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Baby name dictionaries will give you some quaint but useless answer to the question of what does the name Michael mean. However, as you look around this website you will understand that names have far more meaning that a few words. There is a sensitive side to this name and the bearer can be fully focused with whatever they have their attention on.
Overall, the name carries qualities of responsibility hidden behind the desire to have more fun and to enjoy the fruits of life. Many times they rise to stations in life to assist others to straighten out a disorganized situation or to help put things in order so everyone can benefit from ‘their’ organizational skills, and this is fine as long as they understand tolerance and patience, but this is rare, than normal. They do have a caring side to their nature and want things to be ripe and rosy, they may become doctors, nurses, bankers, police officers or even teachers, but always seem to be in positions where they are in charge of others for the benefit of those under their care.
They can assert force if necessary to bring about a good resolve, hence their proficiency in organizing the affairs of others, be it in any of the fields mentioned including legal or in social services, but always to help people sort their problems. The negative side to the name can be seen when they become too bossy for their own good and people shy away, fear or shun them. If your name is Michael then you should contemplate the above analysis and see it as an indication of the potential that lies within you. Now it is time to step it up a notch and get an analysis (free of course) of your called name – that is your first name and your last name together.
This is a clever name in many ways, as it provides the wearer with a quick mind that easily discovers shortcuts or new ways to improve existing systems or structures, even machinery or methods that to them can be made better.
In general, the bearer of this name enjoys the colorful interaction and socializing with others in work and play. They should never be underestimated for their very clever mind and ability to get on with any work at hand.
They have a sense of being presentable too as they like to dress well and are generally well groomed when going out among people. All people named James who are reading this should recognize the energy that is being described above.
If you have friends that are named James then I encourage you to forward a link to this page to them and let them see what their name truly means. The name comes with a lot of individualistic qualities, and will often provide the owner of the name with initiative and a directness at times, telling others openly the way they like to have things organized, and will happily get in an make things happen because they may feel no one can do things properly, or at least as well as they see things need to be done. The name carries qualities of a determined nature and will show a caring for, and protect loved ones, and stand strong against any adversity, but this does not remove the fact that the owner is sensitive and emotionally affected when they are on the receiving end of a verbal attack.
Whenever they face a new challenge, they can come up with ideas, or at least a theory of how to overcome a problem, and give birth to new found energy to make sure they get the job done, no matter what it is. They are endowed with the ability to recognize a problem, contemplate a solution and take control over matters using their creative insight and having a hand’s on approach after planning; designing or building whatever is required to overcome the situation.
This name provides the person with unique qualities and leadership potential, and they will make many inroads, even though many mistakes are to be encountered on the journey to their destiny. All the Emily’s reading this should recognize the energy that is being described above. If you have friends that are named Emily then I encourage you to forward a link to this page to them and let them see what their name truly means. This language gives meaning to most of the commonly-cultivated and gifted flowers of today.
Many gardeners enjoy creating flower gardens that revolve around a theme or emotional expression.
Nearly every flower has a meaning of some kind and many are associated with a specific month of the year (called “birth flowers”). Aster – the Aster was first associated with love and daintiness by the Greeks (aster means “star”). Azalea – a very common flower, these symbolize temperance, passion, and in China, womanhood. Carnation – these are often associated with Valentine’s Day because they symbolize fascination, impulsiveness, capriciousness, joy, and devoted love. Cattail – associated with peace and prosperity, these plants are often used to highlight other flowers. Chamomile – often used as a tea (German chamomile), the flower is a symbol of energy in action.

