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Ask any native or non-industrial society about the meaning of life and you’re much more likely to get an answer, but you can see they have a certainty that is absent from people living in an industrial society and definitely absent from scientists or other professional thinkers. The chorus response to this certainty from the peanut gallery of industrialized minds is that since knowledge tends to increase doubt, it is the primitive nature of native societies that prevents them from doubting their understanding of the universe. Non-industrial societies almost always emphasize a way of life and death composed of selflessness and giving. The best, most joyous relationships are ones in which a person gives of themselves without a selfish motivation and is seen within healthy families and especially with children not indoctrinated into a commerce system. For individuals within this society, the situation is much the same — it is exploitative, production based, and sees life as having no inherent value because it cannot be easily quantified on a spreadsheet.
Basically, there are two opposing viewpoints in the world today with respect to values: One champions the belief that all people are inherently valuable, not because they are productive or useful, but merely because they are alive, and that everyone aught to be treated just as well as if they were you or a member of your close family. Individuality in the extreme leads to widespread insecurity since people rightly believe they are on their own, expected to be productive in order to have any value at all.
So why do people in industrial societies, and scientists in particular, find the meaning of life to be so alien?
Almost all science is funded by corporations and governments to promote production and control. Scientists and their accolades in the industrial society look to science to provide an answer to the existential strain that one can never truly be independent, that death is always lurking around the corner, that life in industrial society is isolating and lonely.
The goal of this technology is similar to the goals of all past uses of technology and consumerism: to defeat death! Rose meaning and rose symbolism is known by almost everyone on some level - otherwise it wouldn't be the most popularly sent flower on Valentine's Day! For example, in art of the renaissance, a rose with eight petals is a message of rebirth and renewal. In alchemical texts and art, a rose with seven petals is a symbol of inclusion, universal understanding and order.
We see a partnership between the rose and numbers in Freemasonry too where three roses are symbolic of a guiding principle. In mythology, rose meaning is associated with Aphrodite (Greek) goddess of love who was often depicted adorned with roses around her head, feet and or neck.
Similarly in Christian lore, a rose bush was said to have grown at the site of Christ's death. In addition to being a symbol of love, the rose is also symbolic carrier of secrets or tacit understanding.
Seeking symbolic meaning of the rose from an esoteric perspective, we can look at the Tarot, in which the rose is considered a symbol of balance. Have some fun this Valentine's day (or any day for that matter, no need for a special occassion), and give roses to someone who needs a lift.
Signs and symbols cultivate their meanings according to culture, context, passage of time in society as well as mass societal opinion. This website strives to provide you with the best, time-honored information when defining signs and symbols. Having said that, it's in our best interest to invest the time to do personal research on symbolic events happing to us.
In this respect, we can intuit the swan's appearance in our lives as an arrow pointing to our dreamier depths and feelings. The concept of partnership is further expressed on a divine level in Hinduism, wherein the swan graces vibrant traditions as the Hamsa bird. Swan meaning is also linked to Celtic deities with solar associations, like Belanus and Lugh.
Celtic myth also indicates when inhabitants of the Otherworld required passage to the physical land of life you and I experience every day, they would take the shape of the swan. We see further themes of transformation and deific embodiment in Greek myth wherein Zeus (Jupiter in the Roman pantheon) transformed himself into a swan in an effort to slake his uncontrollable passion for Leda.

