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I’ve been reading too much young adult literature of late and my head is up higher than it should be when thinking about novels for my next Girl Zone Book Club meeting, which is TONIGHT. If you have young women or men in your life who are 10 – 14 years +, the titles below come highly recommend from the best in the business.
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Girl Zone Book Club is about connecting generations through books, a shared love of reading, laughter, discussion and some food. However, my Facebook friends are mostly of the VERY LITERARY literary variety, so I was asking the right crowd.
They came up with a list of books so wonderful that I have to share their entire list, even though at my meeting tonight they will only be able to vote on five of these titles, which I’ll shortlist. He could see her in her bedroom, hear her conversations, knew every keystroke she made online.

Then he searched for explicit pictures from their computers, downloaded them, and used the images in an attempt to extort more pictures and videos from them.A a€?Whata€™s so frightening about this case was how easily the victimsa€™ computers were compromised,a€? said Special Agent Jeff Kirkpatrick, one of our Los Angeles cyber investigators who worked the case.
A After the hacker infected one computer, he used a popular social networking sitea€”and a technique called a€?spear phishinga€?a€”to spread the virus. They had no idea what had happened until it was too late.a€?A In several instances, the hacker posed online as a young womana€™s friend or sister and sent messages with attachments asking if the victim wanted to see a scary video.
Because the messages appeared to be from a trusted source, the victims usually didna€™t think twice about opening the attachment. When they did, the virus secretly installed itself, and the hacker had total control over their computersa€”including all files and folders, webcams, and microphones.A Using similar spear phishing methodsa€”posing as a friend or a trusted sourcea€”the hacker spread the virus through the social network like wildfire.
In all, there were 230 victims and more than 100 computers impacted.A a€?And this guy was no computer genius,a€? Agent Kirkpatrick said.
Many were afraid to tell their parents about the situation.A a€?He was smart,a€? Agent Rogers said of the hacker. Orange County Man Who Admitted Hacking Into Personal Computers Sentenced to Six Years in Federal Prison for a€?Sextortiona€™ of Women and Teenage Girls. King, who said the defendant engaged in a€?psychological warfarea€? and a€?cyberterrorism.a€?A Mijangos pleaded guilty in March 2011 to computer hacking and wiretapping.
When he pleaded guilty, Mijangos specifically admitted that in late 2009 he used malicious software to hack into a teenage girla€™s computer, which gave him control over the victima€™s webcam and allowed him to surreptitiously obtain naked photos of her. Often, he then used the information he obtained to play psychological games with his victims.a€?Court documents filed in the case describe how Mijangos induced victims to download the malware onto their computers by making the files appear to be popular songs or videos.

After the victims downloaded the malware, Mijangos was able to control their computers, allowing him to send instant messages containing malware from those computers to other people in the victimsa€™ address books.
These later victims thought they were receiving messages from friends or family members.A Court papers also describe how Mijangos obtained images and videos from female victims, which he used to a€?sextorta€? victims by threatening to post intimate pictures on the Internet unless the victims provided Mijangos with more intimate images or videos. Mijangos invaded the sanctity of many personal digital worlds and used intimate content to victimize and prey upon unsuspecting victims.a€?A Steven M. Martinez, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBIa€™s Los Angeles Field Office, stated: a€?The sentence imposed on Mr. Mijangos is appropriate based on the chilling impact his behavior had on scores of young women. The FBI has seen a rise in similar cases based on the exploitation of emerging technologies by criminals, and ita€™s my hope that this sentence serves as a warning for victims of Internet predators to advise law enforcement or a trusted source when threatened, and always refrain from sending compromising photographs via cyberspace.a€?A At the time of Mijangosa€™ arrest in June 2010, FBI computer forensics experts had determined that he had infected more than 100 computers that were used by approximately 230 individuals, at least 44 of whom were juveniles. In sentencing papers filed this year, prosecutors said that many other victims remain unidentified.A Mijangos told federal agents last year that he worked with a€?black hata€? hackers to obtain financial information that he claimed earned him as much as $3,000 per day, according to an affidavit filed in the case. But, prosecutors said in court papers that Mijangos also caused psychological harm to the young women and girls who were the victims of his a€?sextortion.a€?A During todaya€™s sentencing hearing, two sextortion victims described how they were subjected to a€?nightmarea€? situations.

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