the place where the password is required. Firefox is the example application that we configure in our tutorials to use the SSH2 Tunnel. This table details the different VPN protocols available, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, use cases, level of security, speed etc. Primarily we want you to clearly understand how your traffic is protected, which traffic is protected and the level of anonymity provided by each technology. As long as an application supports using a SOCKS5 Proxy, we can protect it while leaving others outside of the SSH2 Tunnel and so without the extra burden that a VPN implies. This is quite obvious as they are configured to use the SOCKS5 Proxy to reach Internet and without it no data can be transmitted in any case. For the rest of the applications that we are running outside the tunnel, no anonymity will be provided.
Hope all of this is enough to let you choose your best vpn connection method and enjoy Internet in a more secure way!
We will just go quickly over what we have found to be the most interesting and innovative chapters of this book and the ones that have taken our already extensive experience with OpenVPN a step further.
Also it is important to correctly inform the devices on each of the subnets on how to reach the other subnet IP ranges through the OpenVPN tunnel (setting thus the OpenVPN server as a gateway for these ranges). Then we are taken on an extremely interesting test of cipher performance (Blowfish, AES-128 and AES-256 are analysed) and finally we learn about the use of compression and fine tuning of both UDP and TCP connections. In addition to the IP address of a remote machine, the programs must know the port numbers of the receiving application.
As a client program wants to use that server, it must also must to bind to the designated port number. An additional level of security involves encrypting not only the data, but also the originating and receiving network addresses. Once the connection through VPN has been established, you communicate with your VPN provider server through the straight tunnel.
You have a small-business company and you need to exchange e-mails with absolutely private information with your partners from overseas.
Reliable VPN service provides maximum security to all the users and make sure that their identity is safe on the internet.
Once this has been done and the VPN tunnel is established, the proper flow of encrypted data from and to your computer will begin.
When you read about 2048 bit keys, or 4096 bit keys or something like this, you are reading about the key used during the authentication phase of the communication. As you can see none of these symmetric key lengths get anywhere close to those 2048bit ot 4096bit keys that some VPN providers boast.
All depends on how paranoid we are and the options that the VPN service provider gives to us.
Encryption algorithms are applied to the communication, making sure that nobody on the public network (Internet) can access the contents of your communication between two points. Secure and low cost inter-office connection, secure remote access to systems, and private networking on the Internet to name just a few. Generally we will put at your disposal one or more of our servers in different geographic locations to allow you to connect to the internet through our VPN client. This hits upon the eternal discussion on individual liberties and the limits and boundaries governments, corporations, and lobbyists continually debate.
As with so many things in life, VPN services can be perverted by users to other undesirable purposes, but why should this limit the availablity of such a service to the general public with legitimate uses.
In addition we will provide many more interesting facts and information about the world of VPN services, privacy and anonymity. Sappiate prima di tutto che un VPN, Virtual Private Network, vi consente di collegarvi ad una rete privata via accesso internet ovunque. Cliccate poi su “Imposta nuova connessione o rete”, selezionate “Connettiti a un luogo di lavoro” e selezionate “No, crea una nuova connessione” se avete gia una connessione wireless. Cliccate poi sul pulsante + e selezionate dal menu Interfaccia VPN e il tipo di rete VPN al quale vi collegate. Una volta compiuta l’installazione, riavviate l’applet con il seguente comando: sudo Network Manager restart.
Deepnet T-Pass is an on-demand, token-less strong authentication that delivers logon passwords via SMS texts, phone calls, twitter direct messages or email messages. Let's see now how you would configure other popular applications to use our newest technology. In summary, all the information that we think should help our users to decide what is best for their needs. This of course applies to any VPN provider, not just TUVPN, so if you are not yet a TUVPN user it will be useful knowledge all the same!

Using encryption and accessing the Internet through a remote VPN server instead of your local ISP will always add some extra burden to the communication process.
By default and if nothing is done, when the VPN connection goes down, traffic will reach the Internet unprotected via your ISP. Plainly speaking, it is simply a program that will act as a broker for the Internet communications of the applications that we configure to use it. When connected to a VPN server, this server automatically becomes a firewall between you and the Internet. An example for the use of ports is an email client which you use to receive and send emails. However, when connected to a VPN server, this server automatically becomes a firewall between you and the Internet. The output from Nmap is a list of scanned targets, with supplemental information on each depending on the options used. VPN builds its security mechanism with a help of special network technologies called cryptographic tunneling protocols. It means the tunnel end point is authenticated before secure VPN tunnels can be established.