Symbolic swan meaning continues the theme of transformation in the tale of the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. When we talk about symbolic lobster meaning, we're talking about scavenging our emotional landscape for insights and aspects we've let settle into obscurity within our hearts for too long. When we look at our animal totems and messengers, I'm always encouraging a look at their dominant element (fire, earth, air, water). Often associated with the crayfish, lobster symbol meanings deal with cycles, regeneration, and protection. The protective symbolism is evident in the hard, spiny exo-skeleton found with these creatures.
Lobsters grow in their shells, adding new layers and shedding old ones through a process called molting.
Those who feel an affinity to the lobster as a totem, guide or messenger will be intimate with the varying levels of emotion.
When the lobster swims into your consciousness, it's time to scour your personal landscape for treasures waiting in your midst. One of the nine sacred woods of used for a sabbat fire the Druids held the fir in high esteem. It is a symbol of honesty, truth and forthrightness because of the way it grows on the "straight and narrow." The trunk of the fir reminds us of a tall straight pillar of strength, a symbolic tower of truth. Furthermore, their evergreen nature signifies hope, promise and renewal in the midst of the long, dark winter months.
The ancient Celts recognized the fir's ability to outlive and outlast most other trees, and so gave it representations of resilience and longevity. Lastly, legend has it that firs were markers for important grave sites for the Druids and Celts. I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on the symbolic meaning of the fir tree from the Celtic cultural perspective. Indeed, wearing oak leaves was a sign of special status among the Celts (as well as ancient Greeks and Romans). The Celtic meaning of the oak tree deals with symbolic themes of durability, purity and constancy. Its attraction for lightning, its size and longevity (oaks are known to easily surpass 200 years of age) all make the oak a powerful, life-affirming symbol.
I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on symbolic oak meanings by way of Celtic cultural persuasion. In life you take what you need, and when you die you give back to that which is still living. Within this context, the answer to the meaning of life is simple: to give of ones self and to sustain life. Since an industrial society emphasizes production and efficiency, giving back is seen as a waste of resources.
This insecurity leads to paranoia, which leads to aggression and an obsession with control. Even with an enormous focus on industrial production, the individual still must face his or her mortality — a death that is lonelier than it would ever be in a nature based society. His relationship with the world is exploitative and he sees everything living as a potential resource to be quantified or used — even other human beings do not escape this designation. They also believe that this will ultimately facilitate the merging of human consciousness with a machine. Each of the three roses seen in Freemason symbology indicates abiding 1) Love, 2) Life, and 3) Light. What's cool and highly important is that signs and symbols earn their most powerful meanings from our own personal perspectives.

This website is just one perspective in an ocean of variety and diversity in the realm of symbolism. Furthermore lore states they would travel out of the Otherworld in pairs, thus reinforcing the theme of union, bonds and partnership. I've read where this is symbolic of supernatural appearance of divine energy or the descent of gods to earth. It reminds us of our inherent glory, power and beauty (as the duckling was always a graceful swan). She also encourages us to strengthen our relationships, as well as make new, long-lasting bonds with people whom we admire.
Well, if you ask most people from a complex, industrial society, you will get a lot of unsure answers. This cycle of giving and receiving isn’t just essential to an ecosystem, its essential to all healthy relationships. Without pressure to be productive or justify ones own existence, there is no insecurity; a person is content.
If a Wal-Mart is set to enter a community, disrupting local commerce and displacing sustainable local businesses, a person who is highly individualistic will see immediate benefits to low prices, enhancing his own personal security and that of his family’s at the expense of the community as a whole. In an industrial society, poisoning the water and food supply makes sense if the benefits outweigh the personal costs.
Any attack on science is seen an attack on the scientific method, and therefore on reason itself, but science is not just the neutral acquisition of knowledge. This one-way method of taking, never giving, avoiding death at all cost, provides great short term power. Since life requires death to nurture it, the end of death will also be the end of life as it has been defined for all of human existence.
If the industrial world is a prison devoid of meaning, the new post-death, post-life world will be without hope as well.
At the same time, the tale encourages us to have faith and have a persistent heart while pursuing the gifts that are our birthright. Of course, you can never truly be secure, resulting in a hyper-competitive rush for resources, hoarding material goods, and developing personal skills that will enable you to survive.
In the same way that industrial society exploits nature for short term gains, the individualistic man destroys the community in a desperate hope to maintain his footing.
This is not necessarily a bad thing, but for industrial societies, this means power to assess and harvest resources, to increase efficiency, to mathematically qualify information into actionable conclusions. It’s naive to say science is neutral when 99 percent or more of it is done for purposes relating to control and profit. Later, what is alive now will die and will provide the nutritional resources for new life. It is circular. It is expected and understood that we will do this for each other, and in this way, we provide each other with security. However, in the short run, industrial societies being selfish and exploitative are far more effective and quickly displace the natural world that nurtures it.
Is it any wonder why scientists, the priests of industrial societies, cannot accurately diagnose this illness, why they cannot identify the real meaning in life?
The meaning of life has a different definition for each of us- and it’s not a constant, either. The one certainty for me is to work to insure that my children can inherit and subsequently change a world that is better than the one I found when I realized what was going on. We human always have to be provided with some rhyme or reasons for everything that happens here on earth.

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