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Lecture and Workshop in New York in June 2015I’m pleased to announce that I will be giving a lecture and a workshop in New York City on June 18 and 20, 2015! Chris doesn't simply rattle off trite platitudes concerning personality characteristics, but rather explains the cycles and trends an individual experiences according to their chart. This dedicated intellectual also shines on the interpersonal level, being as approachable as he is professional.
I believe Chris should be looked upon as an authoritative and trusted voice in the field of astrology.

Luna DeMasi, MichiganWhether you're a practitioner of a modern psychological approach or you have already tried dipping your toes in the tradition, this course really shows how relevant Hellenistic Astrology can be to modern practice. David Wilson, Wigan, UKChris Brennan's online course on Traditional Astrology comprehensively covers both the historical context and the technical specifics of some of the most powerful Hellenistic techniques.
If you do a calculation of how much you'll be paying per hour of instruction, then you'll find that his course is one of the best deals in astrology education that's available today. Kent Bye, Esoteric Voices PodcastChris has created a course that is the Rosetta Stone for approaching Hellenistic source texts, chock full of clear elucidations of Hellenistic astrological theory, principles, techniques, and history, supported by textual evidence.

Better yet, the course lacks those things, so common in the astrological world, that become a hindrance to clear and critical practice, such as convoluted ill-supported extrapolations and overly esoteric impositions.

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