You can share one encryption key among several users but in case you have many network users it can be unsafe.
The VPN technologies have already taken their marketplace and are acquiring more users every day. Once we know the type of service that we are talking about, we can better assess the information that the VPN provider gives to us related to its strength. Encryption using PPTP is provided by the use of Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE) protocol that can just handle 40-bit, 56-bit and 128-bit session keys. Governments themselves create systems and organisations to collect and analyze massive amounts of Internet traffic.
ALL traffic between your computer and our VPN server that you are connecting to is encrypted and NOBODY can see or identify the content of that traffic. Poi “Usa la mia connessione Internet (VPN), nel campo “Indirizzo internet” inserite il nome di dominio del server nel campo “Nome destinazione” inserite il nome che volete, cliccando poi su Avanti. Cliccate ora sull’icona Network Manager e selezionate la scheda VPN e infine su “Aggiungi” per creare la nuova connessione. The precise amount of extra burden, and so the difference of speed while running your applications, will depend on a number of factors – processor and memory of the client device, the distance to the VPN server with which you are connected, and the available resources at the VPN server level. Configuring email settings may be different from program to program, but all email programs require the same basic pieces of information. The protocols provide establishing and maintaining a VPN connection, encryption of information sent through the tunnel, and message integrity. Today the newer standards provide very strong encryption which is so secure that it would take thousands of computers and years to break it through.
For authentication the following can be used: passwords, digital certificates, biometrics, two-factor authentication, other cryptographic methods.
The difference is that information sent through unsecure internet channels may become available for third parties. In this sense, the VPN service offers privacy between your computer and the VPN server chosen by you.
Grazie alla rete VPN, potete avere accesso ai file e alle stampanti vostre, pur essendo fuori casa o ufficio. Se avete intenzione di usare la connessione in seguito, selezionate “Non connetterti adesso.” A discrezione vostra potete inserire le info di login e in quel momento potete scegliere username e password per VPN. By the way, you can test our server speeds with a new tool we have just added to the website – try it here. Numbers from 0 to 1024 are reserved for privileged services and designated as well-known ports.
On the basis of internet the VPN establishes a tunnel between you and your colleagues and encrypted information becomes defended from other users of internet. Probably not, but you want to make sure that what is private to you is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone without your control. Per sapere come configurare VPN per Windows, Mac e Linux, vi basta seguire la nostra guida passo passo.
Inserite le informazioni sulla rete, sul login e il dominio o indirizzo IP del server VPN in “Indirizzo Server”. Per connettervi bisogna prima togliere la spunta da PAP e EAP in “Autenticazione”, selezionate CHAP, MSCHAP e MSCHAPv2 in “Autenticazione”, selezionate “Usa crittografia Point-to-Point (MMPE)”, selezionate “Crittografia a 128-bit” in “Sicurezza” e scegliete infine “Permetti crittografia” e “Invia pacchetti PPP”, togliendo la spunta dal resto.
The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) by default listens on TCP port 25 for incoming requests.
Cliccate su Network (nella barra di sistema) e VPN comparira nella lista delle reti che avete a disposizione.
Inserite poi username e password, selezionate “Mostra lo stato della VPN nella barra del menu” e cliccate su “Connettiti” per avviare VPN. The Post Office Protocol (POP) used to fetch email messages from the server listens on TCP port number 110. There is a long string of companies and organizations who traffic our private data, collected through more or less transparent ways for all kinds of purposes. The following screenshot shows an account configuration window in a email application where you need to define POP3 and SMTP ports.
Transmission of information continues to the destination point in the Internet under new IP so that nobody can track you and use your personal information. Basically, this means that every time you connect to a VPN server, it gives you certain ports that will be automatically redirected to your computer.
Any Internet connection to one of these server ports will be immediately directed to your computer through the VPN. Forwarding an individual port still requires you to change where your program connects, telling it to use a non-standard port rather than the standard port.

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