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Bu kriterlerin d?s?nda kalan tum yorumlar k?sa sureli bir degerlendirme surecinin ard?ndan yay?nlanmaktad?r. The product logo (a Centaur), a large product picture, the model power output and its features are all at the front of the box. Moving at the rear we see the features list along with the electrical tables for all 4 models in the Centauro PSU line. All the available connectors are placed at the top of the box along with a "hidden" carrying handle.
Well the unit could be better packed inside the box but we've seen many power supplies get shipped in the same way with no casualties so far. Inside the box you will find the Centauro 600W PSU, modular cables, cable carrying pouch, AC power cord, user's manual, 4 rear mounting screws and 4 cable ties.
Just like 99% of the power supply units in the market the Centauro 600W is not entirely modular, follows the standard ATX size and comes in black matte color. An 140mm 11 blade intake fan is placed at the top of the Centauro XTK-CB-0600M right beneath an grille with the product logo at the center. There are two large stickers on the sides of the unit, one has the product logo and the 80 Plus Bronze certified logo and the other has the unit’s electrical table. The modular connectors are different in size and tagged but not color coded (not that it matters that much). A feature i liked with the Centauro PSU is the two 3pin fan connectors (we rarely see that with PSUs even today). The entire layout is very clean, is divided by two large heatsinks and as you can see SIRFA uses a single primary capacitor. Teapo is the manufacturer of the primary capacitor which in turn is rated for 85 degrees Celsius. Secondary capacitors are rated for 105 degrees and are manufactured by both Teapo and Nippon Chemi-Con.
During all our tests the stability of the rails was quite good and never dropped significantly. I was hoping that our system could take up more power but even 624W at peak is not bad when testing a 600W unit. It took a bit of time before the 135mm GLOBE FAN started producing noise (around 5m from the moment we powered our test bench) but even afterwards it never crossed the 40dBA mark.

The new Xigmatek Vector S Series 80Plus silver power supplies represent the latest in cutting edge high-efficiency power delivery systems. Unique stealth technology - Low Heat Signature Ceramic Coating, larger heat dissipating area. All of the cables are coated with black braid – increase the air flow performance inside the chassis. AFTER you had made the payment, please email or sms me the following to make order(For method 2 only). Prices, specifications and availability of products are subject to change without prior notice.
Ornek olarak alarm suresi olarak 15 gun secerek urunu listenize eklerseniz bugunden gecerli olarak 15 gun icinde urunun fiyat? alarm fiyat? veya alt?na duserse an?nda size bir email gonderilecektir. Yorumlar?n?zda urune ait eksi ya da art? ozellikleri, kullan?m esnas?nda yasad?g?n?z sorunlar? yazabilir, urun hakk?ndaki memnuniyetinizi ya da memnuniyetsizliginizi dile getirebilirsiniz. Bu sebeple yorumlar?n degerlendirilip yay?nlanma suresi, gelen yorumlar?n yogunluguna ve gelis s?ralamas?na gore degiskenlik gosterebilir. However it's certainly not the only way there is and so pretty much anyone can test a power supply just by using his own computer. As always try to remember that the power consumption numbers listed in the graph are the highest (Peak) ones recorded during the entire duration of the tests and not the average (Idle) ones.
Because of that the moment i opened the chassis i knew that the Centauro XTK-CB-0600M would perform on par with the rest of the units I’ve seen from them and i wasn't disappointed. Perhaps if i was Xigmatek I’d choose to lower the price a bit to avoid going up against other similar solutions from the leading manufacturers in the market but even so the price is not bad. Optimized for low thermal signatures, ultra-low noise operation, and stable power delivery the Vector S Series PSUs represent the pinnacle of PSU design. Due to the dynamic nature of the computer industry, des cription may not reflect current technical information.
I did manage to sit down with one of the people who chose an OEM power supply and while i was trying to explain the differences between a good PSU and an OEM one i was somewhat surprised to hear that he thought that every power supply out there uses the same components, or at least that's what several sales persons had told him in the past.
In XIGMATEK, the major members of management have many years experience in Computer Peripherals, Thermal industry, manufacturing and other applications.
So with that in mind i can say with certainty that the Centauro XTK-CB-0600M 600W PSU (and perhaps their entire Centauro line) is actually manufactured by SIRFA Electronics one of the less-known PSU manufacturers established in early 1996 (they do however have a good track record in terms of quality). Certainly limitations do apply and so you can't really test a 1000W power supply if your system only uses 500W at extreme loads and that's why during the past 5 years i have saved certain hardware components for the purpose of building a PSU test rig.
Noise levels coming from the fan were recorded using the high precision HD600 ExTech Sound dBA Meter from the rear of the unit and at a range of no more than 5cm.
So the Xigmatek Centauro 600W produced very good rail stability (better than other similar units and naturally somewhat worse than more high end ones) and relatively low noise levels even at a slight overload (+4%). Long story short if you're out to buy a new power supply unit then i really suggest taking a look at the Centauro XTK-CB-0600M 600W since it basically offers a very good punch for the buck.
The Xigmatek Vector S Series PSUs are also bundled with intelligent thermal controlled 135mm white LED silent Fan and will adjust the Fan rotating speed automatically.