Chrysanthemum – meaning abundance, wealth, cheerfulness and optimism, these flowers are some of the most popular garden flowers in the world. Dandelion – although considered a pest weed in most of the western world, the dandelion is prized in some cultures for its juice and symbolizes returned affection, desire, and faithfulness.
Geranium – is a popular flower of friendship, but is also associated with folly and stupidity. Jasmine – known for its heady fragrance, jasmines mean attachment, sensuality, grace, and elegance.
Magnolia – another “knight’s flower,” these signify nobility, perseverance and love of nature. Marigold – these flowers got their name as an amalgam of “Mary’s gold” and were given to the Virgin Mary by the poor who could not afford other gifts.
Morning Glory – usually associated with affection, these are often used in Valentine’s Day bouquets. Poinsettia – the “Christmas Flower” is an old plant which used to signify purity, but now is most closely associated with the holiday. Rose – the meaning of roses is usually associated with its color, of which there are a wide variety. Tulip – like roses, are often associated with their color, but the most common meaning is perfect love. Zinnia – most often associated with absent friends and lost loves, these flowers are symbols of lasting affection. Using the meanings in the list above and with a little research for more, you can create a flower garden whose meaning is based on a birthday, holiday, emotional feeling, etc. What would you give your mum for her birthday?  As a woman, we love to give what we want to receive.  I am sure you would be happy to receive a bouquet of flowers or jewelry on your birthday.  What gift you have given your mother ? Would you like to give something different this year or next year?  What about giving birthstone rings for mothers for their birthday, its sound interesting and meaningful. Here is birthstones for each month and its meaning.  You can check out which birthstone belongs to your mother  and you can start searching for it at any jewelry shops.
Shopify makes it easy to open an online store by providing all the tools and help you need. Copyright © BEAUTIZA – LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL - Accepting Yesterday, Embracing Today and Praying For a Better Tommorrow! Master Name Analyst Peter Vaughan has uncovered the true meaning of the name Michael and the characteristics such a name often gives it’s owner. They are loyal to their emotions and have a determined nature to have things done to their liking, and they are not afraid to speak their mind.
Michael’s will assist to sort, and get things done, and they may do this by taking control with an air of authoritative instruction that others may see as pushy or bullying, but they are just strong willed and like things done their way. They mean well, but can rub people up the wrong way by their dominant attitude dictating how things should be done instead of taking into consideration the feelings and ideas of others. If you have friends that are named Michael then I encourage you to forward a link to this page to them and let them see what their name truly means. Wikipedia tells us that it is the fifth most popular name in the USA and roughly 1 out of every 32 Americans are named James.
James Belushi, James Gandolfini, James Earl Jones and James Dean (pictured) are all actors who left their mark and James Cameron has been a very successful movie director. There is a sense that what they do is important for whatever field of endeavor they become involved with. They are very chatty when happy, but can withdraw and become emotional and not speak up when not happy. Too much time closed up indoors can depress them, and if they are stressed for any length of time, they may become introverted and suffer in silence.
For 10 consecutive years was the most popular name given to girls in the United States of America.
It is to be appreciated however, they do have initiative laced with creativity, and have shown by example, to be able to problem solve when faced with obstacles from a variety of origins. They mean well, and will perform at their best to please everyone, often to their detriment especially in their early years.
Always though, they are the type who will do things their way, and the more life experience they have, the better they become at leading the field with their chosen path.

Their quick mind and ability to work in autonomous roles, and being left un-aided to get on with a task without supervision, is their trade mark.
Most of the meanings and thoughts associated with the flowers that we grow and give come to us from the Victorian Era.
The tradition continues as well, with specific flowers and their colors being associated with certain holidays, life events, and more. It’s used for many things besides its beauty and stands for friendship, secret love, and beauty in retirement. More recently, they have been laid on the graves of soldiers as a symbol of the wish that they had not had to die.
Using flowers that bloom at different times, you can even create an evolving flower garden. We may think of famous people with that name such as Sir Michael Caine, Michael Buble, Michael Jordan or the late Michael Jackson (pictured). What follows is a more detailed analysis of a Michael name meaning than you will find anywhere else. Communication can be a problem at times as they have a way of expressing themselves that is not in line with the way other people think; this can cause problems and give rise to frustration. They can become very verbal and even disruptive if pushed too far and their emotions are put under pressure or personal attack.
It is also very popular in Northern Ireland where it has appeared in the top 10 names there for the last quarter of the 20th century and continues to be popular in the 21st century.
Never underestimate their ability to develop future paths based on ideas and inspiration that forerunners may have had limitations with.
They have a bright disposition and add flair to much of what they are engaged in and enjoy a good joke, a well written book, even a good film, and are happy with any form of activity or self expression, indoors or out. This is their inner strength which always lies beneath the surface of a very light and cheerful personality.
However, if they are pushed or pressured, they can speak their mind, sometimes without control, only to reflect afterward that they may have been a bit too uncontrolled.
They don’t like nasty types or those that speak crudely with every second word, however, if they are very negative and have a bad attitude, they can be very coarse and want to indulge in drinking and partying and care less about being responsible. Despite this, there are relatively few that come to mind when thinking of famous celebrities with this name.
The name will gain a wealth of experience over the years from all the activities and interests the person turns their attention to. Their imagination is excellent, but if it is used for self fulfilling purposes, they will soon find they are alone. However, their only pitfall is if they rush in without the necessary knowledge about a particular thing or field of engagement, so they need to be careful and learn the ropes before they go into action. If you’d like to create this continuity in your garden, the following list of flowers and meanings will be helpful.
Red ones mean passion, yellow means infidelity, white means purity, pink means happiness, etc. But when they want to get ahead, or do something that has their full attention, little will stop them achieving what they set out to do. In recent times Emily Browning (pictured) and Emily Deschanel have made their mark in movies and TV respectively.
Any task they undertake will generally inspire others with their quick mind and initiative.
There have been a couple of famous poets called Emily, namely Emily Bronte and Emily Dickinson. There is a whole lot of energy behind the name Emily and Peter Vaughan has been the first person to be able to truly answer the question, what does the name Emily mean?

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