Whose routing number is this

In this page, you can use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to control the assignment of IP addresses on your local network (LAN only). This is the IP address that other devices on your local network will use to connect to the router.
The DHCP server assigns an IP addresses from a pre-set pool of addresses upon request from DHCP client (e.g. Use this feature to create a public network on your local LAN, accessible from the Internet.
Universal Plug and Play© is a Microsoft standard for devices to identify themselves to a Windows system for automatic installation and configuration. If NAT is disabled and the PVC is the IPoA or static MER type, this item allows you to inform the router of another DHCP server on your LAN. You would use this feature if you have at least one Bridge-mode PVC that you want to map to a particular Ethernet port and a second PVC (PPP, IPoA, or MER type) that will be mapped to the remaining Ethernet port(s). This page lets you set up static routes to connect machines not on the router's local network.
If you connect another gateway or router to your ADSL 4-Port Router, the RIP feature helps the two devices share their routing tables.

Under Operation, Active means that this router sends its routing table data to other gateways and routers, and Passive means that it receives this data from other devices but does not send it.
The ARP table shows the IP and MAC addresses for all computers that have transferred data to the router.
The DHCP client page shows the system name, MAC address, IP address, and the amount of time until session expiration for all computers connected to the router.
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They do not take effect, though, until you restart the device, which you can do by clicking Restart. By assigning an address to this interface and then statically setting your LAN clients to the same network, the LAN clients are accessible from the public network (e.g. An application such as multicast streaming of video data to set-top boxes requires this interface. For example, you could use the bridge PVC for video streaming and a second PVC, with the firewall and NAT supported, for regular data transfer and Internet traffic.

The lease time is a maximum session length assigned by the router's DHCP server whenever a system logs on to it. He is a designated operations analysis subspecialist and has served in two warships forward-deployed to Yokosuka, Japan.
Do not disable the DHCP server unless you wish to let another device handle IP address issuance on the local network. Do not create a bridge group without dedicated ATM service from your Internet Service Provider.
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