Doing this way will save you 3% of netpay transaction charges and in case of out of stock will get full refund.
Any typographical or photographic errors in the product specifications or errors in the pricing or offers are subject to correction. In any case after listening to what i had to say he ended walking away with a Corsair GS600 PSU which was pretty much the only one (between the available ones) near the price range he had in mind for a PSU. Pursued an aggressive growth strategy, XIGMATEK invests heavily in R&D, has strategic alliances with suppliers and academia, builds up an integrated presence in major economic regions, and hones one of the world’s most efficient manufacturing operations. However since i haven't received any SIRFA manufactured units for a long time let's move forward to see just what Xigmatek offers with their latest Centauro XTK-CB-0600M 600W 80 Plus Bronze Certified power supply unit. True it may not be as accurate as the above mentioned solutions but it comes really close and is in fact closer to real. Readings under load are recorded the exact moment we manually switch all graphics cards from full speed to idle, that way the fan of the power supply does not have enough time to slow its RPM and so by doing this we get very accurate noise level readings.
Now the 80 Plus Bronze certification may not sound as good as the silver or gold ones but for a power supply of its price segment it's a nice extra we don't see very often. So because of that we've decided to also focus on rather low-cost power supply units aimed at casual users and gamers such as the Centauro XTK-CB-0600M 600W by Xigmatek.
A team of over twenty R&D engineers, product designers and technical people (one main team in German), XIGMATEK is full with confidence to offer excellent quality products and service to meet your needs. So as always we ran several games with maximum graphic options enabled at a resolution of 2560x1600 in order to stress every hardware component and increase the overall power demands of the system. To get 100% accurate readings you need to have a noise isolated room for that exact purpose, something which is quite impossible unless you are working inside a real lab (some people use very small noise insulated boxes but due to their size both heat and noise exceed normal levels and so the results can't really be considered 100% accurate).
I would like to see a slightly better sleeving at the end of the cables but that's not something new with low-cost power supply units.
Regards as the consumer market, as well as distributing electrical appliances through the usual channels, XIGMATEK will continue to develop new sales channels to cater to ever-changing consumer trends and demand. The Passmark BurnIn Test was also used to overstress the components in an effort to provide the most accurate results possible.
Also do take into account that since all noise measurements take place from just 5-10cm away the final noise levels to reach your ears will be far less. With our fruitful experience, we have full confidence that we can provide not only the best, reliable, environmental and performing Computer Peripheral products but excellent service also to fulfill global user’s demand. As a final test we also used the latest OCCT 4.0 software and its dedicated PSU testing suite since it can really bring a power supply to its knees after even just a few minutes.

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