What is vpn ipsec

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and sounds far more complicated than it actually is. A ‘Virtual Private Network’ creates a connection between two private networks over the public internet using encryption.
If you have more than one office location then a VPN is the best way to connect the locations.
Hoje instalamos uma VPN "Virtual Private Network" para o Eddie Burger, ele com apenas uma central de delivery e unidade de producao todos os pedidos saiam de um unico local, nao importava o bairro o motoboy se deslocava da regiao da Savassi para entregar todos os pedidos. Com a VPN a Central delivery que esta na Savassi ira atender o cliente da mesma forma, mas o pedido sera impresso na unidade mais proxima para producao ou seja; Se o cliente esta mais proximo ao BH Shopping o pedido dele e impresso nesta unidade que ira providenciar a producao e envio do pedido para o cliente, melhorando o tempo de entrega e aumentando a qualidade no atendimento.
NOTA IMPORTANTE  El actual servicio de VPN se ha sustituido por el nuevo servicio de VPN-SSL, mejorado y actualizado. Through VPN, you'll have access to the University's e-services or computing facilities that are not made available on the Internet or WWW (World-Wide Web).

VPN client behind the Corporate Firewall Except for Singnet, Starhub or the overseas ISP, most organisations and universities have some form of firewall implementations on their Internet gateway.
It is made up of all of the servers, computers, and devices in your office that are connected physically (or via wifi) to your network. This is often referred to as a “VPN Tunnel” or “Hard Tunnel.” The tunnel is not a direct physical connection between the two networks.
If you want your employees to be able to access network resources from home or on the go then an SSLVPN is the way to go. It makes use of the Internet's infrastructure to move secured data to and from the campus network. Since the VPN connection uses encryption you can move files over the internet safely and securely just as if everything were on the same local network. Con esta conexion un ordenador ubicado fisicamente fuera de la Universidad, pasara a formar parte de la Red Informatica Cableada de la Universidad de Jaen (RIUJA).

Using VPN, off-campus students and staff can still access the University's online resources in the comfort of their home computer, through their ISP (Internet Service Providers) like SingNet, StarHub, etc.
SSLVPN lets you connect to your office network securely through any web browser on any computer. Once connected, you have a tunnel into your network and can access your files, programs, and even remote control your office machine.  An SSLVPN can be setup with a web based landing page that has bookmarks to frequently used resources.

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