What your name means to your personality

Rapunzel's was tricky; it is the name of a plant, but I couldn't find the exact meaning of the plant's name. It must be noted that there is no proof as to whether Elsa is a stand-alone name or if it is short for a variant of Elizabeth; there is not much evidence to support or deny either case. The artwork was made on Pic Collage, the poems original compositions by yours truly, and all credit to the characters, design, and choosing the names goes back to Disney and DreamWorks respectively. I'd never really thought about what their names meant before (except Merida's, I'd read that on the Disney website once and thought it was cool), but they all fit perfectly!

It's meaning, "one who a achieves a place of high honor," definatly fits the character of Merida, the Brave Princess. This is the first of these to represent a name with a Christian meaning; as I Christian myself, I did not feel the need to scoot around that, and if it offends anyone then that's not my fault, I didn't name him Jack.
However, as a diminutive of Elizabeth or Elsbeth, it means "pledged to God." I incorporated both into this poem.
Eh, I thought it would be more interesting than just geekily saying "Jack means such-and-such," etc.

I'm a Christian too and would never have known that about the names unless I had bothered to look them up myselves.

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